The Golden Triangle Explorers Society…

Was privileged to be the guest speaker at the Golden Triangle Explorers Society last night, and want to publicly thank them for the great evening.  Mary Penson, vice-president, and an old friend, had asked me to do the honors a few weeks ago, and I warned her I hadn’t a whole lot left in this aged and worn out brain but that I would do my best to take up some of their time and ramble.  I did indeed accomplish that, and afterwards had to go around an wake up everyone.


Hmm, what the hell is he talking about?

It was the first club meeting I’ve been to in sometime, and it was a lot of fun.  Saw a lot of old, familiar faces..Lee Caldwell, Frank Lawson and Louis Murray, just to name a few.  Tekkies from the good ole days.

Louis was the president of the GTES back in the mid-80’s, and if I remember right, they were one of the first Texas clubs to join the FMDAC.  Louis and I chatted often on the phone, spent a few dollars on postage and he’s still looking great.  In fact all these old friends put me to shame.  Gotta get in shape and lay off the pasta.

If the name Mary Penson isn’t familiar to you then you have never called Garrett Electronics.  Mary retired a couple of years ago, after working there for 27 years, and was, in my opinion, “the face” of Garrett (no offense Charles).  If you called with a question, a problem or to simply chat, you talked to Mary, and surely came away with a greater appreciation for the company and their customer service.  She is one neat lady, and I feel privileged to know her and to have worked along side her for two years.

Frank Lawson, yours truly, Gene Humphries & Mary Penson, club hunt, Texas,  late 80's

Frank Lawson, yours truly, Gene Humphries & Mary Penson, late 80’s

Last night I was not only paid by being among old friends, I was also presented with a silver round, two Walking Liberty half dollars and two Mercury dimes.  Not bad for an old tekkie with nothing much to say.

Special thanks to White’s Electronics for allowing me to bring the club a box of goodies for their forthcoming hunt, and to ALL the members of the Golden Triangle Explorers Society for contributing $100 to the Ken MacIntyre effort. Here’s hoping your tickets are winners.



Was reading the comments on a John Winter post, “The Amazing Talking Arsehole” and found this  Apology post from Warsaw Wally.  After getting up off the floor I was tempted to respond, but I knew his words were not sincere in any way shape or form.  Apparently someone got up in his face at a coin fair in Warsaw, and let him have it, and his post is meant to to keep the wolves at bay, his face intact and maybe head off a potential lawsuit.  He can spin it any way he wants. There’s more to this story than he is letting on….

His last sentence says it all….“I make no apologies for that in itself, but if there is anyone else out there who feels I have overstepped the mark when describing something they said or have done, please let me know (through the comments section, marking it ‘not for publication’ if you like) and I will see what I can do about it”

The “I will see what I can do about it” could have easily been replaced with “I apologize” but that would be like admitting he’s human and we all know that’s not the case….



Amateur Treasure Hunter Unearths Haul of Roman

Coins Staffordshire Hoard Finder to Give Talk

Historic Gold Coin Hoard Returns

World War II Treasure Buried in Forest 



Just a little over five weeks left till we draw the winning tickets in the Ken MacIntyre aid effort, and we hope you will join in. To find out how you can enter click on the following photo of Ken. Thanks to everyone who has already contributed….you are already winners no matter the outcome.




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6 responses to “The Golden Triangle Explorers Society…

  1. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Hello Dick, I guess you did an awesome job on that talk or did they give you those extra items to go away?

  2. RoyR

    Dick, you were in good company with the folks you named, I have known and hunted with all of them for more years than I care to count. Mary is one fine lady. Frank and Gene and Lee are great friends to have. Glad you had a good time.

  3. Dick, I have to think with your experience both in the field and out of the field it would be great to hear you speak.

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