17 Days Left To Enter the Drawing!

Just a reminder that on the October 21st Relic Roundup Show we will be drawing the winners of eight metal detectors,  plus a wide array of books, magazine subscriptions, art work and more, with all of the proceeds going to help out Ken MacIntyre, son of archaeologist Lisa Hume MacIntyre.

Lisa just shared the following on Facebook…..

“For those interested here is the latest update on Ken. He had treatment number 4 of 12 on the 26th. His doctor advised us that his WBC is very low.  While this is not unusual while on chemo, what concerns her is that is not bumping slightly back up between treatments. Instead it is staying low and slightly  dipping each time. There is a number you can’t allow the WBC to fall below without risking death from even the slightest infection. She is going to watch the  count closely the next two weeks and she may skip the next treatment in hopes of the count raising. Not ideal, but may need to be done. The treatment hit very  hard this time. Ken is having a very rough week. PET scan is tomorrow. This is the first PET after treatment started and his doc will use it to compare to  first PET scan. This will tell us if the chemo is working. So this test is a VERY big deal. As always, thank each and every one of you for all the support!”

If you’d like to join our effort, help Ken out, and get your name entered into the drawing click on Ken’s photo below for all the details….

Ken, the new tekkie.....

Ken, the new tekkie…..



Carter Pennington, president of the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights has decided to step down, and is passing the  baton to Avery Marder, currently Vice President & Co-Chair.  His message is as follows…

Task Force Members,

Two years ago the Task Force expanded to a national level since challenges to our favorite pastime were presenting themselves all across the country. We are happy to say that your voices made and continue to make a difference.

I have been involved with the Task Force for over five years and it is time for me to “pass the baton” as president of the Task Force. Our VP, Avery Marder, will be acting president in the  interim.

The Task Force is comprised of close to 1400 members and growing every day. The board that runs the Task Force is a 100% volunteer group.

The Task Force is always looking for volunteers. Please email our social media board member Allyson@detectingrights.com if you are interested.

It has been a privilege serving such a great hobby and working with the Task Force.

Carter Pennington



I somehow need to remind myself to stop checking in on the various detecting forums.   I hesitate to share the following but I will because I think it’s necessary.   Just maybe a few forum owners and moderators will wake up and realize that statements like these, humorous or not, do nothing but hurt our cause.   And please, I am not advocating any kind of censorship.  I am a big believer in free speech. Just that we all need to think before we open our mouths.  One’s man’s humor can be another man’s brick. What do you think?

Government Shutdown… hmmm. Does this mean we can hunt National Parks?”

“With a Government Shutdown looming, and if Federal Park employees go on furlough, does that mean all National Parks and Federal Land is open season for Metal Detecting?”

“What I’ve always heard is; a law is only a law if it is enforced.  Our border with Mexico is proof of that!!”

“Gettysburg anyone Lol?”

Finally someone spoke up…

“frightening to believe that a law is the only thing keeping some from digging up Gettysburg or other important historical  monuments”.

Yep, frightening indeed……..As Mark Twain said “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”.



Good chance many of you are already familiar with this blog (started in 2010), but I stumbled upon it this morning and thought I would pass the line along anyway.  Seems to be a post  every day and lots of great information…




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6 responses to “17 Days Left To Enter the Drawing!

  1. Free speech? Since when have State legislators…Florida for instance…ever given a shit about it? Since when have Florida’s hobbyists ever thought about fighting for their rights ? Once the detecting lobby gets its act together and says to these State legislators, ” We have X-amount of votes that we will recommend they vote against you”….then the spectre of picking cotton will loom large for these fat cats on the arkie payroll.

    Make your Congressman work – don’t vote for him! YOU have the power!

  2. Soused? I wish! We as a hobby really ought to get tougher with legislators who believe anything that the arkies tell ’em, then enact laws to our detriment. Our hobby has a lot of clout, it’s about time we started to use it!

    • John, I agree with you. Just couldn’t connect your comment with anything I said in this post? Sort of “out of the blue”…. It was only reasonable to assume you had lifted few. Now that you said you did not I am worried about you my friend.

  3. Whatdya mean ‘lifted a few’? I don’t do ‘few’ as well you know! Reminds me of that old gag: What’s the difference between you and a coconut? I can get a drink out of a coconut! Hahahahah!

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