Wally Takes a Holiday, or Does He?

Found it interesting that Wally took a break today as though it was some high holy day.  It was you see “International Archaeology Day”…whatever that means.  Just what do archaeologists do on this day to celebrate?   Dig up a few bodies?  Pull out a few drawers of finds and gloat, or do they just pour a glass of milk? I haven’t a clue.

Interesting too that while Wally claims it’s reason not to post anything he did somehow find time to visit my blog nine times, obviously working on his next update about how we here at Stout Standards are picking on him.  You know…Just more of the same ole “woe is me” bullshit.  His modus operandi is predictable, yet something he feels the need to continue.  Oh well, life moves on and is good here in the states.  In Warsaw….?



Just saw where the Wheat State Treasure Hunters gave their first local community class on metal detecting and I want to be the first to congratulate them.  Steve Ukena and the rest of the club should be very proud. They worked hard to make this happen and this metal detecting class is now part of the local community curriculum and a big step forward for us all.  Hope a few more clubs will look into doing something similiar.



Does anyone else hate those websites where when you hit the back arrow nothing happens?

A suggestion to all you tekkies who love to take photos of your finds.  How about one or two that are NOT in a “clump of dirt” and uploaded instantly. You know, clean it up and take a photo when you get home.  We will believe you actually found it….honest.



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13 responses to “Wally Takes a Holiday, or Does He?

  1. What a great idea… I’m an adult education (Fire/EMS) instructor at a local vocational school, I wonder if they would let me teach a course on MDing?

  2. Scott, our city was very excited about our proactive approach. You never know until you ask!

  3. John H

    It could be that it’s a Day of Remembrance for the likes of Prof. Ralph Pinder-Wilson, who in 1982 was sentenced to death (later reprieved) for stealing gold coins from a dig in Kabul? Or perhaps, Daniel Amick, the Loyola University professor who got a slap on the wrist by a New Mexico court after admitting plundering artefacts from a Native American site.

    No doubt they are all saying prayers for all their compatriots who’ve yet to have their collars felt; or for those languishing in jails across the world; or for an increase in price of rare coins and ceramics.

    Could be they are praying for some of the cash being poured into far more deserving schemes, ones that benefit the public at large….the glorious, stupendous, world beating…Portable Antiquities Scheme!!

  4. Perhaps he is out scrounging up some last minute archaeological donations for the Ken’s Cancer Fund. Drawing is tonite!

  5. John H

    Paul Barford: “The position of Ms McIntyre however became less than clear when a short while after she wrote an attack on the Heritage Action model, she started to receive certain sums of money from the very same metal detectorists for whom she had written her ‘critique’. Now, I am sure she needs that money for a good purpose, but it cannot be denied that this raises questions which cannot be ignored of a possible conflict of interest.”

    When he wrote this utter tripe, he was fully aware why hobbyists are raising the money. Paul Barford displays the kind of mentality most people will find abhorrent – using a cancer victim to score a point. Some of the more decent archaeologists will be hanging their heads in shame.

  6. BTW, we at American Digger want to give a BIG thanks you to Dick for all he did to get the Ken’s Cancer Benefit going, as well as the incredible donations. It is because of him and his hard work that this happened. Kudos, Dick!

  7. We do what we can, because we can, but you were the catalyst. Let’s pray Ken’s on the way to recovery. This has nothing to do with arkies v treasure hunters; …. believe it or not, I’d donate money to save one of Barford’s kids if the need arose.

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