Am I Out of Bounds?

Someone recently said, in regards to my blog, that I’m been much too confrontational,  and that I like to start controversies where none exist.  On the other hand I had a couple of people who told me “I tell it like it is”, and they appreciated that.  Well, let me “try” to respond if I may….

First off the Miriam Webster online Dictionary defines a blog thusly:

BLOG: A web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences…

So please remember that when I write here I am sharing my opinions, nothing more.  If what I say offends you I am sorry, but your being offended won’t change anything unless you can convince me otherwise by responding, and I hope you will always do that.  I welcome feedback, good or bad.  That’s what makes a blog interesting and yes, sometimes controversial.  Without the back and forth a blog is not worth a whole lot, much like the one in Warsaw that you can smell all the way over here in North Texas.

I do indeed write about what is on my mind, whether it’s something affecting the pastime, a recent news item or just something I think you might enjoy.  Am I confrontational from time to time?  Probably…can’t help myself sometimes.  Being confrontational is often the only way to get an answer, solve a problem or elicit a response from someone who needs to speak up.  Do I start controversies where none exist?  Perhaps, but again I write here to share my thoughts and opinions, not necessarily to make friends, although I would like to think that happens more often than not.

I am sure too that I offend a few with my language, but I find it difficult to sugar coat my feelings, especially when someone or something pisses me off  (see, der ya go).  I am who I am, and hope you will cut me some slack in this area.  I shouldn’t admit this, but there were times when my choice of words was so bad I was embarrassed and edited out a few adjectives. Must be that ole Northeast, “let me tell you how I feel” coming out (well okay, that and the red wine too).

Okay, sometimes it's the wine....

Okay, sometimes it’s the wine….

I think if you look back over my posts you will find my anger is usually directed at specific individuals, but I will not apologize for anything said toward them or about them.  They deserve any and all negative comments coming their way, and I can assure you I am not the only that feels this way.  You will find a slew of others in related fields of interest who also find the Bobbsey Twins difficult to take.

Now, having said all this, please do respond when something bothers you here, or when you think I am out of bounds.  I promise to respond politely and will try to explain my position, or why I said what I said.  Understand you might still be angry with me afterward but that’s okay.  It’s what makes the world go round….

Now please, get the hell off my lawn…



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10 responses to “Am I Out of Bounds?

  1. Gold Finger

    Hello all,

    May I say that I’ve enjoyed reading many of your posts, of which some are controversial, but I happen to agree with them. I always remember that this is the Stout Standard’s, which are far better than Wally’s lowly etiquette.

  2. Scorch

    Dick – keep it up. Dont let the troglodytes out there with too much time on their hands limit your fine comment. I am a couple of years older than you and I am finding my own attitudes are moving from accomodation to ” telling it like it is” as the years pass. Maybe I dont care as much about what other “experts” think. Anyway, you are a breath of fresh air in this business.

    • Scorch, thanks. I intend to keep it up (the blog that is), and indeed the older you get the more you tend to let er’ loose. As for the breath of fresh air? Not according to my wife.

  3. Dave McCarthy

    Dick, even though we don’t see eye to eye, I do appreciate and respect your honesty. You don’t mince your words, and you do go above and beyond what is required of you in regards to our beloved hobby. Keep up the good work .. !

  4. Bob K

    Yes Dick keep up the good work, someone has to tell it like it is and you have been elected. In other words better you then me.

  5. Linda Bennett

    Personally, I rather have someone tell me what they are thinking without sugar coating it or “being politically correct”. That way I know the thought process. I don’t like reading between the lines – there is chance for miscommunication. Life would be boring if all agreed on everything.

    • “Reading between the lines” is something I hate too Linda. Makes to difficult to gauge someone’s true feelings.

      Thanks for taking the time to respond, and hi to everyone in the GCTC.

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