The Drawing is Monday Night!

Your last chance! The names of the winners in the Ken MacIntyre effort will be drawn Monday night on the American Digger  magazine’s Relic Roundup show, starting at 9pm EST.  You still have time to enter and be a winner.  For a list of all  the prizes and how to get entered into the drawing click HERE  Thanks to all who have donated to this cause and good luck on Monday night.



Have added a couple of new links to my BLOG, both of which are works in progress, so bear with me. The club website link lists only those clubs with active websites, and if I have not included your club please let me know so that I can add it.  The other link, articles and tips, includes older articles I’ve written over the years for  Western & Eastern Treasures magazine. Many thanks to Steve and Rosemary Anderson for allowing me this privilege.



EarhartFor any of my long time subscribers you know of my interest in this topic. I guess it has a lot to do with my love of research. The effort to find the remains of this  famous American flyer is fascinating, and I have followed the TIGHAR group’s effort for quite some time. I mention this again because  of this recent news item from yesterday. Finding her plane will surely answer a lot of questions.

I suspect that many of you may not even know of Amelia Earhart or care about this, but if you do, I highly recommend “Finding Amelia: The True Story of the  Earhart Disappearance” by Ric Gillespie and “Amelia Earhart’s Shoes” by King, Jacobson, Burns & Spalding. Good reads…

While it hasn’t garnered as much interest I also read all I can about the disappearance of Glenn Miller over the English channel during WWII. Having played in the only authorized Glenn Miller  band in the early sixties makes it even more interesting.

Okay, now that I bored the hell out of you…go dig something!



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4 responses to “The Drawing is Monday Night!

  1. …and where was she flying to when she crashed….?

  2. We too are super excited over the Ken’s Cancer benefit drawing. You only have a couple of days to get entered, via a $5 donation. And with EIGHT detectors to give away, you do NOT want to miss this! Call us at 770-362-8671 for more info, or email And a VERY special shout out of thanks to you, Dick! Your hard work and prizes garnered speaks volumes about not only you, but the entire detecting community!

  3. Thanks Butch. It’s been a joint effort and a fun one. Looking forward to Monday night as well.

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