Dave Wise, Todd Hiltz…The Cellar Guys!

You’ve heard me mention these two tekkies before, but they still keep knocking me out with their finds.  Dave recently messaged me that he had found his tenth George Washington Inaugural button and Todd had found this fourth.  They are cellar hole junkies and frankly irritate the hell out of me. I used to hunt cellar holes and found a few nice things here and there, but these guys? They abuse the privilege. I mean come on…

For those of you not familiar with this particular button read more about them HERE.

A few photos from their most recent dig….    


The site…


Todds 4th button…


The finds after being cleaned…

Todd's button cleaned up

Todd’s button after cleaning

Five from Dave's collection...

Five from Dave’s collection…



John Howland’s latest contribution to the Malamute Saloon adds a some insight to the anti-tekkie blowhards, Paul Barford and Nigel Swift. It’s an accurate assessment and right on the money. They are yahoos of the highest order. Take a minute and read his take by clicking on the Malamute Saloon link above and scrolling down to today’s date!



Thanks to Eddie Current, Angelika Mattoni and Gary Kilmer for the following…

Diving for Oysters Pays Off

Detectorost Participates in Archaeological Dig

History Unearthed at James Madison Estate




Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. It’s the only holiday that doesn’t demand you buy gifts or attend religious services.  It’s simply a day for family, friends, feasting and great conversation.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Do me a favor…eat one more helping and pour one more glass for me!



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13 responses to “Dave Wise, Todd Hiltz…The Cellar Guys!

  1. Dave Wise

    Thanks Dick for the nice write up! wishing you and your family a nice thanks giving & a blessed holiday season

  2. You’re welcome. Maybe one day I can hunt with you two. They now have walkers with built in weed whackers.

  3. Must be noce to live somewhere with that much history and the possibility of finding a GW. Guarantee you won’t find one where I live! I am happy for him, but some guys have all the luck! lol

  4. thiltzy1

    Thanks for the props Dick.
    If you you wanna come up here and hunt with us then you need to start training yourself into bush whacking and hiking shape otherwise you won’t be able to hang. Btw…if your thinking about cutting my coil wire then, your best chance would be to do it while I’m distracted as I am digging my 5th GW button.

    • Starting with PT on Thursday. Potatoes, turkey, etc., and do you really think I would cut your coil wire?

      • Todd Hiltz

        Dave Wise has threatened me on many occasions on burying me in my holes after finding good relics and he is my friend and hunting partner. However Dick, no I don’t think you would cut my coil but Dave told me you may hit me over the head with your shovel when my back was turned.

      • Don’t have a shovel, and will not buy one….

  5. Bushwacking and hiking are just part of it! Congrats on your GWs!!!

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