It Is Indeed About Me!

I thought long and hard about what I am about to say here, and debated wether or not I should even bother to address the issue, but in the end I knew I had to.

My February 11th blog post was a somewhat tongue in cheek mention of a gal detectorist calendar…all based on the great photo Allyson Cohen had shared on her Detecting Diva blog.  Her initial response was that she only knew of two other women tekkies and doubted something like that would be possible. In any case I decided to share a link to that post on three forums, hoping to get a few gals interested.  I should have known better.

All three posts were met with a “what’s your agenda” response, so I quickly changed them to a “never mind” and/or “forget it”.  In one instance the  entire post was removed, even though they had a “female detectorist” link (which I shared in the comments section).  The following comments are from one of those forums…

“Actually I’ll go ahead and say it- he’s frustrated that he didn’t get any responses, he rarely does because the main reason he posts here is to draw people to his website.”

followed by….

“You know I have not been here long enough to know better, so I’ll risk saying this and hope not to offend anyone. I know nothing about Dick Stout however I was curious enough after all the banter to find his website and I have to tell you after a quick peek there was a lot of good stuff there! Again I hope my naivety doesn’t bite me in the butt. I’m just saying……”

followed by….

“xxxx I certainly respect and commend you for bringing up your comment as xxxx said we don’t hold tethers on anyone , they are free to visit here or any other forum , “so no offense taken” Most if not all the staff here have been either long time members or staff members on other forums in the past. We’ve seen or experienced things/ issues on them to know what we don’t want on this forum so we try to be a different while still being friendly , open to have respectful honest discussion ,helpful and fun.

Mr. Stout was a renown and knowledgeable hobbyist in the metal detecting world years ago and sometimes raises important issues from time to time. However now he seems to spend a lot more time and effort on stirring the pot on forums to raise awareness about his website/blog which I was informed is “about him” and in my opinion not so much about the hobby anymore.  Don’t get me wrong I think he could be a valuable source of information and mentor to many new people getting into the hobby because of his knowledge and experience but I’m sad to say I don’t think his focus or desire is to share that part of himself anymore. I certainly wish Mr. Stout the best in any future endeavor.

So here goes…

First off, Stout Standards is indeed “about me”. It’s my blog.  It’s about my past experiences, my family, my friends, my dogs, my cooking, my wine, my music, my travels, my aches, pains and warts.  It’s about good times, memories, the weather here in Texas, my now infrequent detecting adventures and it’s about whatever crosses my mind. It’s a BLOG and it’s mine.  It is NOT a forum.

I do not post on forums to “draw” people here.  Oh I did in the beginning but finally stopped after being scolded for not contributing more.  The last couple of attempts were meant to get people interested in a topic that I thought was noble or worthy of a look.  Again I should have known better.

Would I like to have thousands of subscribers to my blog and website?  Of course, but I know what I have to offer is not of interest to a great many and that’s okay. I am pleased with my numbers and appreciate all those who subscribe to my blog.  They, and my desire to write, are the reason I continue Stout Standards.

Neither my blog or website have sponsors.  Despite the large White’s ad (website) I do not receive a penny from them for it.  I do it because I love their products and appreciate every single guy and gal who works there.  Not only do they produce a quality product, they’re a caring company and have helped so many people over the years without any fanfare or publicity.

I also do not ask for donations like other blogs and websites.  I do not sell T-shirts or caps with my name on them, and I do not ask you to vote for me so I can win something.  I do not sell my books here even though I could (I respect the dealers too much).  I do not entice others to subscribe to my blog by giving away prizes, nor do I bombard YouTube with my in the field detecting experiences (the thought of that has me ROFLMAO).

I’ve also heard from others that my blog is boring, depressing and controversial, and some say I stir the pot just to get noticed.  Well first off I have no problem if you find my blog boring.  Hell I find it boring too.  Is it depressing?  Sometimes…what can I tell you?  Is Stout Standards controversial?  Often times yes.  I and my good friend John Howland will stir the pot occasionally but almost always with good reason.  You see we don’t like others misrepresenting what it is we do in an attempt to put our pastime out of business.  Likewise our choice of words will sometimes offend but that’s just who we are.  Consider yourself lucky you were never in our presence.

John and I go back a long way, fighting for detecting rights in the 80’s as officers in the FMDAC and NCMD respectively. We still believe the pastime is worth fighting for today, and I will continue to stick pins in the three purported national organizations here in the states..seems to be the only way to make something happen.  If they are going to advertise their intentions to represent us all then I am going to hold their feet to the fire and you should too.

Once again let me reiterate that Stout Standards is indeed about me. Dick Stout. Not Beanie, Booger or Bimmer Stout (yep, real names of relatives)…it’s about ME..Dick Stout. The old guy, the over-the-hill guy, the old timer, the curmudgeon, the cranky old fart or whatever else you care to call me.  It’s okay. I can handle it.

I intend to continue my blog and website and I will surely stir the pot and offend someone here and there.  If you find Stout Standards boring, offensive or depressing, I am sorry.  I will not however change things just to make you happy.  As for forums…I give up.  I am not an over the fence “chatty guy” or small talk person.  “Hi, welcome from Texas”, and “great finds Bob” are just not my cup of tea.  As for current technology…can’t be of much help.  I don’t know a thing about the latest 5XE, double DD, Piffwanger, Spider coil from Lithuania….nor can I tell you how to mount  that video camera on your noggin.  Just old school here….detector, headphones, digger and apron…what can I say?

Lastly, if you don’t like what I have to say here, that’s fine.  No big deal.  The mouse is in your hand, not mine. To those of you who do susbscribe and contribute so often…I thank you!!

Merriam Webster’s definition of a blog:

“A Web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities and experiences…”



Two days ago John Howland shot off an update to the Malamute Saloon and I apologize for just putting it up. No excuse, just dealing with a few things here at home.  In this, his latest post, he sets the record straight with regards to the Warsaw Wart’s version of the Monuments Men.  John is a military history buff and I envy his ability to share his knowledge on paper.

I saw the Monuments Men Sunday and highly recommend it.  I am sure liberties were taken when making the movie, but it is still a very entertaining and fascinating story.  Please do take time to read John’s latest by clicking on the Malamute Saloon link above and scrolling down to today’s date!  Thank you John….great job.



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60 responses to “It Is Indeed About Me!

  1. I have to wonder what site you were on…

  2. Dick, when I read this entry I felt I had been through this drama before. And then it hit me – Bob Dylan! When he left folk music for rock, when he left social commentary for poetic introspection, many of his fans howled that he was no longer one of them.

    And so here you are, no longer one of them, no longer writing exclusively about metal detecting, but branching out into totally alien topics that are important to you personally.

    I followed Bob on his new journey, and I will follow you too. Treasure hunting involves searching out untapped frontiers, and I’m surprised there are so many “adventurers” out there who don’t want to experience new adventures.

    Most of the posting I do on the forums are touting my latest podcast. I do that with no apologies – the shows are informative, educational, often smile-inducing, absolutely free, and worth more than a thousand “that’s a nice quarter!” posts.

    Once in a while someone will complain with, “Why don’t you ever post your finds?” Well, two reasons – everybody else is doing that already, AND I have few finds to show – I do more writing than hunting nowadays, and I make no excuses for that.

    As for those who complain I’m a spammer, they aren’t listening to my shows. The only advertising I do – for my book – comes AFTER the show, and listeners are free to turn it off before the ad. (Unlike you, I am the ONLY source for my book, so I don’t have any other sellers to protect.)

    I got banned from one site for posting my “ads”, but I’ve been contacted by several other forum board owners ASKING me to post my podcasts on their forums! And many of the board ops comment favorably on my posts every time I put a new one up.

    Anyway, I just wanted to assure you that you’ve earned the right to talk about whatever you wish, and for those who refuse to expand their horizons accordingly, it’s their loss.


    • You said ““Why don’t you ever post your finds?” Well, two reasons – everybody else is doing that already, AND I have few finds to show – I do more writing than hunting nowadays, and I make no excuses for that.”…

      Thank you Dan, appreciate it…

  3. There are haters everywhere and jealous people too! Most forums I have seen are full of sheeple. If you are a free thinker or someone that’s not a conformist then eventually you’ll be attacked for it. Just the nature of the beast I suppose. Do yours and let the haters hate…it’s what they do!

    • Rob, not sure they are haters….just people who are comfortable in their zone and always think someone has an agenda. I suspect I will be banned from the one mentioned, but I will just add it to my long list.

  4. If they complain because you have an agenda (if you did) then they’re haters in my opinion. So what if you DID have an agenda, or were working ways to make money. So you’re not supposed to eat? So you are the only one who can’t promote himself while 90% of them are promoting themselves, their books, their detectors, their stores, their websites, their friends websites, selling advertising space on their forums etc. But if you “have an agenda” God forbid!!!

    • Rob my only agenda this time was to get a few gals to respond to Allyson’s response that she didn’t think there were many female detectorists out there. That’s all…just thought we could get a good dialogue going. Right after my post there was a snarky comment and I pretty much said the hell with it…same ole same ole. That comment strangely enough is not there now.

      • I understand, just making the point that we shouldn’t put so much emphasis on what “they” say or think. At the end of the day it just reminded me of “pot kettle black.” At any rate, opinions are like Ford Mustangs… everyone has one! And like my mama always said, “It doesn’t matter what they call you, it’s what you answer to that matters.” I understand your motivation for the post, unfortunately it went over their heads!

  5. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Stay the way you are Dick – just be yourself. Plenty of folks want it that way for all of us -n it called being real!

  6. James

    Don’t change a thing, Dick. It IS your blog. I find it very interesting.

  7. Dick I think it is a fun Idea, the whole women of detecting calendar. The hell with anyone that is so sensitive as to be offended by the mention of it. I follow your blog because you are an interesting individual who frequently makes me laugh in a not so funny world. Keep at it buddy!

  8. Bob K

    As you said it’s your blog, stay the way you are so you don’t confuse us. Keep on fighting for our detecting rights. Someone got to do it.

  9. CanDo Prepper

    I’m new to your blog …. But I enjoy it very much. Write about what ever you want, I have an open mind and as you referred to I control that mouse …. Anyways keep it up I look forward to you thoughts, insights and experiences. Thanks from a crazy Canuck!

  10. One suggestion for your blog, Dick – more nudity. (Not yours, though.)

    • Now you tell me. After spending the whole afternoon with my camera…damn.

      • Dick, last summer I was out on my bike and I saw this guy with a pricey camera taking pictures of some flowers he had planted in the median. I stopped and asked him some questions about his camera and his setup (he had a fancy tripod that let him mount the camera facing straight down), and the next thing I knew he was showing me a “gallery” of photos on his cellphone – “tasteful” nudes of his boyfriend!

        I got out of there fast.

  11. I would have to go back and read the original post but I don’t remember it saying anything about scantily clad woman or topless detecting woman.. Would they have the same thoughts about a family detecting calendar that showed kids detecting? I’m sure there are a few warped minds out there that would take that type of calendar out of context as well… Personally I like the idea of any type of detecting calendar!

  12. Big Tony from Bayonne

    I guess the calendar idea was just a thought for laughs or did you mix apples with oranges again? After all most men don’t want their picture taken when they dig up some goodies! So maybe these gals were thinking the same? Don’t know but – knowing you it was nothing to fret over.

    Wow, maybe they will show up at your home town and start a huge protest! TV 6 news, gads of women detectorists with signs swinging their detectors around in protest — helicopters in the air to show the commotion on the 11 o’clock news — you would have your fifteen minutes of fame before they all realized what this is about… just a thought — scratch that idea…..

    Just good old Dick Stout throwing an idea out there for us to ponder. Maybe these women would like to talk to a few Archies for us this year….just saying –

    • Tony, I thought the calendar idea was a great one and still do. Not sure you are right about detectorists not wanting their photos taken. You need to peruse the detecting websites and forums. Not only will you find photos, you will also find a zillion videos. Lots of tekkies looking for that TV contract…

      • Robbie

        I think a womens detectorist calender is a good idea also. It would show that it’s not just a “man-thing” !!! And I’m sure most of your blog readers knew you were just kidding when you said you would personally review the photos. Because I know none of the “real” detecting ladies would ever allow themselves to be photographed in skimky bikinis or other attire like that. I have seen some pretty ladies in short shorts in some of the manufacturer calanders and have my doubts of them being real detectorists. I could be wrong….

  13. Joe Smith

    @ Dan Hughes. I can always repost that piano player.

  14. supernova1c

    Carry on the good work Dick. Your blog is about what you wish to blog about!
    James 🙂

  15. Dick, continue what you do. I enjoy your posts. I think I have read everyone of your books and I learn something when I do. I’m an old timer like you and have enjoyed the hobby for 42 years. I make videos to hopefully show people how to properly retrieve/learn/clean and whatever else with their treasures. I will continue to read your posts. I think the calendar with the ladies is a great idea. We have a few in our club and would like to see more. Carry on sir and HH.

    • Thanks Kenny. I think the consensus is for the calendar. Maybe we can talk Allyson into following through with it…

      • Dear fellow detectorists, since I had the original idea of a “Woman of Metal Detecting Calendar” I feel I need to respond.

        First of all, my initial thought was actual women who detect (no nudity whatsoever) out in the field with their detecting gear. Then the calendar would also include a short bio with our favorite finds. That is as innocent and family oriented as my thought was. I did see the original post by Mr.Stout and took no offense to his suggestion that we should be encouraged in our endeavor. I do not feel Mr. Stout has any secret agenda and just saw his final comment as exactly the way he wrote it “tongue in cheek.”

        BTW, after reading the comments to the last blog, I do see that there is a consensus for the calendar which does encourage me to go forward with the idea. You all ( at least up north in the frozen tundra) have been cooped up to long for the winter and are feeling perhaps a bit edgy! I think you all need some serious metal detecting therapy- is there a metal detecting therapist in the house?

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you Carol. Finally, saved from the clutches of the evil empire! Hope you and Allyson will follow-up on this idea and if I can help let me know. From the comments here you already have a few orders…

  17. Arthur-Canada

    Some women are just nice to look at. Some of them swing metal detectors. Put the two together in a picture and it may be nice to look at for a whole month. Geez…what a crime that is!!!

  18. Way to go Dick. I’ve only discovered you this past year since I’ve taken up metal detecting and am a fan of yours. I’m often popping onto your site and love what you write about, also I admire you for speaking your mind.

    Regarding the calender topic which I read your original post, I read it as a bit of fun, and nothing else. Put it this way, if I have a calender hanging up on my wall, I’d sooner it picture female detectorists than burly hairy men.

    Keep up the good work.

  19. Arthur-Canada

    I have recruited two women who actually detect (maybe three…which are nice to look at!). That will cover three months of your calendar. I say we do our own. We can upload the pictures on the COSTCO website and produce a nice calendar.

  20. Dick-
    I’m sorry to respond so late, but as you know I was busy being snowed in with flight delays and such.

    It was I who posted the photo of myself (in full make-up with perfect lighting), and as Carol said, “cleavage”. I posted it with sarcasm intended. I had a photo shoot over the summer of myself metal detecting for the cover of the Searcher magazine. It was the hottest day of the summer, and I changed outfits a half dozen times. We took over 300 pictures. Some with make-up, some without. When I saw that photo, I thought wow, if I ever go out detecting like that, then that is the farthest thing from a true representation of the hobby there could be (I usually have mud streaked across my face, headphone hair, etc…).
    Obviously, that photo was not cover material, and the last photo of the day ended up on the cover (go figure). But…I did have the photo, and thought wouldn’t it be fun to post it for a few laughs.

    I did not take offense at your suggestion of a calendar of women metal detecting. I realize it was a tongue in cheek remark, but after Carols comment, and the number of views and shares on my Facebook page, as well as all the other comments, I also realized it might really be a good idea.
    What a great way to promote women metal detecting. Of course showing a little cleavage would probably not make the women want to metal detect, it would have to be tasteful to appeal to females, but just the fact that women are in a calendar with metal detectors in hand might make them view it as less of a male hobby, and possibly be more interested in pursuing it.

    As for the negative feedback you received, it is your blog, and you can post what you want, and if people think you have a hidden agenda, too bad for them. You have a great following of folks who know who you are, and your sense of humor.

    And yes, I always say I leave the controversy for Dicks blog, but I’m sure you know that coming from me, that is also a tongue in cheek remark.

    Don’t worry when people are talking about you, that means you’re interesting, worry when they stop. –Allyson

    • Thanks Allyson…. glad you are finally home. What a bad few days.

      Throwing the calendar thing out there for all of you….if you know of gals who detect and might be interested in being part of this contact Allyson via her blog

      It’s a great idea and if it cannot be done this year there’s always next….? I will see what I can find out about costs, etc..

  21. Oh, and P.S.–My photographer is available and thinks its a great idea, and as some of the guys have said, they wouldn’t mind having a calendar of women metal detecting…

  22. And Arthur…maybe you could contact Allyson with your thoughts and idea?
    Thank you..

  23. Lisa MacIntyre

    I will say it again……”Allyson, I’m thinking of stealing my son’s detector and giving it a whirl, but I really would not subject anyone to seeing me in a swimsuit. Maybe in my full archaeologist gear?”.

  24. Arthur-Canada

    Lisa – I don’t think anyone (at least not me) is trying to suggest that this calendar would be for men to gawk at. Far from it! I know myself that many men out there would love to go out swinging a detector with their lady’s company, but it is not seen as a lady’s hobby for the most part. This calendar can be very tastefully done and still get the point across that women can and do enjoy the hobby too.

    The bikini-clad women swinging a metal detector will be for season three of “Diggers”!! 🙂

    • You could always count on Treasure Magazine (may it rest in peace) to use at least one bikini cover every summer. Wonder if they sold a lot better than the issues with folks like Hardrock Hendricks on the cover? (He looked kinda like Gabby Hayes.)

  25. Lisa MacIntyre

    My comment about swimsuits was def meant as “tongue-in-cheek. But it is refreshing to see how many men jumped in to slap down that idea, instead opting for a tasteful, non-exploiting, gender equality publication. I’m impressed!

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