The Brit Has a Fit!

Well Bubba’s had it!  He’s blown a fuse over Wally & Harry and doesn’t hold back. Of course he’s never had much of a problem sharing his views about these two yahoos.  Please, when you read his rant understand that anti-detecting and collecting  propagandists are not limited soley to the UK.  They are here as well and we not only need to be vigilant, we need to be proactive, because unlike the overly vocal Barford & Swift comedy team, ‘our detractors’ here in the states are working quietly behind the scenes to cast us in a bad light.

Please read John’s “Fight the Good Fight” by clicking on the Malamute Saloon link above and scrolling down to today’s date!.



Know he will be pissed at me for sharing this old photo but I don’t care…. Howland singled handedly crashed and smashed two double-deckers in a little over a month.  It was then he took up detecting (and smashed two detectors in a week).


Could you imagine riding on his bus?



Matinee idol Paul Tainter

If you are movie buff I encourage you to see the movie “Nebraska“. Not only is it a terrific film, it includes my old friend Paul Tainter, of Treasure Expo and Exanimo Press fame. Yep, Paul and one of his pals were extras in the movie, which featured Bruce Dern, Stacy Ketch and June Squibb.

According to Paul he worked two ten hour days plus one 6 hour stint and enjoyed every minute. You will find Paul in the two or three bar scenes, and your best chance to see him will be when Stacey Ketch is standing, talking to a group at a table (Paul is seated at the front of the bar).

Paul said the interaction with director Alexander Payne and Bruce Dern was something he’ll never forget.  Nebraska is up for five Oscar picture, best actor (Bruce Dern), best supporting actress (June Squibb), best cinematography and best director (Alexander Payne). Not that anyone cares but I would have to  rank it as one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.



Well thought sure I would get more feedback on this topic but nada.  Apparently those who spent their hard earned cash on these coils love them to death (or too embarrassed to say otherwise).



Not sure what to expect but archaeologist Lisa Hume MacIntyre is preparing another guest post for Stout Standards.  Kinda scares the hell out of me but I promised her I would offer it up here as written.  Thanks Lisa (I think)…



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4 responses to “The Brit Has a Fit!

  1. Paul

    Golly Dick: I was really suprised to read the write up on this old Fart being in the movie Nebraska on your web site. Just wait until Joanie gets home and I show it to her. Next time we get down your way we owe you a bottle of RED. I have another appointment today at physical therapy and hope it goes well. I want to start on the XX soon and so far have not had the urge , so maybe today.Temperature now is 19 above and this is as warm as it is going to get. Tonight down to minus 6 below and windy. Oh, well. This is Nebraska. Best regards, Paul.

  2. bill from lachine

    I really wish that our buddy John would really say what’s on his mind and not beat around the bush so to speak……

    Me thinks if there’s any inbreeding in the mix it’s probably on the side of our 2 major detractors.

    Regards + HH


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