The Malamute Saloon ( and a Fishing Lesson)

I received another contribution from the bartender at the Malamute Saloon, and you can read it by clicking on the Malamute Saloon link above, and scrolling down to today’s date.  This time John shares his views on the Garrett ATPro International and the joys of living in Warsaw.

Yesterday I was digging through a drawer of old photos and found a couple of Bubba from a quite few years ago. The first is from a talk, or should I say a “lecture”, John gave at an early FMDAC convention.

Lecture FMDAC Convention

Lecture FMDAC Convention

The second is from a fly fishing trip to Scotland, and I have to share his methodology here…..

He starts off by making a big deal over which fly to use, sorting through fifty or so he says he has tied himself (they all look alike).  Then after deciding on just the perfect puppy, he whips the line about a dozen times, looking really good in the process, lays that “can’t miss” fly gently on the surface, slowly brings it in by hand, and then has a sip or two of beer.  He then repeats this process again and again until the beer is gone.  When it is he calls it a day and seeks out the closest pub, telling  anyone there who will listen, how they “just weren’t taking the bait today”.  True story!

In-between casts....

In-between casts….



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6 responses to “The Malamute Saloon ( and a Fishing Lesson)

  1. Jeez, you tell more porkies than Wally! You tryin’ to get a bad name or something?
    The photo where I am taking a little light refreshment, was just after I’d landed a 4-lbs sea-trout on a fly I tied loch-side, from sheep’s wool caught on a barbed wire fence.
    The pub in question was bloody miles away. It was a day’s trouting with all the liquid trimmings that Big Tony from Bayonne might have enjoyed, or even that other reprobate, Bill from Lachine!

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