Brain Farts and Bitchin’…

It’s Monday and just another typical day in Texas.  Sunny, hot and very dry.  Funny how that happens (all the time)!   I will say however that I did wake up this morning, and for that I am grateful.

In case you haven’t noticed football season has started and it’s akin to having an orgasm for most of the folks who live in Texas.  Hell I like sports too and I am an avid Yankees, Giants and Celtics fan.   I just don’t lose sight of reality or beat my wife when they lose, nor shoot up the neighborhood when they win.

jockstrapHere, you see, on Sunday, everyone wears their Dallas Cowboys jersey, T-shirt, cap, button, or jockstrap, and churches let their flocks (a.k.a, donors) out early if there’s a noon game….all just a matter of priorities here in the Lone Star State.

As for detecting? Still too hot, and I honestly cannot remember what rain looks like.  Our house is feeling the effects of all this (again), and I suspect another foundation lift will be in order very soon.  The doors are getting difficult to open and close, cabinet drawers are sliding out on their own, and all the pictures on the wall are tilting in one direction.  This will be the fourth foundation repair, and they are not inexpensive by any means (as in thousands).  What you save here by not having to pay any state tax you pay out in foundation repairs and highway tolls (a.k.a., taxes).

Okay, if it sounds like I am pissing and moaning, you’re correct.  Remember, I told you it was my job!  It’s what one does when they get old, and after experiencing 25 years of Texas heat it most assuredly qualifies me for inclusion in the upper echelon of “pissers and moaners“….

Lastly I am well aware that things could be worse. I could be living in Warsaw!




I know you are aware of the Ken MacIntyre effort, but I will continue to remind you anyway. It’s important. If you belong to a club, do me (and Ken) a big favor.  Print copies of THIS, and hand them out at your next club meeting.  Encourage everyone to join our effort.   They will be helping out someone in need, and just maybe they will come away with a new detector in the process.  Thanks as well to everyone who has already contributed….



Thanks as usual to Eddy Current’s “Metal Detecting News” on Facebook for this tidbit.  Apparently the new Garrett ATX is not all that new, and is similar, if not identical to a military unit Garrett released in 2009. Sure looks so anyway…

The ReCon Pro





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24 responses to “Brain Farts and Bitchin’…

  1. wintersen

    I often wondered if retired people said “same shit different day” on a Monday. Now I have the definitive answer. 🙂

  2. RoyR

    Dick, I remember when you came to Texas repesenting FMDAC many years ago. Might have been in Oct.of 1985 or 1986 and I think you complained about the heat then and it hasn’t gotten any better since then.

    • Don’t think I did Roy. As I remember it was always in the spring but I could be wrong. October is actually my favorite month here…

      I know nothing has changed for you Texans….you are used to this heat. As for this Yankee I think it’s bothering me more now because I am older.

      • Roy Rutledge

        Once again you are right I do believe it was in march down at College Station or Bryan, memory tends to go away the longer we live.

      • I remember it well because we were surprised at how green the grass was when we landed…

        Roy, sorry to hear you have trouble remembering things and getting older. Hope things improve soon….

  3. Robbie

    As a transplanted Texan (we moved here from CT in 1958) you get less tolerant of the heat as you get older. I read somewhere that Houston is the most air-conditioned city in the US.

  4. Up here in Toronto hasn’t been any different, except here we get high high humidity to go with it. Way too hot for me to detect most days. and getting old isn’t fun in any city/province/state………

  5. Catherine we too get high humidity, especially in the Houston area, and I agree it doesn’t matter where you are living, getting older takes it toll. This is my Stout Scale, which I shared on a post a while back….

    Think most of you are familiar with the Scoville Scale and how it relates to the varying degrees of heat in chile peppers. Well, I have now come up with the Stout Scale, and it’s function is to help me decide when to go detecting. It goes like this:

    80 degrees……..yep!
    85 degrees……..Possibly!
    90 degrees……..Will think about it!
    95 degrees……..Nope!
    100 degrees…….Hell No!

    Tomorrows predicted temperature? 105 degrees, and that requies a “are you shittin me”?

    Thank you for taking the time to comment Catherine. Please don’t be a stranger here…

    • RoyR

      90-95 can hunt for about three hours, 96 to 100 and up can hunt for about two hours. Then need three hours of cool temperatures and cold beverages.

      • “You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din!”

        Roy, thankfully most of my ailments are minor in nature, but I often wonder how long I might be able to hunt if I were a healthy 72 and I lived in a more temperate climate. Guess I will never find out.

      • RoyR

        I am 69 and have slowed down a lot in the past three years. Just try to keep plodding along.

      • Definition of plod: To move or walk heavily or laboriously; trudge

        That’s me…

    • lol we are on the metric weather meter here. I am of an age I don’t know metric, then the weatherman does the, it is 30 degree’s feels like 40 humidex factor….grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh. Oh man I can’t take the heat, and my arthritis is killing me, however, my body seems to know anything above 25 degrees metric is too frigging hot for detecting. Sometimes being an inner city girlie, I just take my pinpointer down to our local Square and sit on the grass. Amazing things turn up…….rings, coins, junk jewelry, headphones, batteries, keys, paperclips. It is a major public square with festivals every weekend, so always enough stuff to find on a too hot day.

      • Hmm, might have to think about the pinpointer method. That way I could crawl and avoid the up and down thing.

      • Big Tony from Bayonne

        Man, it is even hot here in Jersey! Too hot to detect too, nuff said. That was a great tip about using a pinpointer as you sit in the grass. I’ll have to try it in parks that don’t allow detecting.

  6. Bob K

    Dick, would you please keep the humidity there & let some wind move North. Dry same as you of course Jim, Jack & Dan or a little Red Stag helps. But thats the time of the year for Ks.

  7. Big Tony from Bayonne

    I hear that is gets so hot in Texas this time of the year that the dirt has cracks in it! And to think of that joke – it’s so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk —- well now I now it is no joke!

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