A Pinpointer…Pour Moi?

It’s a conspiracy, set-up, plot, whatever, and I’m thinking a little payback may well be in order. You see yesterday my doorbell rang and when I went to see who was there I found a gal from UPS holding a package from Sweet Home.  After signing for it I opened it and almost fell over! Are you ready?  Stand back…take a deep breath, drum roll please….their new TRX pinpointer!

My first thought was this is some kind of a joke. Why would they send me this?  They all know how I feel about pinpointers.  Oh they’ve prodded me, kidded me and threatened to burn all my books if I didn’t get with the program, but so far I’ve pretty much been able to put them off.  Well apparently they’re going to continue to turn the screws and won’t be happy until I cry uncle!

The New White's TRX pinpointer

The New White’s TRX pinpointer

Anyway try as I might I couldn’t find out who the culprit was at the factory and decided to go ahead and give the TRX a look see.  After taking it out of the box I was impressed by it’s looks and design.  It was slim, compact and totally different from the older Bullseye model.  It also has a couple of features for tekkies like me.  One is the Lost Pinpointer Alarm.  After five minutes of inactivity (power on) the TRX will sound off every 15 seconds, allowing the forgetful, the aged and inebriated to locate it quickly.  Also the bright orange screwcap will hit you right between the eyes.

The TRX comes with a heavy duty holster

The TRX comes with a heavy duty holster

The TRX can be powered by two AA batteries or one 9 volt and comes with clips for both.  A few other features: Audio & Vibrate Alert, LED light, Target Racheting, Ground Balance, low Battery Alert and depth markings up to 9 inches. I was also impressed with the heavy-duty holster (belt loop & clip).


Brace yourself. I have decided to give this puppy a try.  Weather and aches permitting, maybe even this weekend.  Making no promises mind you but willing to give it a shot.  It won’t be easy for me as I like to travel light and the TRX will be one more thing to take, one more thing to attach to my belt and one more thing to lose. Stay tuned!

To everyone at the factory….I WILL find out who’s behind this!



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30 responses to “A Pinpointer…Pour Moi?

  1. John

    I think Whites scored on this design. Nice sleek thin design. I am not a huge fan of pin pointers either, especially since Whites detectors are great at pin pointing themselves. But they are nice to have just in case, don’t want to scratch an old coin. Can’t wait to hear your input on it.

  2. Barbara

    Love your sense of humor 🙂

  3. Big Tony from Bayonne

    After you finish testing that baby out in the hard rock area’s of good ole Texas, how about an east coast review in some nice NJ loom? Just saying, if you want another opinion that is….

  4. James

    Can’t figure why anyone wouldn’t use a pinpointer. They will save much time and aggravation! I use mine to pinpoint the exact location of the target even before I dig. If you are in an old area, it will save you from gouging the target! After you use one for a while, you will not be without it. Oh, if you do not like it, you can sent it to me. I will give it a good workout!!!!! HEHEHEHEHE!!!

  5. Hey-they made the end orange so u can find it 🙂

  6. Now that does look a nice design, love the orange end cap. I went without a pinpointer for months and thought I didn’t need one. But once i gave one a go I wonder how I got along without one. If you can’t find a large elastic band, chain a few smaller ones together like i do.
    Good luck with it.

  7. supernova1c

    Hey Dick, looking forward to your review of this product, I’ve also never used a pinpointer.
    Cheers Dick ans HH 😉

  8. Doug Frantz

    The design looks a lot like Garrett’s and Minelab’s, but I see that you can use sound *and/or* vibrate, which is a good feature. Labeled as “weatherproof”, not waterproof. Also I have seen some reporting that it has a range of 4 inches on a coin. I wonder whether this is a little too much range? Price about $160? I have a propointer now, so I’ll stick with that, unless i can get one free.

  9. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Dick, from these posts it sounds like you will have to get out metal detecting soon. Plenty of folks want to hear about your review….maybe it will even be posted in a national magazine…..wow that would be cool with photo’s and finds! I can’t wait.

    Out here in good old NJ we can only dream of dirt fishing but they say spring in on the way……I am not sure if a pin pointer can be used on a sledding hill though…nah just saying….

    • Tony, I do not anticipate any magazine articles about using the TRX. Remember too, not having used a pinpointer before I doubt I can pass myself off as an authority. I will also need to use it more than once or twice to really offer an opinion, and that might take a few days.
      Tomorrow will be the first opportunity I might have to try it and the weather forecast is not looking too good.

      • Big Tony from Bayonne

        Being a Whites guy I am surprised you do not use a Bullseye pin pointer. But I understand because I didn’t use one until one came with a detector that I purchased awhile back. Since then I bought a used one from a club member. I have been dragging my feet in a new one like the one that you will take out for a test drive. Now all you need is a helmet cam so you can post a recovery or two on you tube

  10. Tony, forget a helmet cam please. I will never understand all that “look at me” stuff. Sorry.

  11. Tomorrow is not looking good…. and today it was sunny and 80. Damn it…

  12. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Dick, put on channel for NBC – there is an outdoor ice hockey on….why doesn’t the weather stop these guys?

  13. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Dick, I saw your update on your test run of the new pin pointer. When I first started using one I did the same thing – had to remember to use it….
    As you use it more often you will get the feel for using it on those deep hits where you start to wonder if you should have dug your plug off to one side or the other. As you know sometimes the machines and us get fooled into thinking that we have a deep target but all the while it is closer to the surface. In these cases the pin pointer is terrific.

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