Everyone Was a Winner!!

Last night the winners were drawn in the Ken MacIntyre benefit, and I want to thank everyone who participated and whether or not you won a prize, you were ALL winners!  The MacIntyre family is most grateful.  Thanks to Butch, Anita and Jeff at American Digger magazine for their hard work as well. Ultimately we raised $7,200, enough to pay for Ken’s chemo treatments through January. Thank you all so much. You are the best!

Last night’s winners:

  • Minelab X-TERRA Dual Pack (from Minelab Americas) – Tony Gaglairdi of Monroe, CT
  • White’s VX3 w/wireless headphones & carry bag (from White’s Electronics) – Leah Seace of Chester Springs, PA
  • Garrett GTI 1500 (from Garrett Electronics) -Joe Bellina of Brick, NJ
  • Fisher F75 LTD Black Edition (from Fisher/First Texas) – John Nielson of Spokane, WA
  • Tesoro Silver UMax (via Outdoor Outfitters) – Linda Bennett of Wellington, FL
  • Treasure Commander TC1 Metal Detector/ Uncle Si Signature Series + Uncle Si t-shirt (from Kellyco) – Greg Moore of Louisville, KY
  • Teknetics Delta 4000 (from The Gold Digger in Raritan, NJ) – Thomas Purzycki of Watertown, NY
  • Garrett ACE 250 with headphones, coil cover & digging tool (American Detector Distributors Hurst, TX) – Skip Henning of Batavia, NY
  • $250 Gift Card from Detectors.com (Detectors Electronics) – Daniel Johnson of Rio, WI
  • Treasure Wise Carry bag (Outdoor Outfitters) – Andrew Mysinger of Chattanooga, TN
  • Treasure Wise Carry bag (Outdoor Outfitters) – Mike Race of New Holland, PA
  • Canvas Print from Karl Wagner – Mike Fuson of Madison, TN
  • Relics of the Coastal Empire by Coastal Empire History Hunters Association – Bill Dancy of Smithfield, VA
  • Where to Find Treasure by Dick Stout – Codey Klee of Forney, TX
  • In Search of Treasure by Dick Stout – Art DiFilipp of Summerville, SC
  • The New Metal Detecting: The Hobby by Dick Stout – Don Barnes of Clements, MD
  • Coin Hunting….in depth! By Dick Stout – Lisa Neumann of Oconomowoc, WI
  • Galleon Alley, The 1773 Spanish Treasure Fleet. By Weller – Jeff Sayre of Toms River, NJ
  • I Rode with Stonewall, by Douglas – Lisa Young of Proctorville, OH
  • Shipwrecks & Treasures by Cahill – David Scales of Mulga, AL
  • Treasure on the Chesapeake Bay by Tevillian and Carter – Bob Spratley of Middleburg, FL
  • Santa Fe, the Autobiography of a Southwestern Town, by LaFarge – Linda Erickson of Westminster, CO
  • The Buried Treasures of Maine, by Stevens – Eddie Huzovic of Ridgefield, NJ
  • The Outer Banks of North Carolina, by Stick – Ken Hamilton of Lexington, KY
  • Civil War on the Western Border, by Monaghan – Vincent Hirtz of Norfolk, VA
  • Sherman’s March Through the Carolinas by Barrett – Donnie Vaughn of Nashville, TN
  • Shallow Water Treasure Hunting, by Granville – Joanna DeVincent of Rockledge, FL
  • 2014 Standard Catalog of World Coins – Warren Haire of Loganville, GA
  • Antique Jewelry Identification and Price Guide – Tom Lifka of Osage, IA
  • Collecting World Coins – David Beer of Fredericksburg, VA
  • 5 Copies of Plates, Belts & Swords of the Grand Army of the Republic and the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, by Doug Roussin
  • Boots Lewis of Golden, CO
  • Mike Smith of Mobile, AL
  • Dan Sivilich of Syracuse, NY
  • Mark Sawyer of Ivor, VA
  • Sonja Lauderdale of Knox, TN
  • 3 Subscriptions to American Digger Magazine
  • Frank Lopergolo of Vineland, NJ
  • Eureka Treasure club in Westminster, CO
  • John Blue of Manassas, VA
  • 3 Subscriptions to Western & Eastern Treasures
  • Steve Norman of Brentwood, TN
  • Tony Rago of Seaside Park, NJ
  • Lisa Law of Dallas, TX
  • 3 Subscriptions to Lost Treasure
  • Bill Brockman of Cudahy, WI
  • Eric Middleton of Camden, NC
  • Jamie Britt Keefer of Audubon, PA

All of the major prizes (detectors) will be shipped direct from the manufacturers/distributors.  The books will be sent by me, via media mail (please allow two  weeks). The magazine subscriptions will be mailed out from Greybird Relics, and you will need to fill in the information and forward on to the publishers.



John Howland is being somewhat kind in his latest Malamute Saloon post, but I will not add my thoughts at this time. You can read John’s comments by clicking on the Malamute Saloon link above and scrolling down to today’s date.

And Wally to answer your “what part of conflict of interest don’t you understand” click HERE.



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12 responses to “Everyone Was a Winner!!

  1. Awesome Relic Round up–Awesome cause!

  2. Robbie

    Couldn’t listen live but listened when I could and want to give Dick and the people at American Digger a huge pat on the back for organizing and hosting the benifit. Best wishes to the MacIntyres !!!

  3. Woohoo! Was fun. Glad to hear he is on the path to recovery. I dedicate my donation in the name of my mother-in-law Joyce Perkit who passed this year from cancer. Every day is a blessed day!

  4. For those of you who were not able to listen last night you can do so by clicking here…


  5. Sprosoff

    I think Ken said at the beginning of the broadcast that his chemo treatments were paid up through January 2015 or 16! Not just through this January! Such a wonderful cause and fantastic turn out (even if I didn’t win anything 😜)!

    • No, I think it’s January of 2014. We raised a lot of money but not that much, and thankfully I don’t think Ken will need chemo that long. Thank you so much for contributing….appreciate you.

      • Lisa MacIntyre

        Yes, 2014. With that part, the most important part, paid, Ken said he feels like a ton of weight has been lifted. He can now focus on healing and beating this crap! (Excuse me, but cancer is crap!) The scariest thing in the world is knowing there is a treatment that may save your life but also knowing that without money you could be denied that treatment. Our entire family slept much better last night thanks to all of you!

  6. Lisa MacIntyre

    From our family to yours…We can never thank you enough. From Dick Stout who got this thing going and secured many donations, to Anita Cook Holcombe and Butch Holcombe, who jumped immediately on board and tirelessly filled out literally hundreds of tickets, to Jeff Lubbert who sold hundreds of tickets in his part of the country, to every single person who made a donation, no matter how small, we are eternally grateful. When you are having a bad day, or someone is dragging you down, look back on this moment and remember, you helped save a person’s life. For that you can be forever proud. Bless each and every one of you!

  7. Mike Smith

    I might have been a winner of a book last night but I hope and pray the real winner is Ken and his family!
    Thanks to the donors of the prizes! It is great to hear that his treatment is now paid through January because of the efforts of the metal detecting community.

  8. Linda Bennett

    Being a winner of a prize is nice but it pales in comparison to what Ken and his family are going through. I am glad that so many people came forward for a family that many knew of only through your blog Dick.

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