The Cost of Doing Business…

I finally got out for a little detecting Sunday morning, and while I came home with silver, I’m not sure it was all worth it.  Later that day I was reminded of something John Winter often says….”there’s no future in getting old“.

The weather Sunday couldn’t have been better. Sunny and the temp topped out later in the day at 86, tying a record for this date here in the Dallas area.  I dusted off the MXT Pro and headed to a favorite spot (which shall remain anonymous to protect the innocent and the aged) and spent close to two hours waving the magic wand.  I finished with a few pieces of clad and one dateless Standing Liberty quarter. Thankfully the quarter was found at the start of my search, giving me some impetus to continue. I didn’t need to worry about when to quit….my back and my feet told me.


It felt so good to get in the car, and later on I was so exhausted I fell asleep watching my beloved New York Giants play. The rest of Sunday was nothing but pain without any gain, silver quarter be damned….a reminder that I need to eat a little less pasta, find another exercise program other than lifting fork to mouth and start taking my health a little more seriously.  When you start calculating the per hour payout based on the time spent, you know you aren’t the hunter you used to be.

For you modern day tekkies, I did take a video, but it’s a pay per view event!  Check your local cable provider for date and time.



Well I was looking forward to last night’s Relic Roundup show because Mark Schuessler, the president of the  FMDAC was the guest, and I was eager to know how the group’s recent “summit” meeting turned out.  This summit was Mark’s idea, and took place in October at the FMDAC gathering in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Thanks to Butch &   Anita Holcombe from American Digger magazine, it was a Skype event which included Mark, Avery Marder (Task Force), as well as representatives from Fisher, Garrett and Minelab. The purpose? To discuss if it was possible for the various entities to come together to promote and protect our pastime. Something that is desperately  needed in my opinion.

fmdacI was really hoping to hear something new and exciting  but was sadly disappointed.  All I heard was more of the same ole, same ole…the two organizations will share information, try to work together and more of the “how we need to teach people to dig properly”. A rehash of everything that has been said before, and no mention at all of combining the groups into one.

I know I am going to take a lot of flack for criticizing this effort but this pastime just seems to “float” along taking things as they come, and then tries to deal with problems “after” they happen.  I also understand that these organizations are made up of volunteers, but please, spare me that excuse over and over again. I get it.  The FMDAC has always been made up of volunteers but it shouldn’t be a reason for not communicating or getting things done.

I was also hoping to hear a little bit about the problems in Louisville, Kentucky, Cook County, Illinois and even the recent proposed ban in Mark’s Erie County area.  A brief mention that they were “working on things” was all I heard, and why wasn’t someone from the Task Force available last night to share their take on the “summit” meeting?

I understand it’s easy for me to sit on my ass, complain and criticize but if I didn’t, who would?  Okay, fire away!

Question…Is it possible for this summit meeting to be shared online?



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11 responses to “The Cost of Doing Business…

  1. No flack coming from me. I share your disappointment in the FMDAC news, as I think your assessments of and hopes for that organization are right on. I don’t know what it will take to change ALL detecting organizations from reactionary to proactive. The manufacturers should be ashamed of their weak attention and support of a proactive defense of detecting privileges.

    • In all fairness to the manufacturers there was a time in the early 90’s when all of them not only supported the FMDAC’s efforts, but even considered funding it to make it a full time group. Unfortunately something happened within the organization to cause them to change their mind, and they have not been all that keen to jump back in.

  2. I know how you feel! It takes me a couple of days to recuperate after a long hunt. I guess that’s a good thing about metal detecting, it gets us outside and we get some extra exercise.

  3. Mike Smith

    What gets me about the FMDAC and the Task Force is that neither group has posted anything about the convention or the meeting on their websites. Very disappointed in both groups on their communication skills.

    Two hours hunt time is the average time spent unless something great is found for most of us, so don’t feel to bad.

  4. Agree Mike. I was going to mention this but thought better. I visit the websites almost daily and nothing seems to change. Not a lot of incentive for anyone to return or for that matter, anyone to excited about their efforts.

  5. supernova1c

    Hi there Dick, I know just what you mean. I’ve quite recently developed some trouble with my hips and can manage 2 hours tops at the moment – very frustrating! I hate getting old! I think you did well!
    I’m really honoured and appreciate your reviewing my blog, I’ve had numerous referrals from your site. Thank you very much Dick 🙂 Good luck on your next detecting mission.
    Take care my friend, regards James 😉

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