Once More, With Feeling!

Yesterday I got some grief from a detectorist on a metal detecting Facebook page because I shared an update to my blog there. Apparently I wasn’t sticking to the group’s standards with my recent reference to my computer problems. His reply:

“Why contaminate a metal detecting page with other crap like this? Metal detecting is how I get away from politics, economics, bumper stickers, pontificating,  grandstanding, whining, and anyone who blames their inabilities or failures on others — Bill Gates or otherwise.

But… I’d really like to hear about the Flying Eagle cent or the 1916-D Merc you dug up.

Since I had been posting my updates on that particular FB page for some time I was a little taken back, but apparently this individual had an axe to grind.  Well, let me  take a minute and explain to him, and anyone else who checks in here at Stout Standards, just why I bother to do this and more importantly why you can opt out if you want.

First, I am not sure exactly what he meant with regards to the 1916-D Merc or Flying Eagle cent but for his satisfaction let me state that in all my years of detecting, I have never found a 1916-D Mercury dime, but I have found two or three Flying Eagle cents. Unfortunately I found them at a time when wearing video cameras on your head was not an option.

Next, let me explain (once again), where I am with regards to today’s pastime, and my lack of credibility when it comes to telling you all how to get rich.  You see, I’ve been holding back.  Living a lie.  I found a huge cache a few years back and I am now living the good life!  I have a house in the South of France, and all I live for is writing this blog!

On a more serious note I would much rather find that fountain of youth instead of that cache or hoard.  I am no longer in the game today, nor will I be in the future.  I am 72, feeling my age and I don’t get out detecting too much anymore.  As a result you might have to listen to me talk about my computer, my pug Barnum, my aches and pains, and yes, my pissing and moaning about anything and everything.  That’s me and that’s what Stout Standards is all about.  Don’t come here for that magic elixir that will solve all your metal detecting woes, or for that one tip that will put you on easy street.  They don’t exist here and I doubt they exist anywhere else.

After this recent exchange I decided not to share my blog posts on that FB page anymore because I don’t want to bore the hell out this guy or anyone else there,  but I will not apologize for what I write.  It’s not complicated….don’t like my blog or website…don’t read it.  If I can’t offer you your metal detecting orgasm, ignore me.   Hell, you won’t be the first one to do that. I have learned, especially over the past year or so, just who my “real” friends are. I’ve also learned how to weed out those who merely wanted to use me to further their goals, their business and their profits.  Just a sign of the times I guess.

Try to understand that the few coins I find today are not worth bragging about or posting a photo of.  I also do not have a video camera, and even if I did, watching me in action would be like watching paint dry.  I am just grateful for those times when I can get out for some fresh air and exercise.

My blog is my sounding board, and something that allows me to say what is on my mind.  I know I frequently talk about the “good ole days”, throw out names that are probably unfamiliar to you and I am sorry, but that’s just who I am and those are the folks that I know, remember and think of.  I come from a different era,  a different time period.

I don’t mean to sound bitter but I do get tired of having to explain my blog.  If I can inform or entertain you, fine. If not, you are only a mouse click away from bye bye.  I stopped posting my updates on the forums, and apparently I will have to think about doing the same on Facebook. If any of you reading this want to keep up with my blog, my BS, my brainfarts, whatever, please add your email address in the column on the left (blog).

Hope what I am saying makes sense and that you understand where I am coming from…


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22 responses to “Once More, With Feeling!

  1. Too funny. Sounds like he had bad hunt…or something.

    • Well Jamie I do indeed whine a lot, and if I can blame someone else for my problems I usually do. Just my way, but I would like to think that someone reading my blog would dig a little deeper into past postings and links.

  2. Dick, same thing happens to me occasionally. Often my podcasts are only peripherally related to treasure hunting (I’ve done shows on flashlights and diet and exercise and finding author-autographed books in thrift shops), and once in a while some idiot will complain, “Why don’t you post your finds?”

    Well, two reasons – all the other treasure hunters are posting their finds, and showing pictures of my finds are not gonna add anything to the canon of our treasure-hunting ouvre.

    Secondly, I don’t hunt much anymore and my finds are seldom noteworthy.

    And a bonus reason is that my equipment is ancient according to some young whippersnappers, and I’m embarrassed.

    I do feel sad for those folks who would rather see yet another picture of a coin they can see better examples of in the Red Book than to hear the unique and scintillating tales and treasure-hunting secrets of my shows.

    I’ll be polite and just say they can go jump.


    • Thanks Dan. Sounds like maybe we should start an old timey radio show…what do you think? I agree about posting photos of finds. Just can’t imagine anyone getting excited over those two clad pennies or that silver Roosevelt dime.

      I guess I just take the criticism too personal.

  3. Lisa MacIntyre

    Hmmmm. I, for one, thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, even if I don’t respond to everything. I like the diversity you bring. Of course I am not a detectorist, yet, so maybe I am speaking out of turn. However, I like that it is not the same ol’ same ol’. And as you so eloquently stated, “you can opt out if you want”. The title alone should let people know that it is your blog and you are free to write about what ever blows your dress up. (Please, no pictures of that!) I think you do a great job and I will continue to read…even when you are bashing me and my profession, or more importantly, relentlessly posting (On YOUR blog) and gathering support and donations for my son in what turned out to be an out of this world fundraiser! . 🙂 And PS…love the updates on Barnum!

  4. Roy Rutledge

    When you have lived as long as some of us you tend to piss and moan sometimes just because you can.
    Just went outside to walk my dog Kate, the sky is bright blue the temp is 37 degrees and it is a great day to be alive.
    Now if I had a great place to go and dig a coin or two I would be out there after it. When you get long in tooth it is easier to set back, drink coffee and play on the keyboard. My Gateway is getting a little old but it still works without to many glitches. Dick, I hope you can keep your machine up and running, Computer and Detector. both.Non use is as bad as too much use I think.
    I still think you need to post away on Facebook and damn what anyone else thinks. If you like it so be it.

    • “When you get long in tooth it is easier to set back, drink coffee and play on the keyboard”….

      Roy I prefer red wine. Coffee keeps me up. Wine causes me to piss and moan hour after hour.

      Thanks Roy, and you are right it’s a great day to be alive….

  5. “Well Jamie I do indeed whine a lot…” No, no, no! Your spelling is awful. I guess you mean; you wine a lot!
    Happy daze

  6. Roy Rutledge

    I guess the wine is working overtime.

  7. Just keep being true to you Dick, that’s what your followers like about you! In the grand scheme of things, some people should just learn how to appreciate life and take it as it comes. At the end of the day, we’re all lucky just to be here one more day. The rest is just fluff. I wish I was there, I could fix your computer for you. Been doing computer repair for around 20 years now, so it bothered me to see you having issues and not being able to help. Anyway bud, Just Do YOU!

  8. Robbie

    While we do have our differences in opinions about some thing I like reading your blog pages. Hope you can sort out a few more of those old photos to post. I know some of the youngsters don’t know who all those people were but there are many old detectorists who have heard and read about them.

    • Thanks Robbie… I have photos I want to post here so bad but they are slides, and we probably have a million or more stashed in boxes, most not labeled very well.

  9. Mike Smith

    Don’t worry about the complainer as they will always be with us!
    Keep up the complaining and moaning, I like it. HA! HA!
    As for you going down memory lane, I like that also, as those are the people I remember reading about as I was just starting out in the 80’s.
    Keep up the good work!

  10. Roy Rutledge

    Always like to look at old photos, best to look at them now as in a few more years we won’t remember who we are looking at or even who we are.

  11. Linda Bennett

    Amazing that people open their lives up on social media and then complain if someone else does the same. I am picky about how I spend my time. If I don’t like the direction of a particular blog or website- I just don’t read it. Why should I complain. Freedom of speech!

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