A Little Psychology From the Malamute Saloon


John Howland’s latest submission for the Malamute Saloon concerns narcissism, and if you are not exactly sure what that is the dictionary defines it thusly: The inordinate fascination with  oneself; excessive self-love; vanity; inflated sense of one’s own importance. Synonyms: self-centeredness, smugness, egocentrism. To break that down in simpler terms it means someone who  thinks their sh*t doesn’t stink.  Know anyone like that?  John and I do….

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Okay this pinpointer newbie finally was able to try the White’s TRX in the field Friday morning. I went out more for testing than to find anything of value, although the vacant lot I went to has given up a silver piece from time to time.  Anyway I spent about two hours there and found a total of ten clad coins. I only needed the TRX for about five of them, meaning I was able to see the coin after pulling the first plug. I did use the TRX on the remainder and found it worked quite well. The biggest problem I am going to have is remembering I have it with me.  I found myself just digging a plug, looking for my find as I’ve done a million times before. I had to backup a couple of times and fill in the hole just so I could put the TRX to work.


I will need more time to get a real feel for the TRX and promise to take it with me each time out.  Stay tuned….




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14 responses to “A Little Psychology From the Malamute Saloon

  1. CanDo Prepper

    Lol I always wondered what Wally looked like, I guess I will never know. From past postings it appears his head is exactly where it needs to be….

  2. bill from lachine


    Thanks for the chuckles…..lol.

    A bit along the same lines I signed up for a free online archeology course sponsored by Brown University.

    In the discussion area I posted up a thread asking “Are acheologists prepared to work with detectorists”.

    I wanted to get an up close view about their perception of us.

    Let’s just say that at one point Harry Lieb and me took the gloves off when we got tired of the bashing from some idiot based in Germany.

    We had asked them to toss him off the course and they wouldn’t
    so that’s what set us off.

    He was advocating a complete ban on detecting period….heaven help us heathens.

    It came across that our ethics and demeanor was way more professional than them.

    They see us as a threat because guess who’s finding all those hoards in the UK.

    In any case I pulled out of those course….a bunch inflated egos with no substance.

    John sorry for highjacking your post…..but I thought you’d like to know that the great divide is still there.

    Regards + HH


    • Hi Bill:
      Always good to hear from you.
      I have to say though, I’ve met some arkies in my 33/34 years of dealing with them, that I really liked, and with whom I share other interests outside of arkiedom…rugby, and fishing being two!

      Some of them recognise the forest from the trees. During a break in high-level meeting back in the early ’80’s, over a couple of pints, one whispered conspiratorially, “Most of us at the coalface know you people are alright and we get along generally, quite well.” When I asked why all the problems then, he lowered his pint and pointed surreptitiously towards the two senior arkies on the negotiating team, “It’s those two ***ts, never got their hands dirty!”

      That man is now well-placed in arkiedom and I wish him well. Mercifully, there’s a generation of younger arkies coming on too, who have never known life without the presence of detectorists.

      Happy Hoiking!
      John H

      • bill from lachine

        Actually there were about 5 or 6 that were on my side mostly from areas of the world where they already work together.

        And they’re not affiliated with Brown University to so they didn’t have to toe the line.

        Take care mate.

        Regards + HH


      • Can’t understand why there’s a problem. They all like me….

      • Bill you made the Polish blog….congratulations.

  3. bill from lachine


    LOL…..thanks for the chuckles.

    Regards + HH


  4. Dick, regarding the pinpointer: Does it both vibrate and sound off when it locates the target? I find I need both. Also, how sensitive is it? With the old bullseye you practically had to be touching the target for it to go off. The Garrett pinpointer gives you somewhere around 1.5 – 2 inches.
    Last, When I go looking for gold I do a sort of speed detecting and the pinpointer is invaluable then. For gold hunting is all about the number of holes I can dig and using the pinpointer makes it possible to extract a pull tab in record time.
    I am in need of new pinpointer (This would be my third in 2 years) and I may try the TRX this time.

    • Pulltab it does offer both vibrate and sound, and it fact that’s the default. They do however recommend using just one to minimize battery drain. The TRX is very sensitive and detects a dime at about five inches. In fact initially I actually had to turn down the sensitivity (see “Dirtfishing” video here). Then I discovered that you can actually reduce the sensitivity by simply pressing the button on and off, detuning it like you did with detectors in the old days. That way you can leave it set to it’s highest setting all the time. Having not used one before I am not really an authority but so far I like it a lot. Email me if you have any other questions. Contact Me link above…

  5. Lisa

    I hope, although I am not “young”, I am considered an archaeologist that can recognize the forest from the trees

  6. bill from lachine


    Like Dick I agree you’re one of us…..besides now that I’m on Barford’s sh*t list along with you, Dick and John Howland I figure I’m in good company.

    And yes I do realize that there are other open minded archeologists that are not extreme right…..heck my thread at Brown U. was pretty civil and many attendees not associated with Brown were prepared to work with us.

    Keep on being who you are and you’ll do fine.

    Regards + HH


  7. Lisa:
    The fact that you are on Wally’s s**t list along with some of us reprobates, proves the salient point…he’s scared your opinions will gather pace. He’s absolutely opposed to a UK-style PAS system in the States…but he’s being left in the dust as this now gathers pace.

    His Luddite views of the collecting/detecting world is why he’s on the whinge-fringe and impotent to change or influence anything or anybody. He has to be seen in that context.

    The first US arkie who picks up the PAS ball and runs with it is destined for big things. I hope it’s you!

    Oh yes, now that you’re a Tekkie, how about coming out at night with me and Bill? We could even take in a few archaeological sites as well!

    Lurve and XXX’s
    John H

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