A “Somewhat” Quiet Thanksgiving…

I was looking forward to Thanksgiving at my daughter’s house this year, but things just didn’t quite go my way. On Tuesday I came down with a virus and despsite a visit to the doc’s and a shot in the butt, I still felt pretty lousy on Thursday.  Not wanting to give it to the rest of the family, especially the grandkids, I stayed home and spent the day napping and chowing down on a bowl of red beans and rice, thanks to  Zatarains (eat your heart out Jessie Thompson).

redbeansAnway it’s Saturday and despite feeling somewhat better, I still plan on spending a quiet day at home.  It is after all “black Friday” weekend, and I don’t care to be part of the annual “running  of the idiots”.  I’ve often thought they should make it part of the Olympics. You know, put a large screen TV fifty yards away and let the entrants do whatever is necessary, including stomping their competitors to death, in order to retrieve it.  I doubt however there would any interest from countries other than the US.

I do hope your Thanksgiving was more eventful, and that it was a relaxing, enjoyable day with family, food and friends. Despite my being sick I am still very thankful for so many things, including Zatarains, which helped turned my quiet day into a “somewhat” quiet day.  Be thankful you weren’t around me to celebrate!




Anita & Butch Holcombe

Happy to see that Butch and Anita Holcombe, publishers of American Digger magazine, were recently recognized by the SmallBizClub for their entrepreneurship.  A great magazine, a great success story and two deserving individuals!



The funny guy in the UK just emailed me with a post for the Malamute Saloon, and hope you will take a few minutes to read it. If it weren’t for John my bawdy joke bag would be empty.  To read his latest click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date!



Enjoyed the following article from the British Museum site, and hope you will not only take the time to read it, but save it as well.  Thank you Michael Lewis!

When a Find is Recorded



Just came across an old photo of Barnum and me and had to add it to my “Barnum collage”… It was sometime early in 2002, right after we brought him home.  As you can see we have both aged somewhat since then, but still very debonair if I do say so myself…




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2 responses to “A “Somewhat” Quiet Thanksgiving…

  1. Bob (Finding Treasure)

    Get well! Next year will be better.

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