Digging Militaria…


Well now that I’ve got your attention, thank you to the gang at Regton, Ltd. for not only sharing this photo but for making  me aware of the Facebook page called Ghosts of the Eastern Front.  They also have a website titled Kurland Militaria.

While I’ve just become aware of this site, it looks quite interesting.  Please be forewarned however that locating and digging many of the items shown is dangerous and not something to take light heartedly.   Unexploded ordnance is something people in Europe deal with regularly, and I once witnessed the Département du Déminage removing a bomb from a beach in France, that according to my friend Michel Tocque, was detected heavily. Do yourself a favor and read the following article…it’s a fascinating read:

Disarming the Wilderness

In any case I hope those of you who are into military history enjoy both the Ghosts of the Eastern Front Facebook page as well as their website. Thanks again Nigel and friends at Regton.



The internet age is in full swing and in all it’s glory. There’s absolutely nothing you can’t find online.  As a result brick and mortar stores are  going out of business and mom and pop shops have become extinct.  You see there’s no need to visit that book or video store to browse, to hang out, to meet others who enjoy the same thing. You just do it online.  You can buy what you want there too.  End result?  Large corporations going bankrupt, store closings and thousands of jobs lost.

The question that I have, and it’s one that sometimes bothers me, is will all this technology kill our pastime like it has businesses and jobs?  Will we be so giving, so  willing to show off our talents that we endanger the hobby in the process?  Think about the recent detecting shows on TV.  How much is enough?  How many YouTube videos, photos and comments will it take before we literally dig our own grave?

The metal detecting fraternity is inherently good in nature, but we are also prone to boasting and one-up-man-ship.  It’s only natural to want to brag about a nice coin find, a rare relic or a  gold nugget and what better place to do it than on the internet.  Years ago we could only tell a few close friends. Today?  The entire world! Think about it and then think twice about what information you might be sharing.

Shout if you want, but do so at your own peril.  Because at my age it won’t affect me half as much as it will you.


After the game, the King and the pawn go into the same box.
~ Italian proverb




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3 responses to “Digging Militaria…

  1. The problem with the WWW is that it allows assorted bitter and twisted scumbags to get their oddball rocks off, along with the obviously mentally deranged, by insulting relic hunters, mocking their grammatical shortcomings, and generally behaving like school-yard bullies. Some even berate archaeologists, especially those connected with the PAS for example.

    These obsessive crazies trawl the web for ‘evidence’ they can twist to bolster their ‘anti’ propaganda. But, if a coin, or anything else for that matter, is legally found why not show it off? Relic hunting is legal and wholesome. Why then, worry about weirdoes who are just a tad away from straightjackets?

    Don’t be driven underground by these Loony Toons…expose them at every turn.

  2. zāģeris

    In my opinion facebook pages Ghosts of eastern front, and Kurland-kessel are poor quality- basically just slideshow with copied pictures from various diggers, without asking permission, i find that very offensive. These pages can’t be considered a good information source- since the man who created them hadn’t even been in Kurland pocket, and have no information about finds in the photos…. They have no value.

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