Just Hanging in There…

Can’t think of a better answer than “hanging in there” when people ask me how I’m doing.  Of course no one really cares…it’s just our “Ça va” or “come stai”.  Anyway given my aching joints, weird ass ailments and warts, hanging in there fits the bill nicely, thank you.

cavaToday it’s cloudy, cold and we’re expecting rain this afternoon into tomorrow, and while I’d like to piss and moan about not being able to get out detecting, we need the rain badly and there’s always the possibility that I would not feel up to it were it any different.  So to all you over 70 tekkies who spend hours in the field….up yours!  Me…I’m just hanging in there.

I still haven’t had the opportunity to give the new TRX pinpointer a whirl but hopefully sometime this week I will.  In the meantime, DO NOT look for a video from me and DO NOT look for a magazine field test article.  I do not make videos or take photos when I am detecting, and I am not really qualified to write a field test.  I will tell you what I think in due time, and I am sure you will find lots of reviews, comments, videos and photos all over the internet, so why not “hang in there”…okay?



My good friend, and habitual souse, John Howland sent along an interesting piece about ground mineralization and the Garrett AT Gold.  In it he offers up a tip or two from the horse’s mouth (as in direct from the factory).  Hope you will take a few minutes to read it.

Let me mention too that if you ever have questions for John, criticisms, comments or just want to talk single malt scotches, email him at:


To read his latest update click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date.

John Howland on a beach near Bournemouth...

John Howland on a beach near Bournemouth…





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10 responses to “Just Hanging in There…

  1. Omg–I am laughing out loud all over the place about u sending ur finds to Barford–too friggin’ funny–that’s the best one yet!!!

  2. Love it Mr. Stout. While taking my dremel tool to a clad quarter the other night I thought of you and Barford. You could send all kinds of symbolic messages via engraved/carved coins..

  3. danhughes1

    There are some people you just NEVER nonchalantly ask, “How are ya?” because you know they’re gonna spend a half hour telling you exactly how they are.

  4. I am gonna steal your “Hanging In There”. I turn 79 April 5th and need it to tell those clowns who ask when am I going to sell my Whites & Garrett dirt hunters and my three water detectors.
    Harry N in PA

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