The Trouble With Trolls…

is that they keep annoying people who are not the least bit interested in anything they have to say.  Take for example the moron in Warsaw….

After a pretty fair trouncing the other day he continues to fight the battle, offering up just one more condescending and sorry attempt to impress someone.  Worse yet he attempts to insult Lisa MacIntyre’s credentials.  Credentials that he would give his eye teeth for.

Wally, go play in traffic.  No one here gives a rat’s ass what you think about anything…



John Howland has a few words as well for the gentleman in Warsaw and you can read them by clicking on the Malamute Saloon link above and scrolling down to today’s date.




Allyson Cohen, a.k.a. the Detecting Diva, also picked up on one of Wally’s insulting posts and responded with her own. The gal has a way with words. and takes no prisoners.

Mr, Barford’s “Spout Out”



For those of you who have asked about my musical past, I’ve put together a brief synopsis, and will be adding to it as memory allows (yeah right). Try not to laugh..


440th Army Band – I’m the fat guy with the bass



Was culling old magazines yesterday and found this one…first time I was on a magazine cover (well aside from Playgirl).  World of Treasures was a sister publication of Western & Eastern Treasures back in the 70’s and 80’s.  Those were the days when you could sometimes see what the photo was on the cover. The price: $1.00!




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26 responses to “The Trouble With Trolls…

  1. I dont understand the fascination with the drama and trolls. Seems people should get out n detect after putting trolls on block. Aint nobody got time for that junk! Don’t feed trolls and they die… Quit feeding my trolls that were allegedly friendly and guess what? Things have progressively gotten better for me and they’re still in the same place starving for approval and I’m eating good! That’s all the trolls need to know….

  2. Lisa

    Thank you, Dick. I really don’t know why I would let a person with so little credibility that adds nothing productive to society get under my skin. But I am well over his unfounded insults, towards the whole world it seems.


    Hi all. New detecting blog here with the aim of showing that we can do things in the right way and are not all slack jaws ect….

    • Thanks for the link Andy…good luck!

    • Andy, an after thought…you said “new detecting blog here with the aim of showing that we can do things in the right way and are not all slack jaws ect….”

      Why do you think we are not doing things in the right way? I have yet to see an archaeologists blog stating the same thing….

  4. Hi Andy:
    Best of luck with the blog! There are no ‘slack jaws’ in this hobby, they only exist only in the mind of Paul Barford. He even slags off his own kind so you are in good company. Just ignore him.

    John H

  5. I find it unfortunate that he spends so much time ridiculing and spouting off about how we carry out our hobby here in the US. Now if we were finding Viking hoards every month, and the artifacts we were finding were as old as they come upon in the UK, there would be basis for some of his arguments, but we’re not. Most of us wander around finding recent lost gold and silver jewelry on the beaches, or coins at old homesteads and cellar holes. I can’t say I’ve ever known anyone to find a relic earlier than the 1700s, and pretty much the same for coins. A lot of the older items are found in farm fields that have had the hell tilled out of them year after year, and most items have been torn up by the plows–what archeological value lies in that? I think its the ridiculous comparison that gets us frustrated, and that’s why we find it so hard to take him seriously. JMO.

    • Indeed…I wish he would just butt out. He seems to think he can dictate his will here and it’s not going to happen.

      • Also just noticed that he changed his “About Me” back to archaeologist. Seems the man will change and delete anything on his blog to cover his ass. Surely he will publish his academic background now,,,,

  6. And PS Dick; that cover–awesome! I’m diggin’ the cool shades and boot cut jeans 🙂

  7. Well, they say if you hold to your old clothes long enouth, eventually the fashion wil come back–you were totally stylin’. I’m impressed by your ability to “just know” stripes and plaids don’t mix. I wish others had that same fashion instinct.

  8. You’re a trendy dude! Diva might have a point….you could be turning into a ‘salad-eating, bearded cyclist’ – lookalike!

  9. On a side note, you don’t look like you were having much fun on that cover! You look like you’re thinking “This thing doesn’t even work, and I better hide this pinpointer so no one see’s it!” LOL Just an observation….lol

    • Rob, all I can say is I wish I could go back and relive those days, and as for the pinpointer. Nope.

      And…you’all stop picking on my dress. Jealousy will get you nowhere.

  10. Rob, you don’t know who Wally is? Well, after your last comment you will find out.

  11. Uh oh Rob, now you’ve gone and done it, be prepared for some Wally rage–you used detectorists, helped and archaeology in the same sentence…oh scheiss–I just did it to, I’m outa here dude.

  12. I love the old magazine cover – that is so cool! I don’t think I have been featured on anything before 😦

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