A Three Gal Day…


Well I put the bones and body to the test yesterday morning and didn’t fare all that bad,  I fired up the MXT Pro and visited one of my regular haunts (which shall remain nameless to  protect the innocent and my future fun). The weather was exceptional…sunny and temps in the 60’s!  A real treat after the recent cold spell.

I started out as always in the “Coin and Jewelry” mode, and found a few clad pennies and dimes.  After about 30 minutes I decided to check out the outer edge of the area (the only side with a chain  link fence).  Not having hunted there before I thought what the hell, why not?  I started scanning about a foot away from the fence (five inch coil) and encountered a lot of trash.

Then I got an “iffy” signal….one of those “do I really want to put the ole knees through this” kind of audio response.  I scanned North/South, East/West, up & down, in & out and the readout stayed pretty steadily in the 70/80 range with a depth reading of three inches.  Anyway I decided to check it out and did the ole “jeezus maneuver” (drop to the ground, say “jeezus this better be good” followed by “jeezus hope I can get up”).

I only had to dig one plug (with no pinpointer either boys and girls…imagine that!) and after flipping it over I saw a Merc.  When I picked it up it was not one Merc but three, one on top of the other and seemingly stuck together, however I was able to separate them easily, and wound up with a 1939D in fine condtion, a 1944D in good condition and a 1941 in good condition.  Not enough to buy that house in the South of France, but enough to make me smile.

I worked a little more around that fence, but didn’t find anything more.  All told my time in the field was one hour, forty five minutes.  My take (estimating the silver value) $3.42.  That comes out to about $2.28 per hour.  I know I shouldn’t look at it that way but daddy needs a new pair of shoes.



In three days this blog will hit a milestone, as in up and running for two years (my website will be 4 years old in March).  I want to thank John Winter for encouraging me to start a blog.  I was reluctant at first but now understand the need for comments, dialogue and debate….things that were not possible on my website.  Thank you John.  Thank you all too for reading and sharing your thoughts.

I hope to continue with both the website and blog but time will tell. The ole brain only holds so much and it’s only a matter of time before you all figure out that much of what I say is utter BS.



John Howland and I frequently check out Peter Tompa’s excellent blog called Cultural Property Observer.  I always find something of interest there and the following is one example.  Read it, along with the comments, and then let me know what you think….





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24 responses to “A Three Gal Day…

  1. lenny1863

    WTG Good looking ladys
    not bad for the first day Congrats.

  2. Roy Rutledge

    Glad you ventured out for a taste of fresh air and a chance to feel the warmth of the sun on your back.
    I also stepped out yesterday to check some lots that have been scraped by the city to make way for more apts.
    Got lucky on the first lot and the first coin I dug was a 1942 silver nickel. After a couple of small brass items I got another good signal and as you said I did the jeezus bit and dug up a 1903 V nickel. Then dug another new coin or two, then another of the nickel signals and back down on the knees and after a small plug was dug, there was another V nickel this was a 1891.
    Spent about an hour on two adjacent lots. After the first half hour I looked up and here were two more cars pulling up and 4 men got out with detectors in hand and joined me on the small lot. At that time I decided there were too many of us in too small of an area. And it was time for lunch anyway.
    So maybe this next week when the working people go back to their jobs it will leave the lots to me and the other few retirees to go dig up a few lost coins. Just wish I could make the $2.28 an hour instead of the $0.57 cents I made yesterday.

  3. Robbie

    Glad you got out and dug something worthwhile. That blog had a post with a very good response. I think it is very revealing and quite a lot of truth in the statement.———-

    “Another truism: Archaeologists are at odds with collectors because they see “amateurs” interfering with their areas of expertise (not to mention access to excavation rights), and with regard to numismatists, generally they know (or sense) that collectors are invading their turf, and doing a better job of analysis, curating and preservation of artifacts that archaeologists have trivialized in the past. In a sense they are playing catch up with numismatists..and are profoundly embarrassed that collectors not having their degree “credentials” have been analyzing and preserving the past much better than they have (and in the case of some museums, ever will.)

    So, what do they do….wrap themselves in righteous indignation, and lump legitimate collectors with the criminals without any thoughtful analysis and discrimination. The fact that money changes hands over coins makes it easy for them to define all coin acquisitions as illicit deals”

  4. DonM

    It is great to see that your “get up and go” has not yet got to the point where it has “got up and went somewhere” ;->

  5. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Great find for sure! Congratulations! That would surely put a smile on your face.

  6. Sorry Dick, I’m somewhat disappointed….when I read you’d had a Three Gal Day…I thought…..

  7. Bob K

    Congrats on the hunt. Still cold & snow on the ground here around eastern Ks. Freezing rain late tonight o boy, I notice one of the mercs was your birth year, maybe thats a great sign for this year. Anyway glad you were able to get out.

  8. Glad to hear you got out there – your story made me smile. I am jealous. still over a foot of snow on the ground here.

  9. Heck yeah, 3 silvers in one hole, in one day! NYCE!!! I found 1 silver this weekend, so I know that you’re stoked too!!!

  10. Rob I was a little stoked in that I don’t get out much at all anymore and when I do I tend to get discouraged if I come home with just clad. This 3 in 1 hole thing was pretty cool.

  11. Bob Sickler

    See, a few good finds is all it will take to get yourself outdoors again and forget the medical issues… Might even help you! Next, grab the L5!

    • Bob, I understand what you are saying, but it’s sometimes hard to forget the medical issues, especially when they are progressing. I sit down with the L-5 and play scales and single note things but the chords are really hard, even the basic ones. Keep thinking the more I play the more nimble my fingers will become…at least I am hoping so.

  12. supernova1c

    Nice finds Dick, very satisfactory indeed! Congrats on your blog being two years old, well done my friend.

  13. James

    That is a good day of hunting, no matter who you are! WOW! Three Mercs! Nice!!!!!

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