A Little Sunday Morning Digging…

I was bitten by spring fever and managed to do a little digging today. It seems two hours is my limit anymore and I am not sure that will improve any…too many things going on with this old body, all of which are permanent.

I headed out to a site that typically offers a lot of clad so that I could give the new TRX pinpointer a good workout and to see if I could get in the habit of using it.  Last couple times out I found myself forgetting it was on my hip.  Today I used it a little more but still found myself locating the coin after lifting the first plug.  Likewise most of my finds were about five or six inches, nothing really that deep.  I did score a silver “Roosie”….


The old & the new…6000di Series 2 and the TRX

The TRX works seems to work as advertised but I promised myself that next time out I would dig more of those “iffy” signals which almost always require a little more digging and a little deeper hole (don’t freak out Wally).  I’m making no promises but I will give this pinpointer experiment a real chance to succeed.



I found a great video on Facebook today and asked the British tekkie/film maker Andrew Whittaker for permission to share it here. He quickly agreed and even uploaded it to YouTube to make it easier. Thanks Andrew….







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8 responses to “A Little Sunday Morning Digging…

  1. Bob K

    Understand the 2 hour time limit & Take naps. And please keep us informed on the Whites pinpointer

  2. bill from lachine


    Glad you’re still getting out and making some finds…..thanks for the chuckles on the video also…..last time I saw something like that Pete Townsend of the Who was destroying his guitar on stage….lol…

    Regards + HH


  3. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Hammered silver eh! Too funny…thanks for the laugh…keep em coming….

  4. Bob Sickler

    At least Dick you are outdoors and not totally indoors lamenting the fact you might be only able to tolerate two hours! Good show, keep it up and you might even reverse those physical problems. It’s March and I haven’t even plunged my digger yet in soft ground. This was a long tough Winter in the Northeast. Other years I’ve hunted straight through.

    On the Video… I knew something was up after seeing the actor using a detector with a clamp-on arm rest! But I must admit the ending was a very humorous surprise. Too bad the actor didn’t bury the broken detector and hideout and see the next hunter’s face! I used to buy those larger than life coin replicas they used to make (3″ dia. Flying Eagle and Indian cents) and bury them the day before taking a friend to the huntsite… Facial expression, priceless!

    • Thanks Bob. Unfortunately the physical problems are not reversible, or at least that’s what the doc says. All things considered I am doing okay. I know about your winter and despite it all I would give anything to be there again….

  5. Good to hear that you got out and found some cool finds! Congrats on the silver and your new pinpointer!

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