Dig Fellas, Week Two…

Well, I tuned in last night for two more episodes of Dig Fellas, and while I’d love to say I changed my mind about the show, I have not.  The show is plagued with bad scripts and poor acting, neither of which can be blamed on Bill Ladd or Howard Hewitt.  They are merely pawns for the producers, and obviously saddled with what to say and how to act.  That much is obvious….

The pretext or theme for this series is dumb.  It has the two detectorists looking for stuff that Zorro or Billy the Kidd lost, and almost always whatever they find “probably” belonged to them.  At least the viewer is left with that impression.  Yes, I appreciate that they do turn up junk items as well, and while it’s done for the viewing audience, stop please with the “instant” ID and history of the item right after it’s dug.  It implies that both Mr. Ladd and Mr. Hewitt are all knowing about all things.

Both dig fellas are always shown joined at the hip, no more than 20 feet apart, probably because they only have one camerman, but that is just a guess on my part.  They were also constantly swinging their coils haphazardly.  Then again scanning correctly, looking at the camera, and trying to remember your lines is surely not an easy task.  I was also amazed at how Bill Ladd “chopped” at the targets with his entrenching tool (took me back to my foxhole digging days in the Army).   Was he not worried about damaging whatever he was about to uncover?

When you are only working with about 20 minutes of actual film you cannot overly script a show like this, and in my opinion that’s what is hurting Dig Fellas.  A little more detecting, a little less talking and just maybe a realistic plot would help.  Stop with the Blackbeard, Zorro, Billy the Kid and Donald Duck BS.  Do a little Civil War relic hunting, prospecting or water hunting (Coin beach in Delaware, Florida’s East coast).  No lack of history in any of these.

Okay, I will stop with the criticism, and again state that I am not trying to belittle the participants in this series.  While I don’t know them personally,  I have heard nothing but great things about Bill Ladd and Howard Hewitt from people who do. They are avid, dedicated detectorists and I envy their enthusiasm in promoting the pastime.  I just wish they were not saddled with poor story lines and scripts.  Then again, who cares what the hell I have to say. My wife reminds me of that 24/7.



If you are a Facebook player be sure to check out Regton’s most recent post. Regton, Ltd. is the place to shop for your treasure hunting needs in the UK, and if you need expert advice, stop in and tell owner, Nigel Ingram I sent you.  Then maybe I will get that $20 he owes me.

The photos in the FB post are from the recent Weekend Wanderer’s Rally, and I urge you to check them out. The detecting rallies in the UK have a totally different feel to them, and if only we could replicate them here. Maybe some day….

Just one perk of the Weekend Wanderer's rally...

Just one perk of the Weekend Wanderer’s rally…



Not sure what to make of all this, but apparently the Detecting Diva likes her men feisty, and is turned on by Warsaw Wally. Who would have guessed?  I will leave it for you to figure out, but I sure hope Allyson doesn’t get too caught up in all this. Messing with the woeful Warsaw provocateur is nasty business.  Then again, who knows?  Metal detecting makes strange bedfellows. Be sure to read her two most recent posts HERE.



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15 responses to “Dig Fellas, Week Two…

  1. Roy Rutledge

    Correct on just how bad the script is for this show. I have watched my last one. No need to waste time on this when I have a good book to read.

  2. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Hello Dick, I guess I am glad that I missed it – thanks for the update.
    I understand what you mean about relic hunting different sites. Maybe they will hear you –
    I would like to see an “In Search of” type of show where they are looking for the Lost Dutchman mind or another tall tale.

    • You know Tony I would like to see a show like that as well. I know there were shows about well known treasures quite a while back, but they were not aimed at the detectorist. They would be a whole more interesting today with all the technology that’s now available.

  3. I agree with you Dick. Using a pick shovel and digging holes like that is not showing the public the proper way to dig. I would like to see a show where the detectorists can be themselves, digging proper plugs, researching, and at the end of the show tell the history of the particular item found. As for a good book Roy, I just got done reading “The New Metal Detecting The Hobby” by Dick Stout. Awesome book again Dick, thank you for some great reading.

    Veteran Detectorist
    Ken Briggs
    Three Seasons Treasure Hunters LLC Wisconsin.

    • Kenny, it has to be the entertainment thing that keeps interfering with the overall results. There have been too many knowledgeable people on these shows for them to come off like they do.

      Thank you for the kind words about my book. It’s an oldie for sure.

  4. I wonder if people really realize that metal detecting is an art of patience. It takes time and hard work. I would love to see them show how people do the investigative work, then the planning stage, permission gathering and then the hunt (even if they get skunked). I liken these shows to going into a casino and watching someone pull slot handles all day screaming about OH MY GOD did you see that I almost had a jackpot. Come on a little bit more realism could go a long way.

    • Jess, these shows need to be longer than 30 minutes for them to even come close to what we want to see. Not sure why they are always 30 minutes….guessing it has to do with $$ but I don’t really know. Maybe Chicago Ron will chime in on this…

      I also think these shows can be entertaining without the over-the-top shouting and craziness. I will tell you though I am still optimistic that we will see a few new ones in the future that we will be proud of. Patience….

  5. Darn busy life–I missed Dig Fellas again. Thanks for the update.

    Don’t worry Dick, everything is cool–long distance relationships never work out anyway 😉

  6. Lisa

    I promised a comment so here goes. First let me say that I personally do not like, or watch reality shows. Well, one, but that’s neither here nor there. I taped two shows, the one about Zorro and the one in the Bayou. I made it through the Zorro show, barely. What I liked; the short history lesson and the artifact identification. What I didn’t like; everything else! This show seriously makes detectorists look like imbeciles. And very lucky ones at that. A pick axe? Really? You all work so hard to erase the stigma so many have attached to your sport/hobby and this show promotes the very cloud from which you are fighting to emerge. To besmirch your hobby in this manner is disrespectful and does noting to promote your cause.

  7. I won’t comment on the scripts or the acting but I will say that I know Howard Hewitt personally and have for 11 years. What you see on the show? That’s him. 100%. The guy gets way over the top excited about this stuff.

    He is authentic.

    • Hi and thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it…

      I have heard that about Howard from others and I don’t doubt his sincerity and enthusiasm. It just seems a little over the top for me, and remember….it’s just my opinion.

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