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After not hearing from TH’er Ed Fedory in a long, long time, I decided to drop him a line to see what was he was up to. His reply somewhat surprised me….

Hey, Dick…Good to hear from you. Not much going on…just raising chickens at my barn and waiting for spring to finally arrive. No, I haven’t done any writing or metal detecting in years now…currently working with the National Historic Park at Saratoga on information concerning a frontier fort that I excavated years ago.

Donated over 2,000 artifacts from the site and all my records and charts of the digs (7 years of work).  I think everything found a good home and I get along well with the lead archaeologists and curator. Other than that, nothing is new…oh yeah, DID find out that getting older kind of sucks!*:D big grin…”


I assume that you all know who Ed Fedory is but if not he is a very accomplished relic hunter & historian, the author of “Relic Hunter the Book“, “The World of the Relic Hunter” (both published by Whites Electronics), and a long time contributing editor for  Western &Eastern Treasures.

While I find it somewhat sad that Ed is no longer out there detecting and sharing his love of history, I do understand and in many ways envy his situation.  You can often get caught up in something that consumes you to the point where everything else takes a back seat.  It seems that Ed is doing what he loves, and knowing him I have no doubt that he is one helluva farmer.

Ed's books...

If you do not have Ed’s books in your treasure hunting library I would highly recommend you add them.  Well written, informative and best of all, terrific reads.

And Ed, nobody knows better than I that getting old does indeed suck, but the alternative is not that great either.  Happy hunting (for eggs that is) and stay in touch.

(Top photo courtesy of Dick Tichian)



I was reading one of the recent TH’ing magazines and it suddenly dawned on me that most all of the detectors on the market today have names like CTX, GTA, ATX, Omega, E-Trac, MXT, V3I and on and on.  What the hell happened to Red Baron, Wildcat, Judge, Groundhog, Chief, Goldmaster and Mustang? Yeah I know I am looking at this with old eyes and a little sentimentality, but I sure miss those kind of names, and come on, with the cost of  today’s high end detectors we could have models like the “Marriage Buster”, the “Deep Divorce Pro” or the “Alimony Ace” and if you wanted to brag to your buddies there could be “The Mistress”.

Yeah, didn’t catch the football game…was out all day with my Mistress…”

 All kidding aside, I loved those old detector names…they had character and a place in time…



 I Received a dispatch this morning from the Mayfly Pub where John Howland holds forth on special occasions (like Monday thru Friday).  He sent along the latest on the Federation of Independent Detectorists as well as a little UFO stuff.  And if you think he left out Wally, guess again…

You can read John’s latest by clicking on the Malamute Saloon link above and scrolling down to today’s date!



Quite a while back I shared my fascination with famed flyer Amelia Earhart.  Not sure how it all began but I have a feeling it has a lot to do with treasure hunting, only in this case the treasure is Amelia Earhart herself.  I have been a member of the TIGHAR Group for sometime, and have read pretty much all there is to read about the flyer and her disappearance.  I know you don’t give a rat’s ass about this but if by chance you do, let me recommend a very good book that I am now reading…”Amelia Earhart, the Truth at Last“, by Mike Campbell.  It’s extremely detailed, full of factual information, and will get your brain working overtime.  If you like real life mysteries and love to read, it’s a winner.




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13 responses to “Bits, Pieces & Brainfarts…

  1. I know a fella who lost his wife, his house, his kids but he never stopped buying metal detectors. I must admit that the first 6 months or so of detecting, I was not giving anything else it’s due attention but I have settled down quite a bit. Heck, this days I am giving all my time to handling a health situation and my hunting has gone to almost zero. I will say this however, when I do get to hunt, it feels like a real treat to the point that I am tickled pink when I find a bottle cap with some of the cork still attached. 😀

  2. danhughes1

    Totally agree that the romance has been sucked out of detector names. I started with a Jetco Mustang – 30 bucks (or was it 40?) at Woolco, a BFO detector with about an inch depth on coins – and in my first five minutes with it, I found a gold high school ring!

    I modified it by adding a volume control and a headphone jack, but as soon as I learned what a joke that detector was, I moved up to a Goldmaster. Then a Judge! Then a Golden Sabre! Finally hit the numbers machines with a 1225X and a CZ5.

    But I sure do miss those crazy names.

  3. Hey Riccardo

    … guess where AE was heading? Probably the remotest island in the Pacific. It was named after a buccaneer of that name and his fabulous trove of gold coins and jewels is believed to be buried there.

    Owing to a law passed in 1805, only treasure hunters with the same surname are permitted to search for it. When I told an arkie I was going to recover the trove, he said, “you can’t!’ — well I think that’s what he said.

    Some believe that AE and Fred Noonan where heading there on their final ill-fated, flight to recover the treasure. Thought you might be interested in these facts.

    Happy Hoiking

    John H

  4. Appropriate???? Don’t follow.

    It’s the last place on earth where archaeology is a Capital Offence. Me and Big Tone are setting up a bar there!!! You’ll always be welcome. A round of drinks is $20….!!!!!

  5. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Are we serving wine? Because that is what Riccardo likes? Along with posh shops!

  6. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Antique, boutique or high end stores like in Lamberville

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