Apparently We are Guilty Until Proven Innocent…

A few days ago I mentioned the AP Article about the damage done  to the Oregon Trail.  I also took umbrage to the comment “A portion of the Oregon Trail in south-central Idaho near Burley has been damaged by people using metal detectors and shovels to illegally search for artifacts“.  It pissed me off because no where in the article was there a mention of detectorists having been seen, or any other proof that this was indeed the case.

Don’t get me wrong.  The damage could well have been caused by “people using metal detectors” but wouldn’t it be nice to wait and see how this all ends up.  I was reminded of the Burke County, Georgia cemetery desecration earlier this year and the mention of “relic hunters“.   The culprits were caught quickly and wound up being drug addicts looking for fast money.  Unfortunately another quick and unfounded attack on our pastime was thrown out there for all to read first.

Immediately after I posted this article (and remember I didn’t have to) I mentioned that Stout Standards had five quick visits from Warsaw….yeah, good ole Wally was ready to pounce.  It was fodder to beat up on the tekkies (it’s his life’s work and perverted obsession).  If you are bored and care to read his  bullshit you can do so here.

I will once again take umbrage to the following comments and the “alleged” accusations in the articles offered:


“We assume that what happened is someone used a metal detector to discover where the artifacts were along this section of the Oregon Trail,”


“People with metal detectors likely visited the site in hopes of finding valuable artifacts.”


I won’t waste time posting the definitions of “assume” or “likely” but suffice to say they are not “definitive” words. They are speculative at best, but hey the word is already out there so THEY have achieved their goal.

Warsaw Wally is determined to have a field day with this no matter what so I will move on, but I just wish we would hear more from him about things like:

Top Macedonian Archaeologist Held Over Artefacts Smuggling

Archaeologist Spared Jail

Antiquities Minister Facing Criminal Charges

Lastly Mr. Barford, when might you provide us with your academic credentials?  Many have asked before, but apparently you are not willing to share.  If indeed you are an archaeologist, what’s to hide?_________________________________________________

This is Mr. Barford’s response…today 8/30…implying that he didn’t pick up on this article here…

Just for the record, because some artefact hunting metal detectorist is writing otherwise, the news items came to me from two separate Google alerts and then somebody in the States sent me a link to one of the articles asking whether I’d seen it, as did Heritage Action.  So I decided to put together a post, then saw on a blog that artefact hunters were refusing to accept that these little holes were the work of people hunting for artefacts which seemed a bit ridiculous to me, thus I wrote the post which is below this one. When is an artefact hunter not an artefact hunter”?

Mr. Barford I hate to refer to my previous post about this subject,  but you are so full of sh__t it’s pathetic.  Maybe someday you will find a way to tell the truth, but I doubt it.  

And then Wally says “and also for some reason imperiously demands an academic cv from me”…..

Guess it’s because you claim to be an archaeologist, living in Poland, working as a translator, and  for some reason, find it hard to produce any documents to back it up.  Funny innit…?



John Howland responds to recent comments from Wally concerning the Battle of Bosworth.  Apparently Wally has trouble with his eyesight, but then again he has trouble with anything and everything doesn’t he?  To read John’s response click on the Malamute Saloon link above and scroll down to today’s date!

PLEASE SEE THE MOST RECENT UPDATE OF THIS POST….updated “after” listing here…..



Just received the Summer 2013 issue of the “Treasure Hunter’s Express” and as usual, thoroughly enjoyed it. Paul Tainter hasn’t lost a step with his newsletter nor his writing, and I highly recommend you subscribe.  Paul was the founder and father of “Treasure Expo”, an annual event that attracted all the renowned treasure hunting greats of the time (nothing like it since, and I doubt there ever will be)…

PaulCollage R., Early photo Paul/front of Research Unlimited, Paul with Michael Paul Henson, Recent photo of Paul and Joan Tainter

For more information on the Treasure Hunter’s Express, email Paul at Tell him Dick Stout sent you.



My friend John Winter sent me the following ad and asked if I knew who the fat guy was.   Lo and behold it’s John Howland (a.k.a. Bubba).   Apparently Garrett has begun “scraping the bottom of the barrel” (and that’s a pretty damn good description when it comes to Howland), and will put anyone’s photo to their product.  I wanna see the photo taken after he found the coin.  You know the one at the pub where is he on all fours heading to loo.




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2 responses to “Apparently We are Guilty Until Proven Innocent…

  1. Wow!…Barford’s got an international readership, eh, with the pallid Heritage Action on the case? Spooky! Umm…well that’s the UK and Poland accounted for then…!

    But what’s this? Oh no! Barford’s now a victim apparently …he’s been called names! My God…Barford a victim!!!! Just so that he understands his position, and I know he’s a keen reader of Stout Standards, I wouldn’t want him or anyone else to imagine I have even a scintilla respect for him as a man, his politics, or his loony cause. He’s the kind of creature I simply abhor….he and people like him turn my guts. I wouldn’t urinate over this specimen even if he was on fire. Savvy, Comrade? Yeh…Im sure you do.

    In a recent debate herein, CBA Director Mike Heyworth (no particular friend of mine either) gave Barford’s now discredited Artefact Erosion Counter – the biggest fairy tale since the Brothers Grimm – a tacit thumbs-up. How was Heyworth’s loyalty repaid? Barford does a Brutus on him….”Quite why the PAS (and the Director of the CBA) felt they had to engage in this unprofessional deceit is anyone’s guess.”

    Perhaps I won’t be the only one to refrain from pissing all over him should he ever spontaneously combust.

    • Come on John, don’t hold back. Tell us how you really feel about Wally….

      Actually I think we both scared off any more comments. He set me off today as well today. Don’t mind arguing or debating, but dealing with outright lies is not my cup of tea.

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