Since No One Asked, Here’s What I Think…

Despite the fact that I am somewhat bored with detecting, I still check the related social media links and try to keep up with what’s going on.  I started to wonder however that in doing this I just might be compounding my problem.  Forgive me…they are pretty redundant and rather boring.


I am not exactly sure what I expect anymore and just maybe getting older is my problem.  Certainly I have heard that diagnosis (and worse) from a number of people, especially my wife.  Another possibility is that it may have to do with how long I’ve been detecting and all the finds I’ve made over the years.  While I’ve never found a gold coin, or for that matter a silver dollar, I have dug my share of goodies and now find it hard to get excited over finding a common date silver coin.

I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at nugget hunting again, but doubt I will get the opportunity. I also loved hunting the beaches when I lived in New Jersey, and would often come home with a few nice keepers, but what I really enjoyed most about it was just being there, smelling the salt air, hearing the waves and experiencing that end of day tired but healthy feeling.


Just my opinion but today all the TH’ing forums look alike and read alike, as do the websites and blogs (mine included).  Ditto for all the home made, self promoting videos.  Also now when I sit down with a TH’ing magazine I find myself reading an article that I’m certain I’ve read before, along with photos of finds that look like those on the previous pages, and sorry, no matter how hard I try, I just cannot get excited over old buttons or bullets.  I understand why others do…it’s just not my thing.

There also seems to be a lot more one-upmanship, “right here pal”, buy mine not theirs, BS…a lot of ME and not enough WE.  Yes I know it’s marketing, selling, self-promoting and the way of the world anymore.  I just find it overly repetitive and as of late, unrelenting.  We all have ego’s, a need to be noticed and some have a product to sell, but enough already, please!  Seems the sky’s the limit when it comes to our wallets, then it’s every man for himself, and all this when our pastime is under attack. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised however…It’s pretty much always been “yes siree, if it ain’t happening to me who gives a rat’s ass”!

The times and the participants are changing, as is the technology….pretty much leaving me in the dust.  I don’t like it but I don’t really have a problem with it either.  It too is just the way it is.  I will still continue to dig holes here and there, looking for that first silver dollar or gold coin. I would also like to think the hobby will be around for my grandkids when they get older, but honestly if things keep going like they are, I have serious doubts. Hope I am wrong.

Apologies for misspelled words, etc.. This old fart hit “publish” without thinking…



I found the following article interesting, especially the quote “I wish it had been someone working who found it”.  Sure would love to know the whole story…..

Gold Buried Under Toll Road?






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8 responses to “Since No One Asked, Here’s What I Think…

  1. Ron aka Diggler

    You gotta watch what you wish for… You wrote a book hoping to get people into doing what you do and bring them up to your level. Well there you go. Now everyone is a know-it-all! You can’t teach anyone anything any longer and if you do someone will be right behind you to do it a little better. Not too satisfying trying to help someone when some other “expert” has to get the last word in. I pretty much gave up on the forums for the same reason you have. I peep in from time to time, see the new detector that displays the same information in a different way, and move on. Almost unsubscribed from your blog many times but can’t do it. I drift back and forth through many forums covering many topics and they all get old after awhile because they are all filled with the the same type of people. People you would avoid hanging out with in person after a couple encounters. Uncouth people lacking the tact to understand the feelings in the post before. I rarely post anymore because I usually envision exactly where the thread will lead and just move on. Just like we can’t understand how filthy rich people can become bored with life, maybe we become bored with a hobby once mastered for too long? I met a guy at work the other day who has a yellow detector. Determined it was an Ace 250 and that he has had for a few years and never found anything noteworthy. Showed him a few pics of my past finds and he was amped to go digging. You know what? I sorta got amped too! The weather is supposed to be nice today and I am going to contact him about hitting Joe Pool. There will be no salt water breeze, but it is in your area and you are welcomed to join us.

  2. We try to give our readers what they want, but depend on them to submit things in their areas of interest. We can not write an article on, say, coin hunting in Walla Walla if we are not coin hunters in Walla Walla. We also try to keep our articles fresh in the fact that all freelancers are required to sign a waver stating it has not been published before. That said, we ask for comments and gripes so we can give readers what they want, but they must be sent to us directly or we’ll not know. I can say that after 40+ years of swinging a detector, our publisher gets pretty tired sometimes, but loves it enough to keep going, and we hope always will. Hang in there, Dick. Ours is still the best hobby in the world…otherwise you’d stop your blog and we’d stop our magazine. And that ain’t gonna happen!

  3. As a followup to this post….a friend sent me the following link:

    For the record this is a forum that someone from another site “begged” me to join a while back, telling me that it was indeed different from the others. I agreed and registered. After doing this one of the administrators or partners thanked me, and told me that the owner of the forum, Larry (from Texas), had worked with me at Garrett, had hunted with me many times and not only that, we had found “gold”!

    While I hated to ruin a good story I told him I had no clue who Larry was, had never worked with him at Garrett, never hunted with him, and sure as hell hadn’t found any gold (somehow think I would remember that). Anyway when I attempted to post anything on this forum I had a lot of trouble logging in. No matter what I did I was unable to connect. Finally the administrator tells me that “Larry” had banned me. When I asked why he said he didn’t know. No reason was given….

    So I find it interesting now to read things like:

    “Did I send you the note that he was BANNED from THF last summer? (we had to) I’m not making this up, seriously, Larry and me banned him! Ask Dick! The old coot, he deserved it !”

    Hmm, deserved what? And why did you “have to” ban me? Why wasn’t a reason given? Interesting too that they seem to find it funny that they “had to” ban me . Apparently when you call someone out for making up stuff or lying, you are not a team player anymore….

    And that my friend is just one example of why I feel the way I do….

    • Ron aka Diggler

      I am so out of the forum loop these days I haven’t ever heard of said forum above. Oddly enough I think I did do a hunt with Larry a few years back? As far as the claim on you guys finding gold goes… I have the signed and dedicated special edition Coin Hunting in Depth with the extra chapter on tax evasion and all I can say is well played.

      You didn’t miss much yesterday. The weather was nice, sand was deep and the ever-present scent of sulphur was in the air…

      • Okay Ron, you’ve outed me. I did cash in the gold and I’m living the good life in the South of France. I only do this blog because I love to piss off people.

        Sorry your day didn’t turn out better. At least you got to breath a little fresh sulphur.

  4. I can only aspire to reach the day when this hobby doesn’t surprise me. I still get excited when I see a round disk at the bottom of a hole and, although I am getting up in years, I still wonder at the people long before me who touched that object. Yet, any activity can lead to boredom given enough time so I try to keep myself busy with new ones. Latest of my hobbies is language learning. By the time I am sick and tired of the human race, I will be able to tell ’em off in a variety of languages. Unless I go senile before I manage to learn anything… I for one hope you keep writing.

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