The TV Shows…Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em

Most blogging programs offer the blogger a way to gauge his or her’s audience by providing various statistics.  In my case I can see how many people visit my site each day, what particular post they look at, how they arrived at my site (was it from another website or blog or a random search).  I also know in which country they live.   All interesting information and very useful when it comes to telling me your likes, your preferences, your interests, etc..   So what topic or post generates the most hits or views?  Any comment at all about the various metal detecting TV shows!

These reality (and I use the word loosely) shows generate some chatter on the various detecting forums, but the comments never seem to match the large number of visitors I see here on Stout Standards.  Why is that I wonder?  Could it be that I have missed my calling and should have been a TV critic or reviewer?  Hardly.  My guess is that there’s a lot of you who want to share your thoughts and opinions but are afraid to speak up, and looking for someone to validate your view…afraid maybe of the backlash or criticism you might receive.  If true that’s unfortunate.  It’s okay to like this, dislike that, get excited, be bored, happy, angry, act bat shit crazy or get pissed off.  Hell it’s the American way!

Why am I bringing all this up.  I don’t know….just thought the blog stats were interesting, and that maybe it might encourage more of you to speak up…..not just here but anywhere.  If you love these TV shows, great.  Say so…. If you hate them, that’s fine too….each to his own!

For the record I received a couple of emails from people who took exception to my recent critique of “Dig Fellas“. One was polite in nature. The other? Well let’s just say the writer liked to mention my mother a lot.

Wonka2 I realize many of the things I write here are off-the-wall, sometimes overly critical, picayune and while it’s hard to believe, I sometimes get it wrong.   I’ve eaten crow many times over the years, but really don’t mind.   I always wash it down with a cold bottle of “Corona Extra” or a glass or two of French Red (okay I lie….I usually do both), and then go see if I can piss somebody else off…

So pour yourself a cold one, speak up and “get it off your chest”. If something’s eating at you, just let ‘er rip…you’ll feel a lot better!



Well, after a week or two of drama, Garrett finally announced their newest (and most expensive) model to the world…..the  ATX (at first glance I wondered if it had an ammo compartment?) The ad says “No extreme pricing….just extreme performance” but at $2,495 I wonder what their idea of extreme is?  Apparently this has become the norm for top-of-the-line detectors.  I tried to embed the video here but for some reason was unable to, but if you are interested you view it by clicking on the photo…


The ATX looks like it can do it all, and I look forward to the first reviews and comments from those who have all the shekels and fat wallets. The times, they are a changing!



Metal Detecting Group Unearths Hidden Treasures

UK Treasure Hunters Make Archaeologists See Red






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22 responses to “The TV Shows…Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em

  1. RoyR

    Dick, thanks for the updates on the different TV shows. My opinion pretty well matches your take on the Dig Fellas. I watched it once and that was enough for me. I will not waste any more time on that show.

  2. RoyR

    10-4 on the ten minutes.

  3. Lisa

    I have yet to see the show(s) so I will reserve judgment until I know what I am talking about. Although, there are those that think I don’t know what I am talking about, ever, soooo. I will watch one, or two, and I will not be afraid to spout my BS. Deal?

  4. Robbie

    Who’s going to be next?? Deep Digger Dan??? Seems you have to be very extreme to get one of these shows. Reality??? Showing a couple buckets full of broken bottles and another bucket of junk along with the coin hunters digging 100 pulltabs to 2 or 3 clad coins in a park is reality !!! Boring as heck…but it is real.

    • Deep Digger Dan? Robbie, please….. May sell my TV if that happens.

    • luckyg

      Well I watched about 5 minutes of Naked and afraid, A ‘reality show about a naked guy and girl trying to survive in a swamp. People are crazy. I can see it now Naked and detecting. That will take detecting to a whole new level.

      • Lucky I was not aware that there was a show like that…you had me looking it up. Damn…you might be on to something.. Have a feeling a lot of tekkies might get into that. Get an attractive gal to star and no one would notice what bad habits she had.

      • RoyR

        I would have to pass on that kind of hunting. Too many chiggers here in central Texas.

      • Roy, you may be right. Hard to explain all those chigger bites in private areas.

  5. Robbie

    Well they all have a catch phrase don’t they?……………………………………………..;oP ——- I can hear it now———–Come On!!!!….. Get In !!!!!

  6. Linda Bennett

    My husband loves the naked reality show – but he spends more time watching the females. Now a good naked reality show would have them both overweight and going on this 21 day survival to loose weight.

  7. Your husband spends more time watching the females? Nah….just your imagination.

  8. John H

    Hey! Naked detecting’s all well and good, but where do you put yours ProPointer?

  9. Robbie

    Just found out a local (In the Houston area) may get his own show—- the Urban Treasure Hunter, has made some videos. The intro is done pretty good actually.

  10. Robbie

    Here is a short video The Urban Treasure Hunter made. The intro is done very well.

  11. Robbie

    OOOOPS…wrong link to the Urban Treasure Hunter…………..

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