A Step in the Right Direction…


I was reading the Detecting Diva’s latest update and was elated to find out that the Task Force was looking into the possibility of a Portable Antiquities Scheme here in the States.  What I believe was an historic meeting took place February 17th in Chicago.  You can read more by visiting the Task Force website.  John Howland has also commented about this in his update today.

Getting all the parties together had to be a lot of work and I congratulate the Task Force and all those involved.  Looking forward to hearing more in the days and months ahead….



John Howland once again has chosen to take on the very polite, self anointed, all-knowing, bullshit artist from Warsaw. It seems that Wally is on a roll now, insulting any and all who have an interest in detecting and collecting.  I guess it’s just “that time of the month“….

To read John’s latest take, click on either the Malamute Saloon link above or the Wally World logo and scroll down to today’s date.



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4 responses to “A Step in the Right Direction…

  1. Although I represented the Task Force at this meeting, the credit goes to Minelab for organizing the event and inviting everyone.
    The Task Force’s future plans are to work together with Minelab and all the other attendees in promoting a system similar to the PAS in the United States.

  2. jamie

    Awesome news! I hope something comes of it.

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