Google Earth…the Good & the Bad!

I am a big proponent of Google Earth and spend a lot of time there, both as a tekkie and a tourist. I find it very useful when researching an old site in that it can tell you quickly whether it’s still there and accessible, and the street/road views are invaluable.

On the flip side I have had a few leads dashed when using GE in that the sites were not only unavailable but put to bad use as in a strip mall, gas station or some other similar commercial venture.

Yesterday, just for the hell of it, I decided to check out what was once an old colonial homesite in Buckingham, Pennsylvania. It had provided me with an exceptional 1796 Large Cent many years ago (which I recently sold). This is that site today…


I know, I know….it’s called progress but let it be a reminder to all of you that if you want to find all those neat things you lust for, don’t wait for progress to take them away.  It’s also a reminder to all those arkies out there who think leaving them in the ground is so much better for future generations.





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17 responses to “Google Earth…the Good & the Bad!

  1. Robbie

    Dick, That is a great video !!! I’m sure they will be commenting on it for weeks and weeks………………..
    Another good aerial view website is ………..

  2. Well, that’s you, me, and everyone else off his Christmas Card list!

  3. James

    The pic and your last sentence speaks loudly! We all see this happening. It will continue to happen. I think it much better to find something that has been lost for many years than to never be able to recover and enjoy it again.

  4. Robbie

    …seems Mr. Barford doesn’t like satirical videos….he calls metal detector users theives and “thugwits” (among other names) and has nothing good to say about them, even degrading what we do. Looks like he is offended by your humorous video. Reminds me of the hook line in the old song “Charlie Brown”………………..

    • Have you forgotten Robbie? Mr. Barford does not have a sense of humor!

      • Robbie

        Dick, He must have a sense of humor…….he calls himself an archaeologist………….isn’t THAT funny ??? ;oP

      • Robbie, you’re officially off his Christmas card list now. Check out his update….

      • Robbie

        I feel honored to be included in his list of thugwits, theiving metal detectorists, “metal retards”, nonsense spewing people who he says– whatever they say doesn’t bother him. (For some reason my replies on his blog do not get posted–guess my limited knowledge metal detecting mind, isn’t smart enough to do it.)

        So why does he spend hours and days on 3 or 4 blog posts discussing it??? If he doesn’t care what anybody thinks, it sure bothers him enough to put up multiple blogs about a single short video. It must be lonely possibly being the only “archaeologist” blogging in Poland.

  5. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Keep this up and Jimmy Falon on the Tonight Show will be calling you for to write jokes for him!
    Way to go buddy….thanks for the belly laughs!

  6. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Yes, you need a different hobby, or profession. Why not try your luck at selling used cars! Hey with your BS skills you have only a 10% learning curve!

  7. supernova1c

    Yep, it seems nothing stands in the way of progress and money….
    James 🙂

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