Come On Folks, Lighten Up!

Attention!  Calling any and all tekkies who enjoy a little humor now and then!  I am starting a new club called, “Laugh A Little…Tomorrow Might be Too Late“.

No matter what I do anymore I seem to get myself in trouble by trying to add a little humor, a little wit, to metal detecting discussions and I am beginning to think we are not a very jovial group.  Maybe it’s me or maybe I need to precede everything I say with a “please note the following is meant to be humorous and not an assault on your character”.

Back East we called it “busting chops”.  Nothing personal, just a little sarcasm, a little humor inserted into everyday life.  Apparently it’s gone missing or I am out of touch with what is considered good fun today.

I am someone who loves “busting chops” and adding a little levity to a situation when possible. My closest friends know that, and will usually come right back at me with more of the same.  That’s just me  (jeez, here I go again trying to explain who I am).

So please…if something I say sounds harsh or insulting try to read between the lines and see if maybe there just might be a little humor in it.  Please?  If not I hope you find nothing but bottlecaps, pulltabs, rusty nails and pieces of foil for the rest of your detecting life!



Thanks to Peter Tompa and his Cultural Property Observer blog for the following link. Lots of fascinating information….

Mapping Coins from the Portable Antiquities Scheme



You’ve heard me laud the Wheat State Treasure Hunters before and this is another reason why.  Thank you guys and gals.  Great job!







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22 responses to “Come On Folks, Lighten Up!

  1. Gary Mullen

    I like it…Count me in Coach!

  2. Robbie

    I didn’t like the Farmers commercial(metal detectorist ripping a huge chain from a sleeping beach-goer in a chair)—and I think the Farmers commercial should have stated the same…….”Please note…… this commercial is supposed to be humorus and not intended to defame anyones character”

    • Just maybe this group will take off….perhaps as a FB group. You know “The Bust My Chops Detectorists Group” or “The Don’t Come Here Looking for Sympathy Detectorists”.

  3. ‘Busting Chops’…A new phrase to me, I like it, count me in.

    • To be honest it’s can be called busting chops or busting balls…

      Wow, now I am in for it.

      • Gary Mullen

        Busting chops or busting balls…there’s no real difference! It’s basically just back and forth one-up on the other and the same back atcha kind of thing. Wasn’t vicious and wasn’t meant to be taken serious, just friendly ball busting fun with buddies.

  4. lenny1863

    WooHoo Game On
    I am Game, Count me in Too

  5. Okay Lenny will keep you posted.

  6. Too many people out there today are what I call “thin skinned”, you know the ones, can’t take a joke, ribbing in good fun! A put down here a little jab there, of course all in fun! Lawyers love them! Courts are clogged with frivolous lawsuits because of these “thin skinned” people. There feelings were hurt!

    I say if you can not take a little ribbing, you can not be a friend of mine because it is coming, just give me a opportunity!

    I say “Bust My Chops” and I’ll give you the same, my friend!

    • Mike, I grew up with people busting my chops and learned quickly how to return the favor. I wish a few people I know here in Texas could spend some time working in the Northeast. Nothing evil meant, just that ribbing and kidding is a sport back there.

      Hope you are doing well my friend.

  7. bill from lachine

    I spent 35 years in Railway marketing and that’s the way we let off steam……we’d constantly put down and slam each other at every opportunity….

    A newbie asked me about it one time and I told him you only get ignored if we don’t like you otherwise….you’ll be in for a fair amount of ribbing…. get used to it or move on…

    Regards + HH


    • You are right Bill, and it was the same in the Army. You not only got it from the sergeant, and the CO but your friends as well.

    • Gary Mullen

      So true Bill! I too spent a lifetime on the railroad…rookies got busted on just because they were new. We busted on a guy even though he had 10 years on, but he was still the newest newbie…HA! Only after 10 years did you have whiskers…

  8. Dick, Love it. Grew up busting chops, B-ll busting. If friends don’t bust you they don’t like you that simple! You’re doing a great job, keep it up. P.S. Grow some hair. From one baldy to another . PEACE

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