Some People Have Too Much Time on Their Hands…

Well once again a few people have decided to dump on detectorists and attempt to control what it is we do, even though they can’t offer up a good reason why. They’re apparently coming after us just for something to do. Please read this  Buffalo News article and see if you can find the mention of one incident or situation where a detectorist was cited for doing damage?  Maybe I am missing something…..

It seems Erie County Parks commissioner Troy Schinzel has way too much time on his hands, and nothing better to do than attempt to limit metal detecting in parks under his supervision.  Mr. Schinzel states “I am concerned about that activity occurring in our historic or older parks”.  Yep he is concerned about “that activity“, whatever “that acitivity” is, and just what does he mean by “historic” and “older” parks?  Either the writer of this article left something out, or  Mr. Schinzel isn’t being upfront with his reasons.

The article also states “Schinzel is not alone”, and then precedes to mention other areas of the country where detecting is regulated.  Well so what?  What does any of that have to do with Erie County?  Are generalities or personal agendas all that’s needed?  Sorry ladies. but it burns my ass when suddenly someone in local government decides to spend taxpayer money going after a taxpayer’s pastime and enjoyment.  Do they not have anything better or more important to do?   I have to wonder if this is really Mr. Schinzel’s idea or whether someone else put a bug in his ear.  My guess is it’s the latter?

The one saving grace in all this is Mark Schuessler, president of the FMDAC.  He is quoted in the article and I’ve been told he’s already on top of this.  Mark is experienced when it comes fighting city hall, and hopefully he can talk reason and common sense to the Erie County Parks commission.

Think this can’t happen in your neck of the woods? Hmm, think again….



Well the temps finally fell into the low 80’s here in North Texas, and I decided to see what kind of treasures awaited outside my door.  I inserted  four fresh  batteries (thanks Dick Tichan) in my trusty 6000di and headed across the lake to an old haunt that has been known to give up a silver coin or two.  Today was no different but after an hour and a half I HAD to leave (only if you have ever had to deal with lower back pain would you understand).  It’s been almost seven hours and it’s still hard to straighten up….

Sept4The last two coins I dug (clad of course) were recovered only after a very definitive plan was laid out.  First I had to take off the detector box (hipmount) and place it on ground, next the stem and coil, then the drop cloth, then the five minute process needed to get down on one knee, and after all of that I prayed  that my digger was centered on the target.  Getting back to a standing position required a 1-2-3 countdown, a loud groan and ended with pain and strange sounds coming from within.  Suffice to say detecting with me now is a “real trip”.

After estimating the silver value of the two dimes, and adding the face value of the clad, I didn’t even have enough to buy a tube of Ben Gay.  Jimmy Sierra, what’s your secret?



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8 responses to “Some People Have Too Much Time on Their Hands…

  1. Mark Schuessler

    This came to light about two weeks ago just prior to the NFRHA annual open hunt. It is in my neck of the woods. So as you say. if you think it cannot happen to you think again. This guy comes from out of the area and attempts to create the illusion of a problem where none has existed. We are starting the move on a local level to stop this before it goes any further. If we need a national campaign at a later time I will get the word out. Thanks for posting this Dick.

  2. Ben

    Is there any update on this? It burns my butt also when I spend more time picking up trash at the park then locating anything worth while. This type of government overreach has to stop. Next they’ll be charging me to walk my dog in the park because some idiot let theirs crap and didn’t pick it up. Oh I also clean that up too while I am out there. Trust me the few good bits I find are not nearly enough to cover the amount of trash I remove free of charge!

    • Ben I have not heard any more from the FMDAC but then they don’t like to respond to my emails. I will try once again and try to get an answer for you by this weekend.

      • Ben

        Thanks, I know bureaucrats drive me nuts. I don’t understand where they get their priorities from. It certainly isn’t the public. I live in Niagara County but fear the copycat culture that abounds in local government so it would be best for this to be stopped right here before ideas like this spread to the surrounding counties.

      • Ben, given the date of this post/topic….ask your question under today’s post (Brother can you spare a dime). Thinking more people will see it and maybe respond quicker. I will get to work on it tomorrow.

  3. Mark Schuessler

    There have been no developments on this. The local club contacted the legislators when this initially took place and voiced their opinion. So far there has been no action on the part of the parks commissioner. No news is good news. I have not heard of anyone being stopped from detecting .

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