Stout Standards 2013, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Since I’ve been treading water of late I thought it might be fun to look back over 2013 here on Stout Standards…



Not a lot of anything exciting happened in this the first month of the year.  Keith Wills did send me a neat ole photo from the 70’s of he, Richard Ray and Hunter Pritchard. Love it!  A reminder of the good ole days. Check out their detectors!

Richard Ray, Keith Wills and Hunter Pritchard...

Richard Ray, Keith Wills and Hunter Pritchard…


January also saw Mark Schuessler take over the reins of the FMDAC.  I was extremely excited about this but as 2013 comes to an end I have to say I’ve seen nothing at all to indicate any major changes or improvements within the organization.



In February John Howland did a blurb about dowsing that resulted in a few interesting responses, both pro and con.  Maybe I need to get those damn willow twigs out again.


I also decided to throw out an idea or two on how the three national organizations might become more effective and more viable.  To read more click here. This too garnered a few responses but apparently I was just pissing in the wind.!


Ron Guinazzo (a.k.a. Chicago Ron) sent me the following video about a problem his club and others were facing in Cook County, Illinois.

Disgraced Indian Burial Ground in Chicago

I urged (maybe antagonized would be a better word) the big three to step up to the plate and look into this matter.  It took some time but at the end of the month I received a  response from Avery Marder, vice president of the Task Force.


Finally on a lighter note a lot of tekkies had fun with the latest in British fashion.




March marked the debut of Allyson Cohen’s blog aptly called Detecting Diva.  It’s now a favorite of mine as well as many other tekkies.

The Diva on a recent "Searcher" issue

The Diva on a recent cover of the “Searcher”


I also had a major March brainfart and suggested that we try and institute a program here in the States along the lines of the UK’s Portable  Antiquities  Scheme.  A day or two later I changed my mind thanks to a few of the responses I received, but apparently I wasn’t allowed to do that.  Mr. Marder of the Task Force commented “Hi Dick, based on your latest comment where you flip flopped, I think you’d be better off sticking to the second part of your current web offering, and just give your opinions on beer and cooking!”.  Avery is one of my biggest fans…


Lisa Hume MacIntyre, an archaeologist who was first introduced on the American Digger’s Relic Roundup show was also kind enough to share her background during the month of March and if you are interested you can read it again here.


March was also the first time I shared the adventures of the cellar boys…Dave Wise & Todd Hiltz. Two hard working tekkies who amaze and irriate at the same time. Just isn’t fair  to see two guys find all that stuff.


The month was not without sadness.  My good friend and my very first detecting partner Joe Attinello passed away.  I’ve mentioned Joe from time to time here on Stout Standards, and will surely do so again.  He taught me how to detect and most importantly how to laugh and enjoy life.  I will never forget him.  If you are interested in knowing more about Joe you can read his son Ron’s memorial to him here.  RIP my friend..

Early photo of Joe, and Joe & his lovely wife, Irene, 1986

Early photo of Joe, and Joe & his lovely wife, Irene, 1986



John and I started the month with our usual April fools BS, and once again we had a few believers.  Here, you decide!


My latest book “In Search of Treasure” came out in April. It’s an update of sorts to “Where to Find Treasure” and offers a lot of new info.  Was hoping it made the NYT best seller list by this time, but hey, maybe next year.


Also during April the Task Force “finally” updated their website. This after almost a year of nada!  Of note was an update on what they were doing about the Cook County situation, as well as a Task Force certification program.  Still not sure what the certificate will do for you, but it’s a noble effort.


Next Big Tony from Bayonne got pissed at me and I was ready to see if I could get into the witness protection program. Apparently he drove about fifty miles to hunt my old high school (based on my suggestion) and not only didn’t he find anything, he got chased from the site.  He told me in  so many words (can’t share them here) and photos how he felt.


Have to tell you I was one nervous guy for a while. Still not sure if I can step foot in Jersey again. You never mess with Big Tony…


And while I first thought it was an April Fool’s joke, the legendary king of trolls, Paul Barford came out of his hole. Yep. The weasel gave a talk in the UK at a college, and was overwhelmed with an audience of maybe 10 to 15 people.  And….guess what?  Someone  took his photo!  Wooo…. You won’t find it here, but you can by Googling. Thanks Wally!  As for your lecture?  Save it.  Maybe someone else will invite you in the future.


Another miracle took place this month….John Howland penned his 100th post in the Malamute Saloon.  Gotta tell you that I never thought he would hang in there, especially without getting paid….not even a bottle of Scotch!  Of course, when we next meet I will come home a pauper. Thanks Bubba….seriously!

John Howland, bartender at the Malamute Saloon,....

John Howland, bartender at the Malamute Saloon,….


I was honored as well to have Lisa MacIntyre do a guest post for SS, and I’ve come to really like this gal. She’s an archaeologist who thinks for herself, understands our plight and is willing to listen without being overly judgmental. Here’s a direct link to her post!

Lisa Hume MacIntyre

Lisa Hume MacIntyre



In April I begged all of you and your clubs to help clean up the environment and to save the lives of those who cannot help themselves, as in the wildlife who suffer because we litter.  First to respond, but not surprisingly, was White’s Electronics, who quickly emailed and offered their help by donating a Coinmaster detector to those clubs who adopted a park, stretch of road or other public area.  The only prerequisite was a scheduled plan and a newspaper clipping showing their club in action or a newscast video indicating the same. The response was overwhelming, and I am happy to say that White’s is continuing the program starting in January.  Please don’t enter merely to win a detector….enter because you care!

A seagull whose webbed foot is empaled with hooks and lure....

A seagull whose webbed foot is empaled with hooks and lure….

For more information click here and the six club stipulation is moot…it’s ongoing.


Another guest post took place this month, and this time it came from Michael Bernzwieg from Michael, Danny and the rest of the family are old friends from way back when, and I appreciated his contribution Taking Your Metal Detector With You When Hiking.


During the month I also was lucky enough to grab an old White’s 6000di Series 2 detector. I had been looking for one at a decent price, but wound spending a little more for one that was in great shape.  It’s a detector that found hundreds of old coins for me, and I have no doubts it will do the same today.

My 6000di Series 2!

My 6000di Series 2!


And of course Dave Wise and Todd Hiltz had to go and do it again. If their “Their Best Day Ever” video doesn’t inspire you, nothing will!


This month I also found a cool website/blog belonging to Mark Ellis, who lives in Toronto. Check it out…. Ellis Metal Detecting Service


Something else happened in the month of May and it was not good.  The folks in Moore, Oklahoma took a beating, and it should be a reminder to us all that everything we love… family, friends and our home, can be taken away in a flash!.



In June I wasted time talking about my search for a new forum name…to be as cool as the tekkies who frequent them.  I was chastised and told to use my real name which I do now.  Oh well, so much for “overdahill” and “needabeer”.


The Dig Wars cast....

The Dig Wars cast….

Dig Wars premiered in June, and was, in my opinion, the best of the bunch so far. My review of it (not that anyone gave a rat’s ass) resulted in a zillion responses, some good some bad.  The show continued to be a hot topic for the entire month, and while I have no clue if this show will run again in 2014, I am hoping it does.



I had a lot fun this month with Three Zany & Unforgettable Tekkies.  A post that hit home with a few of the older SS followers. One of those “good old days, you had to be there”, yarn.  I may well share more about these three guys at a later time if I can find a way to make it suitable for all ages.


July also featured the Tekkie vs. Arkie debates, and they were a lot of fun. As I said before Lisa MacIntyre is easy to talk to and while we have our differences we also have a lot of respect for each other.  At least I think so. You can hear the first show by clicking here.


Unfortunately later in the month Lisa’s son Ken was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, and faced numerous tests and procedures.  I am proud to say that the metal detecting community stepped up and began helping.



Not surprisingly one of the most popular posts in July was  “For All You Who Don’t Have a Pot to..”.  Sick tekkie humor!  The comments were funnier than the post itself.


Another popular post was The Best Thing You’ve Ever Found.  Some great responses, but my favorite came from Scott Clark who said “peace of mind”!


August was also the earnest start of the Ken  MacIntyre  Effort, which ultimately raised $7,000 and helped pay for all of Ken’s chemotherapy treatments.  Everyone stepped up to help…manufacturers, publishers, book distributors, clubs & individuals. What a group!  I personally want to offer a very special thank you to Alan Holcombe and White’s Electronics for being the catalyst in this effort.  When I first mentioned Ken’s  diagnosis, Alan emailed immediately and offered a V3 detector package to help raise money.  They also graciously donated a Coinmaster detector to Ken later on so that he might enjoy those very few good days in-between treatments.  Lisa may not like it but Ken is now an official tekkie.

Ken, losing hair, but hanging in there...

Ken, losing hair, but hanging in there…



Another detecting show Dig Fellas debuted in September, and while I was optimistic that this show would be even better than Dig Wars, it just wasn’t and I had to Eat Crow. Please let me say it again…I have nothing but the greatest respect for Howard Hewitt and Bill Ladd.  Their reputation precedes them.  The show, the storyline, the over-the-top drama just didn’t make my Oscar list.


Surprise of surprises!  I spoke to a detecting club!  Yep. Got off my butt and visited the Golden Triangle Explorers Society in Dallas.  It’s great club and I was happy to see a lot of familiar faces.  What did I talk about?  Not sure…I think I mumbled some, told them about my aches and pains and ended by asking where the bathroom was….

Mumbling my way through the evening...

Mumbling my way through the evening…


I also put up a post titled Archaeologists…My Take. Felt it was my duty to piss off the Bobbsey twins, Wally & Harry. And I did (love those SOB’s)!



Not sure what got into me but I decided to let Howland take over the home page with a post.  Thankfully it turned out okay.


One post I knew would be popular was Why Are You Using “That” Detector. Needless to say everyone had their favorites (at least at that given time) and chimed in with their reasons.  I must say I find the trends today very interesting and often wonder if they are really accurate or manufacturer driven as in good marketing and a lot of “if he’s using it I want it” mentality?


Also in October the FMDAC held their annual convention, and the highlight was to be a meeting of the three national groups, the manufacturers and the magazines. The purpose?  To work together, and possibly form ONE national organization. The meeting did place, albeit without a couple of manufacturers and the WWATS group. The end result?  No joining of forces, but a promise to work together and to make changes.

As of today the Task Force website has not been updated since October 8th, and no updates on Cook County, New York City or Louisville. As for the FMDAC?  They  added two illustrations on how to recover targets (they are very good however at planning events).  If I sound sarcastic it’s because I am disappointed?



Kind of a quiet month.  I did find out that camo was all encompassing as in this post. Honestly folks…I will never become a fan of camo. I have nothing to hide.



Got a little “pissed” at someone on a detecting Facebook page (you guess which one…there’s a zillion now) who didn’t like my posted link because I talked about my computer problems.  Anyway, I tried once again to set the record straight one more time with feeling.


Another guest post and this time my very good friend Bob Sickler did the honors.  Bob is one damn good tekkie, one damn good writer and I just wish he would be more visable, telling it like it is.  You can read his guest post here.

Bob Sickler, author of "The Detectorist"

Bob Sickler, author of “The Detectorist”


For whatever reason I decided to tick off an archaeologist. Just one of those things that comes over me sometimes…kind of like an itch that has to be scratched.  As a result I offered Dear Archaeologist and indeed offended a few, even my friend Lisa MacIntyre.  Sorry Lisa…it is what it is, and I am what I am.


November also saw the passing of a treasure hunting legend, Glenn Carson.  I suspect most of you are not all that familiar with Glenn and that’s too bad. He was a pioneer, a gentleman, and he will be missed.  Glenn was part of an era that I was fortunate enough to participate in and one I think about often.  I first met Glenn when he attended our FMDAC events in Atlantic City, and we later crossed paths at various hunts and events. He and Mary were always welcoming and I always looked forward to my visits with them.  I regret greatly that I did not try harder to stay in touch with Glenn in recent years.  RIP Glenn and good hunting…

A few of older photos of Glenn...

A few of older photos of Glenn…

Hope you will take a moment to read this tribute that Leanne Boyd (his daughter) wrote: A Celebration of Life



December, at least so far, has found me in a funk.  Not excited about much of anything, especially detecting.  I know it will pass and I will get back out, but in the meantime I am taking in movies, learning more about Petanque, reading more and reflecting on a great many things. I have hopes that 2014 will be a lot better….



Thank you all for following my blog, commenting from time to time, for understanding who I am and where I come from. Now go find some good shit!



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14 responses to “Stout Standards 2013, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

  1. Wonderful work ,Dick, Alan, and everyone else who helped with this noble cause! Thanks to all the manufacturers too, and if it wasn’t for Dick, few detectors would have been donated.

  2. Mike Smith

    Thanks for the memories and good posts.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

  3. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Thanks for this posting. You are a true professional and this crazy hobby is very lucky to have you. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

    I hope next year we can work together on a project – get out of the funk and enjoy this crazy hobby together! Even if it is only sharing our future experiences from the fields, hills or dales that we choose to wonder!

    • Thanks Tony. Does that mean I can safely visit Jersey now?

      Happy Holidays to you and yours too.

      • Big Tony from Bayonne

        Yes, and if you do visit good old NJ, let me know because I am buying. Heck, I’ll even get the ECRDA club to take you out detecting for the day!
        The president makes a great BBQ lunch at our all day outings!

      • Sounds like a deal. I will say however that after living in Texas for 25 years I will be very judgmental when it comes to BBQ.

  4. Big Tony from Bayonne

    I understand after having seen a few on TV. So don’t eat the hot dogs and bring your own sauce!

  5. So, it looks like it was a good year. Nice!

    Now snap out of that funk.

    Daniel Bernzweig

  6. Big Tony has got your back, Dick! Have a wonderful rest of the year.

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