Eating Crow!!

Well, it’s 8 pm, Wednesday night, and I just finished watching two episodes of “Dig Fellas”.  I am gagging on crow, and  apologize to all of you who panned this show before it aired….you were right on the money!

About the only thing missing from this and the “Savage Family Diggers” show was “Boom Baby” and the jackhammer.  I felt embarrassed watching it. 

I will offer a more detailed opinion and review in the morning….



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10 responses to “Eating Crow!!

  1. Bob K

    Dick It was sad and the stupid acting, I know of no Detectorist that acts like they do on TV. Yes I know thats TV. Sure makes us look bad.

  2. I know Bob, but I liked Dig Wars and thought that anything after that would surely keep getting better. I was wrong.

  3. Not called American Digger show anymore, now “Savage Family Diggers.” We saw to that! :-). But overall, we are not a fan of any of the TV detecting shows.

  4. Robbie

    Haven’t watched it but have seen his YouTube videos. Just wondering how many times they said “that’s sick”……….. ;oP

  5. thiltzy1

    Very tuff to stomach this series. While I admire their enthusiasm, I found myself cringing every time these two would speak.

    Just one more example of making us hardcore detectorist looking like some childish idiots. Very unrealistic, this series is one of the most disappointing.

  6. Protect the chickens – eat more crow!

  7. Dennis

    Dick, I know these two guys and they have videos on You Tube that are just as crazy as the TV show. They really do act that way in the field.

    I really hate it when folks ask me if I hunt like the TV shows and if I find anything of value, they want it, cause it must be worth a lot of money according to the Metal Detecting shows on TV. I just tell them that you can take all those shows with a grain of salt. I tell them it’s TV and it sells the TV station. No one hunts like any of those crazy guys. LOL, all they have to do is watch me hunt, it takes me forever to find a good target and by that time, I got more dirt on me than is on the ground.

    Dick, keep up the good work you are doing for our hobby.

    By the way, I got calls from some of the TV shows that these guys are on, I told them, no I wasn’t interested and none of the members of the club I belong to were interested either. Who in there right mind would do a show like the ones that are on TV now.


    • Hi Denny, appreciate the comments.

      I gotta agree with the craziness. The only antics I can offer now is the funny scene watching me get back up after recovering a target. Sometimes it’s a monumental feat!

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