Ah, the Age of Technology!

I was reading the most recent issue of American Digger magazine, and really enjoyed the “The Hole Truth” article on the last page.  “The Hole Truth” is Butch Holcombe’s place to get on his soapbox, sound off, tell it like is, and express his opinions (or as I like to call them “brainfarts”).  Sorry Butch….

Anyway the gist of his oratory this time around was that we, and by we I mean detectorists and non-detectorists alike, have become so dependent on the technology that’s available to us it’s turning us all into robots, and  I couldn’t agree more.  Let me also say that I confess to being part of this process…

Today’s there seems to be nothing we can’t do on the smart phone, I-pad or computer, and as a result we are becoming introverts, anti-sociable and with regards to Butch’s commentary, homebound.  He brought up the subject because the attendance at many of the relic shows he attends has fallen sharply in recent months.  His take, and I think it’s probably an accurate one, is that people would rather share their finds online than actually show them off in person, and those that need help, identification or information would rather find it on the internet, than get it first hand from an authority or seasoned pro.

I know things have passed me by, and I will probably never own a smart phone (no comments please), but do those of you who have one have any idea what you look like when you are out in public?  I have sat in restaurants and watched tables where large families were sitting, and every single one of them was staring at their phone,  exercising their index fingers, apparently ignoring the reason or purpose of their visit.   Even when the meals were served they continued in between bites, and  whenever I am in back of a car that is swerving or taking up two lanes I can count on it being one of two things.  It’s either someone on their cell phone or it’s John Howland.


While Butch’s take was related to his business and that of the show sponsors, it was spot on.  We need to learn to communicate all over again, one on one, face to face,  person to person and make it real.  Butch, thank you for bringing up a subject that needed to be addressed.  Not sure how many will do anything about it, but we all need to get off our ass (me included) and become more involved in the social aspect of life today. I intend to start doing my part this evening.  There a bar about a mile a mile down the road that I haven’t been to in some time….



Just had to share this recent news story…. Needless to say Wally and Harry are about to piss their pants over it, but then again they find that easy to do without any provocation.  Please do note the statement “I also salute all the responsible metal detectorists – true heritage heroes – whose patience and unceasing  curiosity do so much to bring this treasure to light”…

Be sure to save this…




If my next post or update seems to take longer than normal it’s because I have to take my computer into the shop Monday for a lube job or something.  Works fine when it’s up and  running. It’s the up and running that’s the problem (Kinda like my private parts).  Anyway, in the meantime, have one for me.



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7 responses to “Ah, the Age of Technology!

  1. Dick, Dick…there is no reason to walk to the bar. There’s an app for that now! 🙂

  2. All I can say to the people who send me apps is “I got your app right here”….

  3. HAHAHA… I was detecting in a park not long ago. I watched a girl get out of her car and do different leg stretches for about 5 minutes, then off she ran. Ran for about 100 yards, to the nearest park bench. Then, she sat down and played on her phone for about 30 minutes before jogging back to her car. I thought to myself, “What is the point of going to the park to sit there and stare at your phone?” I mean, I go there to DO something, get some fresh air, metal detect, see the sights and sounds..and GET AWAY FROM TECHNOLOGY. One reason I don’t video my hunts. I am not out there shooting a movie production, I’m out there to get some excercise and find treasures. If I wanted to do work, I’d just stay home!

    I can NOT stand people who stare at their phones when I am around. I will either walk away from them or completely ignore them! RUDE is the word, and if you can’t be bothered to put your phone down when i am around, i can’t be bothered to be around you!

    People wonder how the USA got in the position it is in now….well for starters, folks aren’t watching what is going on around them. They’re too busy with their gadgets getting stuck on a Candy Crush Level!!!

    • Understand completely Rob…. Like I say I don’t have a smart phone. I have one of the older cell phones and use it for emergencies only. Pay about $85 per month for two phones and have accumulated a gazillion minutes I will never use.

      I too find it rude to be with someone who is constantly looking at their toy, and have had moments when I wanted to tell them what to do with it….

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