With All Due Respect Harry…?

Yesterday I shared a 2010 idea of one Nigel Swift (a.k.a. Heritage Harry). It was called the Ethical Metal Detecting Association.  I brought it up only because Mr. Swift decided to ressurect from it’s deathbed and give it new life (see here).  Not sure why? Perhaps he ran out of new anti-tekkie material? If so he should have contacted his “bosum buddy” Warsaw Wally. No shortage of venom there…

Both of these yahoos complain about no one wanting to debate the issues, but when my friend Joe Smith attempted to reply, this was the response…

“To “Joe Smith”…Yet another “but what about archies” posting has no relevance to this issue. Also, please note, we believe metal detecting should be legally regulated to ensure best practice and maximum public benefit. The world’s archaeologists agree. We are disinclined to provide a platform for those British  detectorists who oppose that aim. Any artefact hunter wishing to comment please clarify you support comprehensive regulation else it won’t be published. Thanks”.

So there you go.  They dream up and draw up the Ethical Metal Detecting Association, the Artefact Erosion Counter (which has been proven to be self serving, manufactured and unproven bullshit), and expect everyone to buy into them and when they don’t, they are the evil doers.  With all due respect Mr. Swift, gimme a break please. I will reenforce your recent post by saying both you and Wally “make me want to throw up”.

Save your time and energy folks. Ignore these two individuals (being kind here), don’t waste your time trying to respond to their garbage. They live in their own little world and it’s unlike ours or for that matter, anyone else’s.

Wally is also supporting Harry on Facebook…be aware. https://www.facebook.com/archaeologynews/posts/580270918681356



A few weeks back John Winter suggested a book I might enjoy. It was titled “The Dig“, by John Preston, and published in 2007. It was about an archaeological dig at Sutton Hoo in the year 1939.  John said it was a favorite of his, and based on that I ordered it from Amazon at the back breaking price of 1 penny (plus 3.99 postage).


Last night I finished “The Dig” and I must agree with John. It was a great read, and despite my anti-archaeological leanings I found it a real page turner, at times it  read like a mystery. Whie it is considered fictional archaeology, it is based on real events. The author, John Preston, is the nephew of Peggy Piggot, one of the  participants in the excavation at Sutton Hoo.

If you are interested in reading a good book I highly recommend “The Dig“. You can also read John’s review by clicking  here. Thanks for the recommendation John!



Thank you all for contributing to the Ken MacInyre Effort, and please pass the word along. While I have attempted to contact those clubs that I have websites and emails for, I know there are many more out there that are not aware of our effort. Please pass the information along, and share it with friends, neighbors and co-workers. It’s not only a chance to win a metal detector, it’s an opportunity to help someone who is about to do battle  with cancer. To keep updated on Ken’s progress click HERE



Gold Cape Goes on Display

Grizzly Human Trohpies at East Loathian Hill Fort

A Mark Twain Treasure Hunt



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11 responses to “With All Due Respect Harry…?

  1. Oh, this is pure Nigel Swift and Paul Barford hogwash, who yet again (do they ever learn anything?) pluck from God-knows-where, unproven data, no figures, no nothing (no surprises here then!) that, “metal detecting should be legally regulated to ensure best practice and maximum public benefit,” and in an effort to shore-up these unsubstantiated claims that, “the world’s archaeologists agree,” don’t have, and cannot produce, a shred of evidence that this is the case.

    Actually, and I suspect both Paul Barford and Nigel Swift are aware …the opposite is the case, and unless either can produce evidence to the contrary able to withstand proper scrutiny they will remain the archaeological jokes they are and in the niches they have carved for themselves.

    It must be said that these two individuals who are running Abbott and Costello to a close second, denigrating our hobby for perceived inaccuracies, continue to promote the now discredited Artefact Erosion Counter!”

  2. Joe Smith

    I love the gaseous responses to my deleted comment. This is better than Clint Eastwood talking to the chair, and made about as much sense. Shame, I was even civil. So I will take your advice, Dick, and I will disregard these dutch oven enthusiasts . (and I’m being kind here )

    • Joe it’s a shame (and a sham) but these two individuals have only each other to lean on and as a result, they sleep in the same bed. Anyone attempting to disagree (how dare you) will get a nasty comeback and is wasting their time. I have had numerous tekkies in the UK tell me I need to ignore them more, and while I suspect they are right, I refuse to let them get away with the negative remarks about our pastime. Facts talk and BS walks.

      Note as well that Mr. Barford (a.k.a. Warsaw Wally) absolutely HATES our country, and if you doubt me, sort through his comments and see how many nice things he has to say about the USA. I have a feeling that is also why he is an Englishman living in Poland.

      Fortunately these two yahoos are well known amongst the archaeological community and very few want to lay claim to either.

  3. wintersen

    Pleased you enjoyed the book, Dick!

  4. It’s all very much a double-edged sword situation. Whilst some are prepared to turn the other cheek to their combined insults and hate-filled venom, others are not. By replying, we expose their lies to a greater audience on the one hand, but on the other, give these clowns the publicity they themselves are unable to achieve.

    • Joe, you must remember he (and Wally) live in their own little world, draw up their own rules and regulations and expect everyone who owns a metal detector to sign on. Their inference that we are unethical is self serving, untrue and their 10 point pledge a joke and insult to us all.

      I don’t really care what they think. They can piss and moan all they want…We are not going away….

  5. Big Tony from Bayonne

    I feel that these two lead a double life – first they are secretly “Night Hawkers” and by day “Archeologists”. It makes sense to me that the ones who cry the loudest are guility themselves!

  6. I think you’re wrong Tony…they’re too frightened to go out after dark!

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