The Bubba, Wally & Harry Saga Continues…

While I try to avoid stepping in dog doo, the bartender at the Malamute Saloon seems to revel in it.  Yep, apparently Wally took exception to John Howland’s recent AT Pro comments, and John thought it might be good to explain things to him in a more elementary, more infantile fashion.

The Polish pisser will certainly have a come-back, and where this all ends is anyone’s guess, but I must admit that Wally’s inability to comprehend three words baffles me too.  Then again he will find anything and everything to piss and moan about, especially when it comes to tekkies.

Anyway, if you want to read John’s response, click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date.



My good friend Gary Kilmer just sent me this article and wanted to share it here.  Please be sure to read the two comments at the end….

The Episcopal Cemetery Project



A reminder that the FMDAC yearly convention and hunt will take place next weekend, October 25, 26 & 27.  This year it is being held in Knoxville, Tennessee in conjunction with the Smokey Mountain Artifacts Research & Treasure Society.

Guest speaker at this year’s event will be none other than Butch Holcombe, publisher of American Digger magazine.  That should be an informative and fun evening.



Click Here



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8 responses to “The Bubba, Wally & Harry Saga Continues…

  1. jbkeefer

    Reading the malamute saloon link first makes me laugh, then makes me thirsty.

  2. John H

    Oi, Ricardo! You suggesting I’m some kinda lush? I can remember back in AC in a certain Boardwalk bar, when I stood a round, Cliff Stefens stood a round, and you, well, just stood around. When you finally got your wallet out, a pack of cigarettes fell to the floor on which had the US Government’s message…”Good luck to the Doughboys in the Trenches.”

    • You Make me laugh John. You can’t remember your last name, let alone a few years ago. Likewise you are so tight you squeak! Now pour one for me.

      • John H

        Already poured one! Me? Tight? Jeez, I remember when we were in downtown Dallas one night, when a gang of Hell’s Angels roared up. You said to me, “I think we are gonna get mugged,”
        I said, “Yep, I think you’re right,” and you said,
        “Here’s that $20 I owe you.”

      • I just decided that I am going to drink your Christmas present this weekend! Yes indeed!

  3. wintersen

    Holy crap! Just read your private/public message and really think that you should show the hostile, argumentative and caustic gentlemen some respect. 🙂

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