A John Winter Update…

My good friend and lookalike in the UK, John Winter, just added an update to his blog that you need to read…please.  It’s an article from 1993, but as John says, it’s “even more relevant today“.  Hope you will take a minute to read it, as well as the comments that follow.  I also suggest you print it out…great ammunition if you ever  have to fight city hall.

You can access it by clicking here or by clicking on his smiling face below.



Now, watch our friend “Warsaw Wally” go bat shit crazy!  What a guy!  You see he has always had a difficult time when it comes to the facts.  It’s much easier and  sleazier to bring up “hoiking things out of the ground” and “nighthawking“….sounds nastier then “discovering and sharing“, but then that’s his style.

Anyway, read Wally’s very lengthy response, and do a word count. That’s the way you can gauge how pissed off he is. If you are ready for  a laugh click here or click on his smiling face below.




When I checked in on Wally this morning I see he replied to John’s comments, and was pissed that John refused to print his “let me in please” BS, and rightfully so.  Rightfully so because if one tries to “reasonably” respond to anything Wally offers he or she is insulted ad infinitum.  Likewise his bosom buddy Heritage Harry will offer this if you attempt to share your views on his blog:

“We believe metal detecting should be legally regulated to ensure best practice and maximum public benefit.  The world’s archaeologists agree.  We are disinclined to provide a platform for those British detectorists who oppose that aim. Any artefact hunter wishing to comment please clarify you support comprehensive regulation else it won’t be published. Thanks”.


To John Winter….

John, go easy with the pinot grigio and watch your step.  When you are mentioned in the same breath as John Howland you are most definitely on Wally’s shit list.

As for me?   Me and Wally are tight!  Remember he said “despite certain differences of opinion, it is gratifying to be able to put on record that Dick Stout is a decent bloke. Your health Sir”.

So der ya go!  I may even get a Christmas card this year….



Oh hell, since we are talking about these two yahoos, might as well bring up another item….

While I have always known they were trolls, I just found out that Wally and Harry were labeled as such by the  British Museum .  While this honor and declaration took place in 2012, it appears that nothing has changed since….

And last by not least this recent comment on the Cultural Property Observer blog yesterday.  Wally’s reputation and credentials (or lack thereof) are seemingly all over the place.  Tsk, tsk, what a shame….



Archaeologist Locates the Real Location of Battle (with metal detector

Metal Man: Stu Auerbach, Kellyco Founder

Staffordshire Hoard Tour Begins

Roman Temple Clues Found



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