A Different Kind of Forum

Want to share once again a forum that I really enjoy.  It’s simply called Metal Detecting Equipment.  You won’t find it full of trivial, negative or small talk.  You will however find it full of very good information and sound advice.  They state “Our mission is to increase the knowledge base of all readers by sharing our collective insight and to provide sound advice without editorial bias”.

Bob Sickler

Bob Sickler

I am not sure who started or who is responsible for this forum, but I was made aware of it by Bob Sickler, author of  The Detectorist, one of the best metal detecting books ever written, and long time field tester for Western & Eastern Treasures.  Bob always told it “like it is” and when I have any technical questions I email or give him a call.  Likewise many of the other contributors on this forum are well versed on the inner workings of detectors and have years of experience.

Metal Detecting Equipment is a no nonsense forum, and one where you come away a little more knowledgeable each time you visit.  I urge you to give a look see and check in there often.



My good friend Michel Tocque checks my blog frequently and will sometime email me about something I post. Inevitably something happens in the translation and his latest contact is no exception.  I think my mention of “Indiana Jones” accounts for the following photo. When I tried to  find out more the only response was “much wine” so it’s anyone’s guess. I can tell you that you never “dare” him to do anything….

Michel Tocque...the French version of Indiana Jones?

Michel Tocque…the French version of Indiana Jones?

Michel and I have detected together a few times, and Fay and I have become close friends with he, his lovely wife Joelle and family, frequently spending a few days in the Brittany area when we are in France.  I have witnessed Michel’s technical savvy, as well as his ability to cook up one damn good meal along with a few damn good bottles of wine.  I have also seen the aftermath of these talents and they don’t get much funnier. Have a feeling the Indian get-up was one of those.

I have a lot of respect for Michel Tocque.  He is treasure hunter, a gentleman, a fantastic family man, a very good friend and a helluva  lot of fun to be around.  Add in his brother-in-law Roget, also a hunter, and you have the makings of one bat shit crazy day or evening.  Meeting Michel was one of the few good things that came out of my time with Garrett.  Our friendship and my love for France has continued for almost 25 years.

Fun times in France....

Fun times in France….



I know I have shared this with you many times, but you know what?  I will continue to do so because cancer is no stranger to my family, nor I suspect to yours  either. It has touched a great many of late…

Let me tell you a little about Ken MacIntyre?  Ken is the son of Lisa Hume MacIntyre, archaeologist from Florida, and a gal I had the pleasure to debate  on the American Digger Magazine’s popular Relic Roundup Show.

We went back and forth two weeks in a row and I think she would agree that we were both winners. Lisa is not your “typical” archaeologist, and please don’t ask me what I mean by that because I think you know how I feel about them. Lisa MacIntyre is knowledgeable, understanding, appreciates what it is we do and wants to work with us. She was certainly not in the majority on those shows but she held her own and came through with flying colors.


Lisa Hume MacIntyre

Right after our second debate her son Ken was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma (cancer). At that time Ken was going to school part time, working part time, and his  wife Heather was working full time. Now, Ken is not able to work and is facing chemotherapy along with many other tests and treatments. Both he and Heather have maxed out their insurance, and simply have no idea how they will pay for all this. That’s where we came in and where you can come in.

I know the kind of people involved in this pastime, and I know you will step up and help this family, as so many of you have already done. Keep Ken in your thoughts and prayers and contribute what you can.  Every little bit helps, and who knows you just might come away with a new detector to boot.  Every cent will go directly to Ken and Heather.

Lastly, I feel certain that Ken will beat this and when he does we are going to have a party! Yep, we thugwits are going to hoik a few beers and celebrate!

To help, to contribute and to get in on the drawing click on Ken’s photo here….




Treasure of a Different Sort Off the North Carolina Coast

Mystery Woman Recovers Ring

Raining Cash

Local Aquaman Finds Treasure


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4 responses to “A Different Kind of Forum

  1. Thank you kindly for the mention, Monsieur Stout. I’m well chuffed that you like my Metal Detecting News page and want to express my thanks for your continuous support. Much obliged! Best wishes from England. –Eddy C. (yes, I’ve mailed the cheque)

  2. Dick,

    What a great forum that is. There is a wealth of metal detecting knowledge in the names I see listed as posters on that forum.

    Bob Sickler, what a great guy! Besides the things you mentioned about him, did you know bob is also a graphic artist of the first order? Check out his handy work, done by hand and before computers, on our company timeline. See the Superphone under the year 1986 and the year 1997. Click on either image to enlarge: http://www.metaldetector.com/about-us/history-and-friends

    Thanks for your blog post.

    Daniel Bernzweig

  3. I am indeed aware of his graphic work….excellent. He’s done a lot of design for the manufacturers, and is always working. Thanks Daniel.

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