Bob Sickler, Detectorist, Writer & Artist…

You’ve heard me mention Bob Sickler here quite a few times. He is one helluva detectorist, one helluva writer and one helluva artist.  His book  “The Detectorist” is without a doubt one of the best ever written about the pastime, and if you don’t have it, get it now before it’s hard to find.  Those that have it won’t part with theirs.


I have known Bob for years and back in the 80’s he was the primary field tester for Western & Eastern Treasures, always giving an accurate and unbiased assessment of every detector model he tested, often getting himself in trouble with the manufacturers.  If I ever have a technical question I almost always shoot off an email to Bob. He sometimes confuses me with his technical explanations, but inevitably I can get him to talk Dick Stout language.

Bob is a working graphic artist today and a good one.  If you saw any of the following way back when, you were seeing his handiwork.  I saw the mastheads while looking through a few oldies last night and thought I would plug Bob. Just maybe he will send off a bottle of single malt.

Mastheads from Western & Eastern magazine, mid-80's

Mastheads from Western & Eastern magazine, mid-80’s

This often used digging illustration was first designed for Fisher Labs

This often used digging illustration was first designed for Fisher Labs

If you are interested in knowing more about Bob, be sure to visit R.H.Sickler, Graphic Design….



Used to think the Brits were not all that into Halloween but I found out that the guy in the Malamute Saloon loves the holiday. Starts celebrating two weeks before and keeps it up for about a week afterward. Apparently, from what I’ve heard, he likes being in costume too (has a red dress and high heels).  Oh well, just glad I don’t live in his neighborhood.


Bubba’s doorstep…



What gives with THIS?  Worse yet they come in camo and pink.  Jeezus, what next?




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6 responses to “Bob Sickler, Detectorist, Writer & Artist…

  1. I told you NOT to mention the red dress and high heels! (they’re only for Friday nights). Name that cartoon? How about, Nigel Barford? Paul Swift?
    Wayne Kerr?

  2. OMG–I am SO buying you those flip flops for Christmas!!!

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