My Weekend Treasure

Didn’t get out this week thanks to all day storms on Sunday but did windup with a treasure thanks to my daughter Molly.  In between grandson and granddaughter’s soccer games Saturday she hit a few garage sales and found something she knew dad would like. A Pétanque set (or boules if you prefer) and it was notches above what I had.

Thanks Molly!

Thanks Molly!

I became fascinated with pétanque during our many trips to France.  I enjoyed watching the locals play, loved their passion for the game and I learned that what seemed like a neighborly game could sometimes be just the opposite.  Arguments and a few easy to understand arm gestures led me to believe there had to be a few Euros or liquid refreshments riding on the outcome.  I also loved the fact that here was a game where you could have fun and a little wine or pastis while participating.  What’s not to like about that?

I bought my first set of boules at a weekly open air market in Provence, about five days prior to 9/11, along with….and don’t laugh, a beret.  Yep, I was determined to go French all the way, and just to make me feel like a complete ass the gal who sold me the beret said “wanna a baguette with that?”.

Anyway a few days later we had doubts that we’d be able to catch our scheduled flight home.  While airlines were once again given the green light to operate there were still numerous cancellations and rescheduling because of 9/11.  Adding to all of this I had to figure out how to get my set of boules through an even more rigorous security check.  I decided rather than pack them in my checked baggage I would try to carry them on board, figuring it would be best to be upfront with everyone.

I walked up to the security checkpoint, which now featured heavily armed folks from RAID along with the regular screeners,  and when I opened the canvas bag containg the boules one of them looked at me, looked at my beret,  started laughing his ass off and waved me through the line. While I was relieved they passed me through I quickly looked for the closest corner to hide (without my beret).

So, while I didn’t add any coins to my collection this week I did at least get some balls!  So hang in there Wally, your day will come.



John Howland has forwarded information that should concern all of us here in the states and it concerns UNESCO.  To read more click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date.



Heard from Larry Bateham, a.k.a. Packrat, today and he says he has seen the Farmer’s Insurance commercial that we all disliked so much and they  removed the offensive segment in the beginning.  I would be interested in hearing if any others out there can verify this.  If so it would be a victory, albeit a delayed one, for the metal detecting community. Thanks Larry…



It truly bothers me to bring this up, but what is going with the FMDAC?  I check their website every few days and there hasn’t been an update since November. Likewise when I click on the “forum” link I see “This Account Has Been Suspended”?


I am aware they have a Facebook page and if that’s going to be their sole vehicle to communicate then at least take down the website….it’s an embarrassment and not helping their image whatsoever. Also remember that not everyone is on Facebook.

I find it hard to believe that in 2014 an organization that wants to  represent the whole of the pastime cannot come up with a decent informative website.  Certainly within their membership there has to be someone with the talents to take on this task.  JMO.



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17 responses to “My Weekend Treasure

  1. danhughes1

    A Facebook presence is NOT the do-all be-all that many people think. I have a multitude of computer-literate friends who avoid Facebook like the plague. Simply stated, if you don’t have a website, you do not exist for a large group of people.

    • I agree Dan and there are many options available today to develop one without spending a lot of money. Even a blog format like the one I use is better than nothing and it’s absolutely free.

  2. danhughes1

    My daughter’s friends play a very similar game called Bocce.

  3. Roy R

    Not everyone can become a true Frenchman, not even if they buy a Beret.

  4. That’s a nice set. I used to play with my Dad at his house in France, very civilised with a glass of the red stuff.

  5. That game looks very similar to what we call ‘Bowls’ here in England. My City of Plymouth is famous for the game of Bowls because of Sir Francis Drake. In 1588, Drake was playing a game of Bowls on Plymouth Hoe when he was told of the Spanish Armada approaching. Drake was supposed to have remarked that there was plenty of time to finish the game and still beat the Spaniards.

  6. Robbie

    I saw the Farmers commercial last night and indeed the metal detectorist snatching the chain off the sleeping sunbather part was NOT in the commercial. It went from them walking outside to the bear riding the scooter, and then the dog puuling the guy thru the fence.

  7. Packrat

    Since they removed the part we asked them to, we should send them emails thanking them. Good PR for us.

  8. Those are very precious. I would surely love to have them too. Nice post.

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