Bubba, Garrett & Einstein…

Well, the comments from the last post sure got hot and heated.  Thanks to all who took the time to share their thoughts and ideas (the Warsaw wanker excluded). I am beginning to believe that anything along the line of a PAS here is pretty much pie in the sky stuff, as is “one” strong national organization for our pastime.







Mr. Howland has updated his UK Malamute Saloon link with a little bit of everything… If you are interested in German history, Garrett products, beach hunting and/or Einstein, give a look by clicking on the Malamute Saloon link above and scrolling down to today’s date.




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21 responses to “Bubba, Garrett & Einstein…

  1. bill from lachine


    Good read and keep them coming.

    Regards + HH


  2. John H

    Hya Bill:
    Have you noticed how the arrogant b******d ALWAYS wants, nay, DEMANDS, a debate. He’s nobody! Who cares what he thinks? Trouble is, he can’t come to terms with the fact. He’s not important, though what he’d like the world to believe is that his pisspoor blog is a real game-changer. It’s not; it’s a cess-pit, purporting to speak for the entire archaeological world. Arrogance doesn’t come much higher than this!

    He’s not even in Lisa’s MacIntyre’s league, nor is his bag-carrier Nigel Swift…she’s a proper archaeologist!

    Happy Hoiking!
    John H

    • bill from lachine


      I’m curious as to the total finds declared treasure under the PAS system what the total costs were of purchasing these items versus the total finds recorded under the system.

      I’m thinking it probably works out to less than $1.00 or 1 pound per hours expended time and energy not counting equipment costs, gas, etc…pretty cheap labour versus the payback in my books.

      Maybe you can snoop around among your contacts and post another blog with the numbers…..non doctored unlike you know who.

      Regards + HH


      • John H

        Culture Minister Ed Vaizey introduced the 2010 Treasure Report (the latest available):

        “The Treasure Act 1996 continues to be a great success, ensuring that the most significant archaeological discoveries are housed in public museums for the benefit of all. 2010 was a record year, with the number of potential Treasure finds reported increasing to 860 in England and Wales, a 10.5% increase since the previous year. Of these items, 299 have been (or are to be) acquired by museums.”

        The Government thinks it’s all money well spent, though as Ed Vaizey points out in the report, not all finders took their rewards. If you go to:
        http://finds.org.uk/ you can register free of charge and you’ll get access to all the data you could wish for.

        Happy Hoiking
        John H

  3. bill from lachine


    Just a heads up in case you haven’t already figured out Barford’s MO yet…..he’ll use any tactic in the book to discredit anyone that doesn’t agree with their take on things….dirty tricks and all.

    I wouldn’t bother responding because it just adds to his lust for attention…he feeds off his detractors and a bit like a poisonous
    snake tries to inject them with his venom.

    A real piece of work…..lol.

    Regards + HH


  4. bill from lachine

    LOL….thanks for the chuckles.

    Regards + HH


  5. I think we’ve hit a nerve! We are now bus depot retards..LOL! He also wants us to be more intelligent and John he will not meet you in the bar. Got it?


  6. bill from lachine


    Heck I haven’t had so much fun for awhile……bus depot retards
    that’s a good one….lol.

    He’s probably speaking from experience and can relate to the crowd of which he lumps us into.

    Regards + HH


  7. Thank you Allyson for this terrific post and response….love it.


  8. One of Mr. Barford’s adoring fans, referring to this blog, just commented…

    “Is it not possible to report this blog to the blog host? Surely if enough complaints are received they would have to take action and remove the blog account…”

    It’s all rather simple really. Don’t like what is said here, don’t come here. How easy is that?

    Just more of the how dare they and woe is me!

  9. Robbie

    I just can’t believe he is so jealous of US detectorists hoiking clad coins and pulltabs and the occaisional “old” coinage from the early 1900’s–even scarcer are the coins from the late 1800’s. Last time I “hoiked” anything was when I had the Flu….

  10. Robbie

    And you forgot he left the U.K. also, Wonder if “tar and feathers” were used when he “left”. I Left two replies on his blog asking about who decides what an artifact is and what years an item is considered an artifact? 50 years…100 years…200 years??? I know he will never post a logical question like that.

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