In a Funk!


Since starting my website and blog I have had occasion, many times over, when I wish I hadn’t bothered.  Times when I just wanted to do something else, and forgive me,  times when I am just bored to death about anything and everything metal detecting. Worse yet the weather here has been terrific of late and I’ve had no desire to go play in the dirt.

I visit the forums, websites, blogs and related pages on Facebook (which seem to multiply daily) and maybe it’s just me, but I have never seen so many redundant topics beaten to death, and as much as I would love to participate, I just can’t get excited about being the 100th person to say “great find Jack” or “welcome from Texas“.  Don’t beat me up….I understand a lot of the information online is very useful for those just getting into the pastime or for those who are looking for answers to specific problems.  As for me? Meh!

Perhaps it’s time to move on, find another interest, hobby or obsession.  Maybe needlepoint or whittling…both are sedentary and would help alleviate my aches and pains. Then again maybe I should finally get involved in Petanque (Boules).  I’ve had my balls now for sometime (Howland, don’t even bother), which is more than I can say for Warsaw Wally and Heritage Harry, and I’ve always wanted to get involved with the local group here in Dallas.  Yep, maybe that’s the ticket. Toss a ball, drink a  little pastis or wine, toss another ball…

If you have any suggestions on how to get me out of this funk let me know. I’ve been detecting for almost 40 years, and just need to get my head out of my ass.  In the meantime bear with me when I cry in my beer (okay, it’s Merlot).

Webster’s definition of a blog:

“a web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments and often hyperlinks provided by the writer”.

So call this a reflection, file it away in the “bullshit” folder, and If by chance you are upset or offended about my criticisms above, please click here



John Winter

John Winter

Thanks to John Winter for sharing a recent Malamute Saloon posting by John Howland. The topic is something we need to be aware of and the more tekkies that read it, the better. This ongoing “it must be a detectorist” blame game is getting old, and we all pretty much know where it’s coming from…



Curious.  Who was the first tekkie to take videos of their “in the field” experiences?  I mean who was it that decided others would want to watch “them” dig a coin, button, whatever?



 Just sayin….



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11 responses to “In a Funk!

  1. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Hello Dick, I have been unexcited about the hobby as well for the last several months, so I know what you are talking about. I am considering doing the same – switching to another past time that is exciting to keep my interest. How about starting a team once a week via Skype. Lets say up to four folks – more then that might be tough. Next you have to choose a topic to discuss – I like CASH HUNTING – that gets me going big time – Forest Fenn or something similar.

    • Yo Tone:
      I’m wid you on dis one! Treasure hunting rules OK! Any chance we could bring in a few scantily clad bimbos into this scenario to give the whole thing a touch of class and intellect? Just a thought!

      I’m thinking purely remedial treatment for the old boy! Not for us of course.

    • Interesting idea…let me think about it Tony. What are you doing to alleviate the tekkie blues, other than savoring single malts?

      • Big Tony from Bayonne

        To start off I decided to visit the local acupuncture therapy shop for starters. I have to be able to bend in order to detect or even start a new hobby. Flexibility is the key. I am also walking about two miles every other day or so
        John, that idea is interesting – I can go to a local dancer club and see if they allow a Skype camera….ha ha ha – really a fun idea.
        Sorry – I let my inner self get loose for a moment!
        On a more serious note I am talking treasure not booty!

  2. Bob Sickler

    In 2003 I lost my hunting partner of 20 years to a massive heart attack. It happened on a day we couldn’t be out together metal detecting and I’m glad it did, because for the next several years I was in a bad way. I was forever thinking if I could have gone that day I might have been able to help my friend live and get to a hospital on time. I didn’t want to look at or do anything related to metal detecting, the guilt was so bad.

    After awhile I began to realize it might have been my dear friend’s time and nothing I could have done might have saved him. He died while metal detecting, something he so loved doing like the rest of us. Metal detecting is a great recreation, I know, I have diabetes and no pill I can take competes with 8 or more solid hours of walking, climbing, swinging a detector, stooping, bending, kneeling, digging and standing back up again as many times as my pouch can hold the trash and keeper’s I can find.

    So Dick, I know you hurt physically, force yourself to get out and get the exercise… But make the exercise metal detecting, that which you love to do like all the rest of us. Ignore the written bland and redundant, be your own excitement, make it happen, don’t wait for a better day… Your pal, Bob Sickler

    • Joe, was that to inspire me to get out and detect? Have a feeling it might just do the opposite. Do you know if this gal have any other videos? I love her piano playing…

  3. Joe Smith

    No, it’s just a distraction.

    Maybe you can take a class or pick up an instructional video. 🙂

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