It Boggles the Mind!

I keep looking at the photos in this article and I find they represent the pinnacle of hypocrisy.  All we hear from archaeologists are how detectorists are “hoiking” items of historical importance, not reporting them, hiding them from the public, yet here are boxes, bins and bags of items from archaeological digs sitting in a warehouse, a great majority of them undocumented and all of them unavailable to the people of Northern Ireland.


How many more warehouses like this might there be?

Of course in response to this we’re hearing cries from archaeologists about being underfunded and all the typical “woe is me” bullshit we’ve heard for years.  Well you know what?  I really don’t care!  Get off your ass and put in a little “gratis” time to get the job done, or is that not in your job description or too menial for you to do?  Then again maybe I am mistaken and all of you are working your butts off 24/7?

If you tekkies haven’t already read this article or watched the video please do it and then save it for posterity. It’s documentation of what we’ve known for some time…that hypocrisy is alive and well within the academic community.

TAKE A GOOD LOOK at this behaviour, for these are precisely the sort of people the government wants to give taxpayer dollars to. Take a good look and decide if you think that is money well spent!




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24 responses to “It Boggles the Mind!

  1. Lisa MacIntyre

    hmmmm. refer to my post to John on the professional Vandalism post.

  2. John H

    Shame on you Mr Stout….you are nothing but a trouble maker. This not the kind of thing expected from a ‘responsible detectorist.’ Fancy expecting arkies to put in a little ‘gratis’ time!

  3. Lisa MacIntyre

    Hey now. I put in TONS of “gratis” time.

  4. Robbie

    Thousands upon thousands of undocumented artifacts just sitting in numerous warehouses. Years of excavated items not being recorded, studied or displayed to the public. And how is archaeology furthering the benefit of future generations knowledge if they can’t even take care of the items already recovered and stored away?? How many of these warehouses or colleges/universities, filled with un-documented or un-studied artifacts, are all over the world?? More than you imagine.

    • I agree, and at least what we find has a chance of being shared with the public a hell of a lot faster. Seems they want us to leave it in the ground so that they can get around to finding it sometime in the future and add it to their pile of “to do’s”….

  5. Robbie

    I have a couple of friends who had helped when they excavated the San Jacinto Battleground, and many of the items are still being studied after 5 years. Some are museum worthy but will probably never be shown to the public at the Battleground Museum.

  6. Well, it’s okay for them, and not us! I mean, they’re college educated, so they have to be smarter than the rest of us college graduates!

    • Well they like to think so Rob….

      • Detectorbloke

        Maybe it’s not ok for either of side. Whilst it’s good to highlight these things I don’t think its a case of two wrongs making a right.

        Am not sure about the ‘all we hear part’ unless you just listen to the ones who shout the loudest which would be a bit ironic.

  7. supernova1c

    Most certainly seem to have a “chip on their shoulder”…

  8. Bloke I am somewhat confused by your comments. We highlight all kinds of issues here, discuss them, and more importantly, people (SANE people that is) can respond and argue their case without getting verbally abused (you know what that’s like don’t you).

    Lastly, and please take note, we love our hobby with a passion, laugh and have fun. That’s really what it’s all about. This is not rocket science.

  9. Yep I do. I just sometimes think that the bad practices of say archie’s are then used as an excuse for the bad practice of detectorists.

    In the original post Dick said ‘All we hear from archaeologists are how detectorists are “hoiking” items of historical importance, not reporting them, hiding them from the public’

    It was just my point that there are archaeologists who don’t say this, they just don’t shout as loudly as a few, which is a shame as they then get tarnished with the same brush.

    Maybe I’m just splitting hairs but I would have been happier with ‘All we hear from SOME LOUD archaeologists etc’ 🙂

    • “Maybe I’m just splitting hairs but I would have been happier with ‘All we hear from SOME LOUD archaeologists etc’ :)”…

      You are right. I will buy that answer completely… On the other hand I will not allow these LOUD archaeologists (whose only purpose is to see our pastime completely wiped out), continue to degrade what it is we do.

      When you see numerous, lengthy and insulting blog posts on a daily basis it’s indicative of an obsessed, vindictive and sick individual.

      • Apart from the gobby sicko’s you won’t hear much from the as yet unknown, other ‘silent’ arkies. Why? They’ve got to toe the party line or they won’t ever work again. And who can blame ’em?

        Only those connected with the PAS are moving things forward. There are too, some odd individuals in metal detecting who cloak themselves in the mantle of piety. Yet, they lack the courage to join an archaeological society, and to use their detectors in accordance with what archaeology demands. But to ingratiate themselves, they will denigrate their own kind for the simple reward of a pat on the head. They are either politically naïve or treacherous.

  10. detectorbloke

    Hi john h.

    I presumed that if u were talking about me in your post you would have said.

    I criticise some practices of detectorists but if they arent filling in holes or nighthawking then i dont see it as attacking my own kind.

    Furthermore its naive to think that u have to do everything an archie wants.

    What i have found is that reading more about archaeology makes my detecting more rewarding.

    • Hi Detectorbloke:
      I’m glad your reading about archaeology makes your detecting more rewarding…is that monetarily, or for information/data? Me? I hunt for profit. I’m a treasure hunter.

      Nighthawks, so-called, were proven NOT to be a major threat to the UK’s heritage with 1.6 attacks per month, which if put into context, is far less than cyclists reported for riding without lights or jumping red lights! It’s all there in the famous report.

      Nighthawks are not of my kind. Rather than taking to task detectorists/treasure hunters for that which you find unpalatable — and that’s just a moot point — I would have thought with your concern for the heritage you would be raging at the outrageous archaeological scandal of the artefact stockpiling debacle…that’s REAL heritage theft, FAR exceeding anything inflicted by criminals armed with metal detectors.

      In my view, unsurprisingly perhaps, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that any detectorist siding with the likes of Barford and Swift, or who even thinks these two clowns have a valid point, are either a ‘set-ups,’ or dreadfully naïve…maybe both.

      John H

      • Thanks for your reply. As to your question i think it is to early to give a definitive answer. At first i was probably purely in it for the treasure / money. As i continue to detect whilst i of course like finding silver etc I,m also just fascinated by lots of the non monetarily valuable things i find like trade tokens and toy cannons and buttons. Whether this is because i don’t find a lot of silver or gold i don’t know but i figure if i wasn’t interested in non monetarily valuable things i would have given up detecting like a lot of new starters do.

        I can’t say that i side with anyone at this stage in my detecting career and I hope my blog reflects that. Yes I mention Paul and Nigel a fact which I know instantly gets me taken off people’s blog lists. However they are just two people.

        Whilst they might shout things like the artifact erosion counter then just like your views I don’t instantly dismiss them, I like to consider them and make my own mind up. It is easy to say someone is wrong but not say why.

        For example regardless of whether the counter is correct it does at least for me raise the issue of the non recording of items. I will then think about this and come to my own conclusions but I perhaps wouldn’t have done if it hadn’t been raised, albeit potentially misleadingly, in the first place.

      • “Yes I mention Paul and Nigel a fact which I know instantly gets me taken off people’s blog lists. However they are just
        two people.”

        Bloke this phenomena is actually an acquired taste and one that doesn’t take a lot of effort. These two individuals are banned all over for a reason and I have no doubt you will find out why soon enough.

      • Maybe Dick, but as John stated in a previous post they are a chance for newbie’s to play!

  11. Lisa

    How correct you all are. On all points. I would like to thank Bloke for pointing out that not all archaeologists are the scum of the earth. And I commend Dick for the acknowledgment. Just as I acknowledge that the majority of detectorists are good people who would love nothing more than to have their hobby recognized for its contributions. So I’m stepping way out on the proverbial limb here. What steps do I need to take? I realize I may never work again in my profession, which is sad indeed, but I see this marriage as the only logical step for the betterment of saving our history for ALL to enjoy and learn from.

  12. Hi Lisa:
    Bring a few beers and a decent Scotch and we are on our way and we can lay out the basic ground rules. Not all arkies are the scum of the earth…far from it.
    Er…easy on the ‘marriage’ bit, that has horrible connotations. What about a bit of living in sin to start with?

  13. Lisa, if you look at the time John posted his remarks you will understand them completely. It’s single malt time!

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