Dig Fellas to Premier This Week….

Well on Wednesday, the newest detecting show on TV, Dig Fellows  will air at 8pm Eastern Time on the Travel Channel.  Bill Ladd & Howard Hewitt are not new to the pastime, and have shared their adventures on  YouTube for some time.  Simply type  Dig Fellas in the search area and watch.


While no one has yet seen this show or has any idea of what it will be like, the reviews are already out there.  Just go to any detecting forum and you will find  the pans, put downs, and verbal wishes for a quick demise.  Seems everyone has become a television critic, and most of the criticisms usally come from the “I can do it better” folks.  They are worried about the competition this and other detecting shows might produce.  A Valid criticism?  Perhaps, but I prefer to look at these shows as entertainment and an introduction to the masses of what it is we do.  Yes, I know there’s some over-the-top silliness and overacting, but face it…. what we do can be boring as hell, and if you prefer that, there’s already a zillion videos out there from tekkies who love wearing cameras on their head.

Will an influx of new detectorists hurt your chances of finding that next coin or relic, or might they help save the pastime by adding their voices to our never ending battle against restrictive legislation?  Remember, as our numbers grow so does our clout.  Will they get out there and leave holes unfilled?  Maybe, but we have had this problem for years and we will always have to police our own and educate the newcomer.

I know I am in the minority, but I think these shows are getting better with each new series, and over time we will have a treasure hunting show or two that we  will enjoy and be proud of.  Just hang in there, give them a chance and for crissakes stop your pissing and moaning. That’s my job and I don’t appreciate the competition!



Hoard of Roman Coins Unearthed

Ring Found in Garden Declared Treasure

Ancient Ring Found on Artic Circle



The number of prizes for the Relic Roundup drawing on October 21st continues to grow, and I want to thank Mike from K.B. Slocum Books for donating over $200 in books.  We now have over $7,000 in prizes, and hope you will consider buying a few tickets for a chance to win one of them,  and in the process help a friend in need.  I also have no doubts that this prize list will continue to grow in the coming days.

Please, if you are a member of a club, pass this information along to your members, and urge them to participate.  Better yet, take up a collection, and send the money in to Anita at American Digger magazine, and she will send you your tickets (self addressed envelope please). To see a listing of all the prizes, and to find out how to participate click  HERE.

I want to also thank Butch, Anita and Jeff at American Digger Magazine for all their hard work.  They are the heart of this effort and I cannot thank them enough.

I also urge you all to stay abreast of Ken’s situaton by clicking on this early photo…




I recently agreed to be a guest speaker at a local club meeting and have absolutely no clue what to talk about. I have not been detecting in a while, not up  on the latest detectors, and don’t want to rehash the good ole days. If my arthritis wasn’t so bad Id take my guitar and play a ditty or two or tap dance. Also most of my jokes I got from Howland, and they are not fit for mixed company so that rules out stand up comedy.  I thought about just leaving it up to the club members to ask me questions, but I have a feeling they would tire of me saying “I don’t have a clue” or “nope”.


This dilemma is nothing new.  I have been asked numerous times to speak at meetings, and always feel unqualified.  There seems to be a perception out there that I am an authority on all things detecting and treasure hunting and nothing could be further from the truth.  Yes, I have been at it for some time, have written about it and worked briefly for one of the manufacturers.  Other than that?  Just an old guy with a metal detector that enjoys looking for old coins.

So, if you have any suggestions let me know. Otherwise I will show up, wing it, improvise, vamp some, fudge a lot and play possum. To be honest I am only doing it because I heard the food was good!



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26 responses to “Dig Fellas to Premier This Week….

  1. What to Say
    Tell ’em you got the flu!

  2. wintersen

    Proposed Talk.

    Dick … just be you usual scintillating self. You’ve been asked because you DO have something to say and are revered amongst the detecting community. Be honest. If you don’t know anything about new machines, then leave them in no doubt and tell them.

    Discuss the things you know … how the hobby has changed since you were a lad! Show how you have joined the technological revolution and talk about your blog and why you have it … lots of anecdotes there!

    Even though you don’t get out so much now, share stories about how you sip red wine and sit on your arse writing about the hobby. Tell them about your experiences on eBay buying old machines, early days visiting England and detecting on land belonging to Lord Bath.

    You have loads to talk about. Don’t forget to have a bath, don a clean shirt, ooze confidence and SMILE.. If you pay my fare, I’ll come and do it for you … failing that, we’d make a good double act … I don’t know much about the hobby either!

    Here’s how you start to get them on your side: “I’m just an old guy with a metal detector …”

    Der ya go!

  3. Robbie

    If they ask questions about detecting——You can always bring some of your books and sell them…telling them the answer, and more, is in the book

  4. Big Tony from Bayonne

    Dick, most folks at these meetings come in dirty from the fields and parks where they have been detecting all day long trying to win finds of the month! So, don’t shower and have a two day old beard growth. Just talk about the ones that got away so you get some uhs and ahs out of the crowd.

    Also, bring your own coffee and donuts if you need a snack – unless they said they are ordering from the best place in town. Smile and keep it short, most of these folks are retired and probably will fall asleep on you so don’t get mad at them. Also, the guy in the back row always are making fun of someone in the group not necessarily is it you – but it could be! Oh, be careful I hear that out there where you live most folks carry guns and shoot straight!

  5. Tony, keep in mind that I am retired as well, and as Winter said I spend my time sitting on my arse drinking wine. Staying awake will be a real challenge for me too.

    As for being in gun country….you don’t have to remind me. Thanks for cheering me up?

  6. Bob K

    Dick just be honest, have a sip of wine and wing it just like you can on the computer. Be brave…..,

  7. Sheesh…! No-one understands yer when yer ‘kin sober! Just try a glass of yer favourite tipple beforehand…foot rub alcohol with a dash of lime!

    • Sheesh Howland….I got your dash of lime right here.

      You know I really thought I was going to get a lot of backlash on my Dig Fellas post. Instead everyone is worried about my talking to a club (well, um, not really).

      • Well actually, I’ve already primed your intended audience; that you are on a whistle-stop tour from Warsaw! I hope BT from B is wrong and they don’t shoot straight!

      • Howland, the guy from Warsaw is no where near as handsome and debonair.

      • Big Tony from Bayonne

        John, you obviously don’t know Texans! They use really big guns and shoot until nothing moves! You know the old saying “everything is bigger in Texas”!
        Dick, maybe you better just call in like the Relic Roundup internet show!

      • Big Tony from Bayonne

        Dick, more like an eyelash, there wasn’t a peep about the new show. Maybe folks like me are waiting to see the first few episodes? And we will see how Hollywood handles their career as well. Hopefully they survive the young new film makers onslaught of cutting out reality of metal detecting and treasure hunting.

      • Tony, you know it won’t be “real” reality. It’s entertainment, not a teaching lesson nor history class, and trust me, I will be the first to tell you what I think after seeing it.

  8. Ha! BT of B..if everything’s big in Texas, that lets ‘ole Ricardo free! Come to think of it, don’t reckon I’d make Texan!

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