Sunday Fun Time with Wally & Harry!

When I first turn on my computer in the morning I check my email first, and then Wally and Harry’s offerings. That way my day can start off with a chuckle or two. Today’s read was exceptional as in ROFLMAO!

Not sure why but for some reason Wally has to share or mimic what Harry writes all the time. I suppose that’s so Harry gets a visitor or two to his blog every now and then. Anyway Wally starts off making sure we read Harry’s titillating outlook on life, and then goes on a tear pissing and moaning about all things metal detecting.  You know more of the ole “leave it there, it all belongs to us” rhetoric.

While Wally’s daily blog posts always scream foul, today’s were over the top.  Guessing that maybe he had dreams about the Staffordshire hoard or the now highly discredited AEC.  Pity his family this Sunday (if indeed he has one).

I have tried hard not to link to their blogs but I think today is an exception. It’s only fair to share my mirth with you all. Enjoy, but don’t laugh too hard. You might get sick.

“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”

W.C. Fields



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3 responses to “Sunday Fun Time with Wally & Harry!

  1. According to the latest updates regarding medical advancement, a new, and very cheap anaesthetic has been developed; patients are now placed in an upright sitting position in front of one of Warsaw Wally’s blog pages whereupon stupor follows in seconds.

    On the literary front, Heritage Harry is a strong contender for the Booker Prize for Fiction (science fiction category) with his co-authoring of the Artefact Erosion Counter (unfortunately, now heavily discredited).

    Happy Daze!

  2. NEWS FLASH! This just in from Warsaw…

    “A transatlantic blog is referring readers to this post suggesting that it is “ROFLMAO comical”. For guffawing simple-minded metal detectorists over the sea, stealing from the landowners gracious enough to allow artefact hunters on their land is nothing to get concerned about, it is instead hilarious to see somebody objecting. That, dear reader is what many metal detectorists are like: take, take, take, ha ha”.

    After that Wally you better return the ring. I am crushed!

  3. It’s all a bit like the guy who dreamt he was reading one of Nigel Swift’s blogs and woke up to find he was! I’ll tell you what, these two clowns are the best thing that’s happened to detecting in decades. I’ve learnt more about their backgrounds by talking to arkie pals over a few ales than you’d ever believe.

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