The Analyst in the Malamute Saloon

I never stop being amazed at what the guy in the Malamute Saloon comes up with when I open his emails or posts.  Never, ever….  I have no doubts that they are penned in the evening, after a few glasses of whatever is available (as in single malt Scotch, Bourbon or wine).  In any case you can read his latest by clicking on the Malamute Saloon link above and scrolling down to today’s date.  Draw your own conclusions from it.  I personally have no clue who he is referring to….




Well, much to his chagrin, I am pleased to welcome John Winter into a very special and limited group, which can now be called the reprehensible, blasphemous, despised and dispicable “Gang of Seven“.  For more clarity please read Heritage Harry’s most recent prose (or bullshit if you prefer).

Hope you know John that this is indeed an honor.  While there are thousands out there who hate Wally and Harry, not too many who can piss him off so deftly and so frequently as the “Gang of Seven”.  Your decal, patch and certificate are in the mail, as well as a framed photo of Wally and Harry.



Well, Garrett has put out the tickler and now we must wait to see just what their new model is all about. Add in a little mysterious music and the plot thickens…

Also heard a rumor that another manufacturer is coming out with a new model at the first of next year…time will tell.



Florida Man Digs Up Treasure & Gives it Away

Norfolk Treasure

Martin Manley Suicide Treasure

Two Men Continue Search for Civil War Treasure



Just another reminder about the Ken MacIntyre Effort.  Here’s a chance for you to win a new detector and in the process help a friend in need. Ken started his first round of chemotherapy last Friday and has ten more to go. For more information about Ken’s progress and details on how you can help (and win that detector) please click  HERE.



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16 responses to “The Analyst in the Malamute Saloon

  1. I am honoured.
    What’s Mr Howland on about?

  2. I’m just glad Barford is not contagious.

  3. I believe I understand who Howlands post is directed at, as there is only one person that comes to mind as I read it. Thank God I’m allergic to those kinds of people.

  4. pocketspill

    FYI: Diggers were in Lexington a couple of months ago (I couldn’t say anything) but will be at one of my sites (Henry Clay Estate) this Wednesday night. I’m doing follow up work at the estate with University Archaeologists. KG/Ringy made a good impression ’round here, but had to leave before I could buy them a bourbon.

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