All For One, One For All?

I recently emailed an old friend from the FMDAC and we went back and forth about how things are today within the organization as well as the pastime, and I found it interesting that we both came to the same conclusion.  We were not sure if there would ever be a way to unite everyone involved.  It’s something that many have tried to do over the years, yet we are no closer today then we were 30 years ago.

Perhaps the nature of the pastime is indicative of our failing in this area.  Detectorists tend to be secretive in that they don’t care to share a lot of information that might infringe on their ability to find treasure.  If you find a great site, why tell anyone? Detectorists also tend to be suspicious and asking them to join any effort brings forth a lot of questions and doubts.  Add in the ole “what’s in it for me” routine and we are nothing more than a loosely knit group of individualists, resulting in many of the problems we face now.

Look, I know we are not big in numbers, but we are big enough to get noticed, make a fuss and affect changes IF we want to. The “want to” is the problem.  It is soooo easy to say “someone else will do it” and “it doesn’t affect me“, but WILL someone else do it, and how long will it be till it DOES affect you?  Will we ever join ranks, hang together or rally round anything? Given what I’ve seen over the years I very much doubt it.

I have no answers, and suspect we will continue to function as a loosely knit group of tekkies, doing our own thing, dancing to our own tune, and the hell with anyone else. JMO.



I know you are familiar with our effort to help out a young man in Florida who is battling cancer, but I want to give you an update on Ken MacIntyre, son of archaeologist Lisa MacIntyre, remind you how you can help, and how you can enter the special drawing which will take place 4 weeks from this coming Monday.

Ken just finished his third round of chemo treatments (with nine more to go), and has now lost most of his curly locks. I know he would give anything to have them back but I think he looks pretty damn handsome (bald is beautiful you know).

Ken the new tekkie/ Lisa (the arkie) detecting and her first find......

Ken the new tekkie, Lisa (the arkie) detecting and her first find……

As a result of the chemo Ken has to be extremely careful of infection now because of his immune suppression.  He’s also had to stop working because it wears him out physically and because he must begin limiting his exposure to germs.  The good news is that he has now has a brand new detector and has decided to join our group of thugwits (if he can pry it away from Mom).  He’s using a White’s Coinmaster GT and promises to keep us posted on his finds.  I suggested he first start with his mother’s lawn, and dig every signal. Arkies just love that sort of thing.

For continuing updates on Ken’s situation click here.  Ken, keep up the good fight and good hunting (just don’t tell anyone you are a thugwit).


A special thank you to Butch, Anita and Jeff at American Digger magazine for handling most of the work involved with this effort.  You’re the best!!



As you know I, along with the gang at American Digger magazine, have been sharing the story of Ken MacIntyre, the son of Lisa MacIntyre, archaeologist, and want to thank all of you who have donated.  I am very proud of everyone involved in this pastime.

I also mentioned that we were not done helping, and over the past few days the gang at American Magazine’s Relic Roundup and I have been contacting the manufacturers and magazines, asking for their help, and they, like you, have responded graciously.  So mark it down folks….on the October 21st Relic Roundup Show YOU could be the owner of a:

  • White’s VX3 Metal Detector, with wireless headphones, 4×6 DD coil and carry bag (total Retail Value $1,700, compliments of  White’s Electronics)
  • Fisher F75 LTD, Black Edition Metal Detector (Retail Value $1,449, compliments of Fisher Research Labs)
  • Minelab Exterra 705 Dual Pack (Retail Value $1,153, compliments of Minelab)
  • Treasure Commander TC1X, Uncle Si Signature Series, Metal Detector (Retail Value 279.00, compliments of Kellyco)
  • Teknetics Delta 4000 Metal Detector (Retail Value $279.00, compliments of The Gold Digger
  • A canvas print (retail value $200) compliments of Karl Wagner

We also have three one-year subscriptions to American Digger Magazine, three one-year subscriptions to Lost Treasure magazine, three one-year subscriptions to Western & Eastern Treasures, plus books by Dick Stout, Greybird Publishers, K.B. Slocum and Krause Publications.  Likewise prizes are continuing to come in.

You can donate as much as you like; the more you donate the more tickets you’ll receive (every $5 gets you one ticket). The drawing will be held on the October 21, 2013 Relic Roundup Show. You do NOT have to be present to win. To purchase tickets, please call 770-362-8671.

You can also email or you can pay directly via Paypal to the following account:  If you choose to pay via paypal you MUST include name, address, phone and email so that you can be contacted if you win.  You will be emailed photos of your tickets/numbers.

If you wish to pay by mail send your checks or money orders made out to Lisa MacIntyre, and mail them to Greybird, Post Office Box 126, Acworth, Georgia 30101.  Here again be sure to include your name, address, phone and email…If you want your tickets mailed to you be sure to enclosed a self addressed, stamped envelope.  Otherwise you will be sent photos via email.



The Precious Buried Treasure

Roman Soldier’s Chainmail Found

First Authenticated Pirates’ Shipwreck Reveals Coin Treasure



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10 responses to “All For One, One For All?

  1. Lisa

    Arkies husbands love people digging up the yard even more! And now our daughter is also hooked. She has been in the backyard most of the day! She tells me she is learning how to use the detector so that she can explain it to her brother. Yea, right. Ken may get to use this thing one day. In all sincerity, Thanks to Dick, and White’s Electronics, for creating a family of thugwits, and allowing Ken to enjoy a new hobby while going through hell. A very nice distraction!!

  2. Everything else aside, metal detecting is the best therapy, short of laughing, that can be had for the blues, if nothing else! It’s a great hobby. Go get ’em, Ken!

  3. First of all, my good wishes, prayers and thoughts go out to Ken MacIntyre. We are all with you on this one, mate! God bless!

    On a much lesser point, it’s probably right that detectorists really are a loose confederation of warring tribes, BUT, they are a tad more civilised than some factions of the warring arkie community: where for instance Saxon specialists look down on the Roman ones, and the mediaeval arkies hate everyone else, and none of them really gives a toss as their mechanical diggers rip the guts out of the contextual layers above their own sphere of interest.
    Yet, a certain unification exists in their misguided condemnation of metal detector users whose primary targets are in the upper, non-contextual layers!!! Why? Because we find more than they do that captures the public’s imagination…time after time after time. It’s all about thunder stealing!
    The PAS is the only organisation to recognise and rise above the petty infighting, and catty academic bitching, that some arkies have made their trade mark.
    The academic inter-tribal warfare is further contaminated by some who profess to be archaeologists, often purely for effect, so as to add a measure of sanity to their lunatic ramblings and psychological disorders.

  4. Ken MacIntyre

    I want to send out a big thanks to everyone for the well wishes. I am on the uptick right now until they knock me back down this Thursday so I have at least a few days to make my parents back yard look like the aftermath of a gopher infestation. Again, DIck, thanks for everything all of you have done. This charity drive is quite literally paying every one of our chemo co-payments thus far which is truly helping us stay afloat.
    Thanks to everyone from the MacIntyres.

    • Ken, you are welcome. The people involved in the metal detecting pastime are awesome and we do this because we can. We also know you’ll beat this thing because YOU can. Just keep on kicking butt (and be sure to send photos of the gopher damage).

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