“Dig Fellas” to Air September 4th…

Just saw this item on Mike Post’s Facebook site, and thought I would pass it along. “Dig Fellas” debuts September 4th on the Travel Channel, and features Bill Ladd and Howard Hewitt, two tekkies who have been sharing their videos on YouTube for some time.  If you’ve not had the occasion to watch any here’s one to get you started. There’s 42 more out there.


I do think detecting shows on television have been improving and will continue to do so with each new show or series. Remember doing tekkie shows is a learning curve for the producers too, and frankly after Spike’s “American Diggers” show, the only place to go is up. Good luck “Dig Fellas”….I will be watching September 4th.



Mike Post’s Woodland Detector Shop & Museum in Black Mountain, North Carolina, has been growing by leaps and  bounds, and just this past week Mike installed a gold sluice.  Why?  To get families to turn off the TV, enjoy the outdoors and in the process promote metal detecting, prospecting and relic hunting. Mike also offers treasure hunting programs for kids on Saturdays, along with gold and gem hunting classes.




Woodland Detectors is, without a doubt, one of the nicest shops I’ve seen, and it’s loaded with history. If you live close by or just passing through be sure to stop in and say hello. You can also find out more on Mike’s  Facebook page.

The inside of Mikes shop

The inside of Mikes shop



As you know I have been sharing the story of Ken MacIntyre, the son of Lisa MacIntyre, archaeologist, and want to thank all of you who have donated.  The MacIntyre family is most appreciative, and I am very proud of everyone involved in this pastime.

I also mentioned that we were not done helping, and over the past few days the gang at American Magazine’s  Relic Roundup and I have been contacting the manufacturers and magazines, asking for their help, and they, like you, have responded graciously.  So mark it down folks….on the October 21st Relic Roundup Show YOU could be the owner of a:

  • White’s VX3 Metal Detector, with wireless headphones, extra 4×6 DD coil and carry bag (total Retail Value $1,700, compliments of  White’s Electronics)
  • Fisher F75 LTD, Black Edition Metal Detector (Retail Value $1,449, compliments of Fisher Research Labs)
  • Minelab Exterra 705 Dual Pack (Retail Value $1,153, compliments of Minelab)
  • Treasure Commander TC1X, Uncle Si Signature Series, Metal Detector (Retail Value 279.00, compliments of Kellyco)
  • A canvas print (retail value $200) compliments of Karl Wagner

We also have three one-year subscriptions to American Digger Magazine, three one-year subscriptions to  Lost Treasure magazine, three one-year subscriptions to Western Eastern Treasures, plus books by Dick Stout, Greybird Publishers and others. Likewise prizes are continuing to come in.

You can donate as much as you like; the more you donate the more tickets you’ll receive (every $5 gets you one ticket). The drawing will be held on the October 21, 2013 Relic Roundup Show. You do NOT have to be present to win. To purchase tickets, please call 770-362-8671.

You can also email greybird55@att.net or you can pay directly via Paypal to the following account:  Lisamac59@yahoo.com. If you choose to pay via paypal you MUST include name, address, phone and email so that you can be contacted if you win. You will be emailed photos of your tickets/numbers.

If you wish to pay by mail send your checks or money orders made out to Lisa MacIntyre, and mail them to Greybird, Post Office Box 126,  Acworth, Georgia 30101. Here again be sure to include your name, address, phone and email…If you want your tickets mailed to you be sure to enclosed a self addressed, stamped envelope. Otherwise you will be sent photos via email.

I personally want to thank the crew at Relic Roundup (Butch, Anita  & Jeff ) for all they’ve done and are doing to help in this effort.

You can keep updated on Ken’s progress by clicking HERE






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12 responses to ““Dig Fellas” to Air September 4th…

  1. Oh Lord! another md show. More fodder for the hysterical among us…

  2. wintersen

    I agree with pulltabMiner … it all seems to be getting out of hand. I have yet to see a show that I would want to view again … so excruciating!

  3. Thom Koontz

    I am excited about the show. Trying to learn more and more about the process. I have the time and the will to learn now that I am older! So pooh on the nay Sayers

    • Thanks Thom….I agree. While this show may turn out to be a bad one, I can’t understand the tendency to pan it before it even airs.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts…please check in again.

  4. Lynd

    Having been a detectorist for over 40 years, I enjoy these shows. However… I’m afraid that our sport will be flooded with get rich quick amature detectorists because of these shows. I have already seen this happen with acquaintanaces, people who really don’t understand what it’s all about.

    • Lynd, I understand your concern, but we cannot control that now, and I am optimistic that these shows will get better and more realistic.

      Likewise because our numbers are so small we are often faced with restrictions and no real clout to fight back. Hoping that more participants will help that, and also keep the few metal detecting manufacturers solvent in the process. Having been involved as long as you have you must remember all the choices way back when.

      Thanks Lynd for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it and hope you will do so more often in the future. It’s the back and forth dialogue that makes any blog worth it’s salt.

  5. Drew

    Bill has the most annoying accents I’ve ever hear,, its almost like this dork is trying to enhance his poor example of a Boston accent. Howard seems cool though…..I mean “Howahhd”

    • Drew, finished watching week two tonight and will share my thoughts in the morning. PC is giving me fits for some reason. You are right about the accent. I went to school in Boston years ago and had to get used to the accent, but his does seem a little overdone, although I suspect it’s his and not something they are playing around with.

    • MG

      It’s not a Boston accent. It’s a Rhode Island accent and it’s 100% real.

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