Let’s Get the Ball Rolling…

I love Allyson Cohen’s (a.k.a., the Detecting Diva) latest post and photo, and especially the comment from her Facebook friend Carol Rio, who said “Hey Allyson, we could do a calendar- the women of metal detecting!! Seriously, we could make some serious $$$ !!!”


Well Allyson and Carol, I will buy one and a lot of other tekkies would too.  What do you say everyone, let’s get the ball rolling and encourage these gals to do it.  I feel certain there are a lot of other female diggers out there who would be interested in helping.

I will gladly offer my services and critique all photos submitted.  No charge either…



To those of you who enjoyed my old Army photos….Uncle Sam was very appreciative of my bass playing prowess!


The USS Stout



More news and drivel from the big guy across the pond.  This time he wants to talk turkey or in this case the plural.  Interesting post  and food for thought…. hope you will click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date!



Found the program for the Lost Treasure Classic, and wanted to share it here for all of you who might have attended, especially Roy Rutledge…enjoy.





For those of you who like to tell all…….

“I’m developing an attachment for you-and it fits right over your mouth”

Karl von Mueller



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18 responses to “Let’s Get the Ball Rolling…

  1. Not sure what to say about a calendar of detecting women, BUT….

    Trying to get my wife out next spring. She said she would go twice…may be the start of something good!

  2. Hmm, well Jamie best you not mention the calendar then…..wouldn’t want her to get the wrong idea.

    Hope your wife does get hooked on the pastime. That would certainly make it easier to get out more. Keep us posted.

  3. Thanks Dick. It sounds good in theory, but are there really more than 2 women who metal detect? I think it would be a very short calendar…

    • Allyson I cannot believe there aren’t more gals out there who detect. I don’t know…maybe I am wrong.

      Damn, I was really looking forward to seeing all those beach photos….

    • Diva:
      Who cares how many so as long as it’s done in the best possible taste.? Oooh, the thought of it….you’ve just made a happy man very old! We could get Dick involved (Stout, that is) rippling his torso for the ladies. He’s the body of a Greek goat and the mind of a Greek God – well, something like that!

      John H

  4. Lisa

    Allyson, I’m thinking of stealing my son’s detector and giving it a whirl, but I really would not subject anyone to seeing me in a swimsuit. Maybe in my full archaeologist gear?

  5. bill from lachine

    Thanks for the chuckles…..lol….

    Here’s a tune for you.

    Regards + HH


  6. bill from lachine


    LOL….why should Allyson and her buddies settle for a calendar….go for the gusto I say…..

    Regards + HH


  7. Roy Rutledge

    Dick, thanks for the schedule of the Classic hunt. That was one good hunt. Met and talked to a lot of the people with big names in the detecting community. Wish we could have the big hunts again but the price of gold and silver has put a stop to that. Just have to be satisfied with the smaller club hunts. Still get to see few of the older hunters on occasion , most of them are kinda like the wind, they come and they go.

    • Hi Roy…that event was indeed a good one. Add in Paul Tainter’s Treasure Expos and you have the best of the good ole days. Not a lot of technology talk…..just a lot of good, down to earth, useful information from people who had “been there, done that”!

  8. Well I posted a link to this topic on a few forums in hopes of getting some gals to respond, but as usual I got the ole “what’s your hidden agenda” response and decided it’s just not worth it. Maybe next time….

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