I found it interesting that a recent post about the Farmers Insurance commercial garnered so many responses yet my last update about how we can improve our lot resulted in exactly three.  Funny how we can come together, write emails and make phone calls when we feel slighted or insulted yet beg off when it comes to doing anything that involves getting off our asses.  Yep, the times, they are a changin’……



Upon checking my emails I saw that the Task Force had finally updated their website.  I thought wow, about time….last one was early in October.  After reading this latest “update” I was dumbfounded.  It went like this:


Dear Task Force Members:

The Task Force realizes it has been a while since there has been a report on its efforts on behalf of the detecting community, however, we want to assure you that the Task Force is still working diligently behind the scenes to protect your rights and the hobby.

It has been a long road, and the current issues the TF is working on and bureaucratic road blocks the Task Force has been up against, unfortunately, have not allowed these issues to be solved as expediently as the Task force would have liked.

While the Task Force would like to share every move it makes on a public forum, such as our website or Facebook page, the TF decided that at this time, the detecting community, and the hobby as a whole would be better served by the Task Force not making it’s strategy public.

We thank you for all your support, and expect to have more information to report in the a very short time.


Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights Foundation


Why the secrecy and this after a fairly expensive one third ad in the recent Western & Eastern Treasures magazine (offering only a link to their website).  If I had not been privileged to be part of the efforts of the FMDAC back in the early 80’s I might not be so critical.  Today I just don’t get it. Sorry…



Ah, knew it would not be long before Wally, the24/7 master troll entered into the Farmers Insurance picture and today he added this. It’s amazing what lengths an obsessed, monomaniac living in Poland will go to just to push his agenda, whatever the hell that is…. Wally:





Had been wondering if any of the TV detecting shows would be renewed and it looks like “The Diggers” will be on the telly next month.  Apparently they’ve the best formula given that successful programs are those that have above average viewing audiences and happy, willing advertisers.  My congratulations to them.



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23 responses to “Disappointed…

  1. jamie

    Don’t be disappointed. Timing is everything.

    For me, I have too many irons in the fire these days. I am thankful if I can find an evening with enough free time to share a drink with a friend or two and watch a hockey game. I think I hvae too many projects and hobbies.

    We’re here for ya. Just keep the hits coming. 😉

  2. Gary K

    We all know how to complain since it is so easy to just open our mouth and shout or whine. It is a lot more difficult to actually use our brains to come up with solutions to problems.

  3. Hi All…The Task force is on it now ! We received a call from the Farmers Group (actually 21st insurance group) today, before office hours. I returned the call and left another message – round and round we go. I will try to have a “conversation” with the contact there later today.
    The TF will not let up on the matter until we get a satisfactory result !

    As soon as we have something concrete to report the TF will report it here and on our website, http://www.detectingrights.com

    • Curious Avery just what a “satisfactory result” might be? And why all the secrecy? This “behind the scenes” stuff gets rather old.

      • Boy, you’re never satisfied !
        No “secrecy” here – the TF is working on it now…we do not have any answer from Farmers yet, but we are working on it…what have you got to offer ?
        The Task Force has posted some info on the minimum we expect…Pull the commercial, and issue an apology, etc.
        The TF will post additional info as we have it.
        Support us, don’t just ridicule, get behind the efforts.

      • Avery I understand you are “ON IT” with regards to the Farmers thing. The secrecy comment refers to the fact that over the past year little has changed on your site. Every time there’s an update the term “behind the scenes” is mentioned. What about Cook County, New York city, Louisville? What’s happening (or not happening) that you cannot talk about it? I mean come on…

        I also remember reading that at some point the site would be updated, officer backgrounds added, and so on. The only way anyone can contact the officers is by a “generic” contact link. You may be right…perhaps I am the only one not satisfied. Somehow I doubt it.

      • It’s not a matter of money, there are lots of ways to “invest” in the future of the Metal Detecting Community.
        Whatever each individual can do will help to build a better future for all concerned.
        We don’t have to always make verbal withdrawls, or beat down the “investments” that others make.
        As the saying goes…”givers gain”…so try to give the TF, and the hobby as a whole, your moral and “sweat” support, thank you.
        Enough said…I have to make calls, send e-mails ect…lots to do inbetween doing my “regular” 9 t0 5 job.

      • Okay Avery. Thank you for the advice. I will get to work on those things… Sorry I screwed up your busy day. Any chance when you are not at your 9 to 5 job maybe you will answer my questions?

  4. And Avery, I did add contact info here for folks to get in touch with Farmers on the 9th of this month and sent off my complaint as well. That’s all “I have to offer”. Happens I don’t have a lot of money.

  5. I didn’t respond because I didn’t feel like the post was completely fair to us. You assumed that we don’t do anything to improve our appearance within the community, yet most of us do. We just don’t broadcast everything we do 🙂

    I spent most of my hunting time allotted Sunday looking for a ladies lost wedding band, I expected nothing in return for it, and dug nothing but trash for 2 hours trying to get her ring back to her. I would have rather been at an old homestead that I really wanted to detect, but instead I did a good deed. No two metal detecting clubs are exactly alike, and no two detectorists are exactly alike. Within our niche, many detectorists help out their communities on various levels.

    Some find lost items for free, some teach others how to detect responsibly, some even educate the community leaders on the hobby of metal detecting in various ways. Some have websites and do their part to bring a positive light to our hobby in an effort to educate the masses on what we really do. With that medium, (internet) such as you are doing, some of us are actively doing our part in other ways besides “adopting a highway,” and in a sense your post came across as generalizing all detectorists as doing little or nothing about it, when in fact like you, most of us are doing our part in whatever capacity that may be 🙂 As you know, there are leaders and there are followers in every thing. We appreciate your challenging us all to do more.

    The thing is, this IS a hobby, and Most guys aren’t concerned with the politics of metal detecting. They just want to find some goodies and get outside for awhile. That’s okay too, as long as the others do their part, we’ll be alright.

    We’re making progress in the hobby. Just look around on Youtube or some blogs & forums, there are literally thousands of sites dedicated to furthering the metal detecting hobby. Even TV shows and such.

    As much as people fear these tv shows, I have to believe that , in a way, the shows have also educated most people on what we do and somewhat softened the blow where the community doesn’t see us as rarities or outcasts anymore.

    You were and are a legend in metal detecting, and we respect you for trying to steer us in the right direction. We all need guidance sometimes, and I think we’re all in agreement that we can do more for the hobby.

    • Rob, fair enough when it comes to my concern about everyone doing more to shine a little luster on our pastime. Point well taken…thank you.

      I take exception with the TF however. If they want to represent the whole of the pastime, and I think that’s their intent, they need to start being more public, more visible and more accessible. “Behind the scenes” has gotten old. I don’t expect miracles from them, just regular updates on the issues, good or bad. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

      • I agree, I was covering their blogs RSS feed on WeDetect Metal Detecting News, but soon realized that they rarely communicate with us, so I added a different source instead. I agree that they should attempt to be more visible with their efforts. An update a week shouldn’t be too much to ask…

      • And again, if they are coming up short in areas or facing problems, that’s fine. Just say so. I think people will appreciate that more than not knowing anything.

  6. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Dick, I didn’t let you know that I sent an email to farmers insurance asking them to pull the ad. I’ll let you know what they say.

    • Tony I don’t think there’s anymore to gain in all this… The commercials have run, the impression is out there, and apologies will not change any of that.

  7. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Dick, you are right! The damage is done!

  8. As far as Task Force goes, maybe you could work with them and put out a weekly newsletter, or even a monthly newsletter. You write well and you’re interested so it sounds like a recipe for success if it all worked out. 🙂

  9. YES…the Task Force needs volunteers. Just let us know what you’d like to do, what you’re comfortable doing, how much or little time you can dedicate to helping your fellow Metal Detectorists..and yourself at the same time.
    We will be expanding our leadership network, and would like to establish “Regional Directors” for the S.E, M.W, N.W., S.W, ETC.
    The TF would like to have “Directors” in each of the time zoned areas, north & South- 8 zones.
    One of the TF’s objectives for 2014, is to have people in each region who are familiar with that areas, and can react to any “issues” that arise in their own back yards.
    The central board of the TF, will assist these Regional Directors with, resources, tactics, and when needed, the coordination a national response in the form of a “Call To Action” to all TF members.
    Please contact our volunteer coordinator at

  10. jamie

    There is a lot of emotion here, but back to the complaint around the commercial.

    You might just look at it and see it’s just a stereotype and supposed to be a joke. Imagine how fat guys who wear big gold chains feel. Boy they really look stupid in that commercial. So lethargic they can’t even wake up when someone tanks a 1.5 chain off their neck.

    I must confess I did not realize there so much behind the “disappointment.” I must have missed something. I think the TF has probably done enough, if this is all about Metal Detectorist character attack. We don’t want to bitch too much and come off as a bunch of people who can’t take a joke.

    Buck up, the reputation of the detectorist is on the rise, Diggers is back! 🙂

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