A Curmudgeon? Me?

I want to thank Dan Hughes for giving Stout Standards a  plug on his latest metal detecting podcast.  At least I think I do?  You see he actually called me a curmudgeon, and if that weren’t bad enough he then called me an angry old man.  Well Dan, I will get even with you in due time…that’s what all us curmudgeons do. Perhaps when you are old enough to join the angry old men’s club, though I doubt you will be nasty enough.  Anyway remember, hell hath no fury like a curmudgeon scorned!!

Dan Huhges

Dan Hughes



Well, apparently I am not the only down trodden Tekkie right now and sorry John Winter, misery does indeed love company.  Read John’s latest post and you will understand.  He breaks down and finally shares those adventures he was trying so hard to hide.  So welcome to the club John.  Keep it up and I might consider you for membership in the above mentioned “curmudgeons club”!




Well the big bopper from Bournemouth has sent a holiday tome that I think you will like.  Along with his usual funnies he actually offers to help out the Bobbsey twins with any future “tekkie hate” postings. Hope you will take a minute or two to read his latest by clicking on the Malamute Saloon link above and scrolling down to today’s date.



This morning I received an email from detectorist James Bizzell asking if I would mention his newly formed club, the Rio Grande Valley Metal Detecting Club. The group meets in Welasco, Texas, just a short distance from the Mexican border and covers the Brownsville to Rio Grande City area.  Good luck James and keep us posted on what’s happening in your neck of the woods.



Pretty sure I will be updating before Christmas day but just in case Happy Holidays to you all! Be sure to have one for me….


th no  fury like a curmudgeon scorned!


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9 responses to “A Curmudgeon? Me?

  1. danhughes1

    You ALREADY got back at me, Dick – you captioned my photo Huhges instead of Hughes!

    Look up “devious” in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of yourself.

  2. Dan I never misspell anyting. Trust me!

  3. danhughes1

    Gee, Dick, my mistake. These old eyes play tricks sometimes.

  4. I have to say, that when it comes to curmudgeons, there’s few in our league Ricardo! This hobby survives both in the UK and the US, NOT because of the FMADC, or the UK’s NCMD, but IN SPITE OF these two august organisations.

    Perhaps we need a confederation of treasure hunters or some such organisation to act, and quickly, to promote, protect, and encourage metal detecting/treasure hunting on both continents. Bring in the manufacturers and charge the rank and file members $15/£10 including Third Party Insurance. JMO!

  5. bill from lachine


    I probably fall into the curmudgeon mold also….lol.

    I read John Howland’s post and it was a hoot…glad he’s still as feisty as ever…..I hope he send a nice gift to Warsaw Wally and his trusty sidekick for Christmas.

    Mine will be a bit late I’m taking an online Archeology course courtesy of Brown University and will be learning the proper methodology for recording finds, etc….

    I’ll be sending them a big care package of pulltabs and bottlecaps, etc….all per the best practices methods.

    Regards + HH


    • Hi Bill,

      John is not actually feisty. He’s pissed, as in plastered, wasted, etc.. I know him well.

      Hope you enjoy your online course. Let me know if it helps you gain access to areas and opens doors. Keep in mind however that I am 72.

      Happy holidays!

    • Howdy William!
      Yep, am working on a present for our two pals. It’s a compressed spring topped with dog sh*t and placed in a shoe-box. When the decorative bow is pulled…..
      Good luck with the course and have a great Crimbo.

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